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  • What is the propper lug nut torque spec for a 1998 Subaru Legacy?

    I just bought a 1998 Subaru Legacy.

    I searched the entire owners manual for the lug nut torque specs.

    The only thing the manual said was during a spare tire change the torque should be between 58-74 flbs.

    I ve never heard of lug nut torque specs having a range like that.

    And those specs seem very low!

    So I m hoping someone can either confirm those #s and or offer an explanation for such a wide range!

    Thanks so much!

    5 AnswersSubaru2 months ago
  • Looking for the song that goes to this music video?

    Ok, I have no idea what the song was about or who sang it!

    What I remember is the music video for the song!

    It was a bunch of teenage kids at a drive in movie theater who get attacked by zombies!

    But not horror movie/walking dead zombies.

    They weren't all decayed or grotesque!

    The other thing I remember about the video is the colors for everything were all bright and really popped, kinda like the 70s.

    But everything was styled with a modern edgy look to it, like the clothes and hair styles.

    In the video the male singer is trying to get away from the drive in but I think his vehicle gets surrounded and he can't drive away, but some how I think he ends up getting out and leaves his friends behind.

    There may or may not have been a girlfriend with him!

    Also I think there was a scene where you see people in a house but the view is from the outside looking in with no front walls, kinda like looking in a doll house?

    Any help finding this song is much appreciated!!

    1 AnswerOther - Music8 months ago
  • Trying to remember the title of a movie?

    First off let me be very clear that this movie is a theatrical feature film that was in theaters so it is not a porn movie.

    But all I can remember about this movie is that at some point the female lead character gives a guy felatio and I think the movie shows a quick flash of the guys penis either in the girls mouth or just as she is about to put it in her mouth.  

    I think the movie was some kind of crime drama NOT ACTION OR SUSPENSE THRILLER. And I think it was a cop or detective working on the case that got the BJ?

    2 AnswersMovies8 months ago
  • Can't remember the name of a song or who sings it!?

    Looking for a mid to late 2000-2010 era country song that is a semi funny but not comedic break up song.

    Problem is I really can't remember any of the lines.

    What I do knoe is that the SOLO male country singer performed ALL the lead AND back up vocals/Harmony and also played ALL the instruments!

    When I tried to do an online search I kept getting links to Hunter Hayes, but I don't think the song I'm looking for was done by him!

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    3 AnswersCountry12 months ago
  • How do I add up my paid time off/regular hours/overtime for my paycheck?

    This may be kind of long and convoluted, but please help me out!

    At my job we don't get sick time or vacation time, instead we get paid time off (PTO).

    Our company policy is that PTO hrs count as hrs worked!

    So this week on Monday I scheduled 3.25 HRS of PTO from 2:45 to 6:00 p.m. for an appointment, but I was actually able to start work at 5:00 p.m. and ended up working a full 8 hr shift.

    Then Tuesday I worked 8.5 hrs

    So far today looks like it will be a 10.25 hr shift.

    And let's assume Thursday and Friday will both be 8 hr days.

    Now at my job you don't actually get paid overtime until after you've worked 40 hrs during the week.

    So basically my question is even though I started my Monday shift late because I scheduled time off, since I still worked 8 hrs I'm not sure if my employer will subtract the 3.25 hrs of PTO from my total available time, and will those hrs end up counting toward my total hrs worked for overtime?

    Basically will Monday be considered an 8 hr day with no PTO used, or will it be an 11.25 hr day and lose the 3.25 hrs from my total available time?

  • Having constant NON PAINFUL tingling/throbbing sensation in my penis head without erection or feeling horny?

    I have no symptoms or signs of any STDS. I only have sex with my girlfriend or masturbate. My girlfriend has never had any infections of any kind, not even a yeast infection!!

    This tingling/throbbing sensation started about a week ago and is pretty constant!

    I can still get erect and do get horny, and feel no pain while erect or while urinating or during sex/masturbating!

    Yes I did try to search online for information, but everything I found regaurding this condition also included pain and or signs of STDs!!

    3 AnswersMen's Health1 year ago
  • Is there a current glitch preventing you from viewing answers to questions?

    So yesterday and again just now i posted different questions and received notifications that i got an answer! I can see the answer in my notifications, but when i go to the question itself there is no answer!

    Yes i know answers can be flagged or the person posting it can delete it, but it just seems weird that it happened twice in 2 days!

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 year ago
  • Why do i find the Matthew McConaughey/Lincoln car commercials so unsettling?

    Typically i don t pay too much attention to celebrity endorsements one way or the other! But for some reason these particular car commercials featuring Mathew McConaughey really have a strong NEGATIVE effect on me! But this question is not about the commercials themselves per say; instead im trying to comprehend WHY I FIND THESE COMMERCIAL SO OFF PUTTING? Why do i feel so mentally bothered or UNNERVED by these advertisements! I mean commercials are supposed to entice you into buying the advertised product! But even if i could afford to buy a lincoln these commercials totally fail at enticing me into wanting to buy one!

  • Ok, please help me understand why there is a big thing about gay guys only being tops or only being bottoms?

    So i have answered many questions from others about anal sex! Mostly guys asking if they are gay because they want to try receiving anal or about how to have anal sex for the first time! For the record I am straight but really enjoy receiving anal stimulation and penetration from my girlfriend and I enjoy giving her anal too! But on here i always see tons of gay guys saying that they are only tops or only bottoms! Yes i get that someone might have a personal preference and i also understand that this is not true of all gay couples, but why does it seem to be such a common theme in the male gay community? Am i missing something? Is there more to it that i don't understand?

  • Should YA create a new category specifically for questions about sex?

    Or is that opening up a can of worms that YA doesn't want to deal with?

    A lot of people have sex related questions that don't really fit into any existing category!

    You don't have to be married or in a relationship to have sexual concerns!

    Yes i know there is a HEALTH category for men and women, and obviously there are health related issues that go along with having sex that cross over, but i still wonder what people think about having a sub category for sex in the health section?

    I mean if Amazon has a sexual well being category for selling dildos and vibrators why can't YA have sexual health category?

    8 AnswersYahoo Answers1 year ago
  • OMG, who remembers Da Da Da commercial?

    I was on my way home and saw a couch half buried in a snow bank in front of a house and it suddenly reminded of that Da Da Da commercial with the people driving around and picking up a couch, but when they get it home it smells funky so they end up bringing it back!

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 years ago
  • Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc answered my question.?

    If you see this post you answered my geometry question about a 12 sided polygon!

    Your formula worked and I wanted to award you best answer, but your answer is now gone!

    I realize that I am not asking a question but I hope you all give me a pass and don't report me for trying to find Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc!

    Mathematics2 years ago
  • Geometry question! Seriously this is not homework!?

    For work I need to figure out the dimensions of a 12 dided polygon!

    I need to make a cover for a piece of equipment at work!

    I need to make a 12 sided polygon with the diameter of each pie section from flat side to flat side is supposed to be 33 inches! And according to my measurements the width of each flat side should be 9 inches!

    But every time I try to draw it out the angles and lines don't match up!

    So I'm trying to figure out if my measurements are accurate or not?

    Thanks for any help and altercations to my measurements!

    4 AnswersMathematics2 years ago
  • Ok, where do I find the desk top site option on my phone?

    I'm pretty sure I have opened every settings option and menu I can think of, but had no luck finding a desktop site option!

    I'm on my phone and want to post a photo with one of my answers, but it won't go through unless I'm in desktop mode!

    1 AnswerOther - Yahoo Mobile2 years ago
  • Do you ever feel like your car seat position has changed even though you know no one else has driven your car?

    This has been happening to me.

    No one else ever drives my car, but for some reason I like my seat position keeps changing!!

    And i feel like no matter how much I try I can't get it re adjusted to a comfortable position!

    But Ive been driving this car for 3 years without a problem until recently!

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys2 years ago
  • While using my phone I can't add a photo to my answer?

    I'm using my phone to answer questions on Y/A and I want to add a photo!

    So I click the photo icon and 3 options pop up!

    1. Camera

    2. Camcorder

    3. Files

    The photo I want is downloaded on my phone so I'm selecting Files to open it, but every time I try to add it to my answer Y/A won't let me submit my answer!

    So why is this happening?

    5 AnswersYahoo Answers2 years ago
  • Shadow of the colossus ps2 vs ps4. Including the save shrine at the temple how many total shrines are in the ps2 and ps4 games.?

    I have the ps2 game.

    Most current info online refers to the new ps4 version.

    One person stated that there are 26 total save shrines, but almost every one else said there is only 25.

    Is there an extra/new shrine in the ps4 edition?

    I haven t beaten the game yet, but I am aware that with enough grip you can climb the temple wall to get to the top! Is there another save shrine up there?

  • Is leaving your spoon in your coffee cup as you drink considered rude?

    So I have always been in the habit of leaving my spoon in my coffee cup as I drink from it!

    I've never considered this to be a rude gesture before today.

    I was out for breakfast at a restaurant with my mom and sisters.

    My sisters and i all got coffee and when they noticed my spoon in my coffee cup they told me it was bad etiquette.

    So I'm asking is are my sisters right? And if leaving my spoon in my cup is really considered rude, who it is offensive too, and why specifically is it rude. What does it imply or signify when i do this that is so in polite?

    19 AnswersEtiquette2 years ago