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. The "1 gallon per inch of fish" rule is for noobs. There are just too many fish varieties for it to be even remotely accurate. My father owns a Koi pond; I work a 20-gallon and 65-gallon freshwater tropical tanks. I'm still in high school, so forgive me if I give an incorrect answer. Well, I've achieved the TC Badge which is nice; I'm afraid I won't be able to keep it for very long though as I don't seem to have enough time to go on Yahoo! Answers anymore. Pretty tough to maintain discipline; props to Chaos!, Ianab, BIGgouramis, Danielle Z for continued great answers to the Fish section.

  • Reliable Online Martial Arts Vendor?

    Hey all,

    I've been taking martial arts since I was a child (around 15 years at the moment), starting with Karate and then switching to Wushu and Choi Lei Fut.

    Although my studio teaches me a variety of martial arts weaponry, I'm looking to explore and was wondering if there are any websites that sell quality, practical and functional martial arts weaponry.

    I already tried searching, but I have yet to find a website that sells only practical weapons and not novelty ones.


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  • Airstones; do they do anything?

    Do airstones truly provide oxygen into an aquarium?

    I've seen varying opinions saying that it's a good way to maintain good water quality while others say that it does nothing but provide pretty bubbles, yet neither produce any evidence of why.

    I prefer the long answers with all the science and junk included (and yes, I will choose the best answer).

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  • Can a male swordtail live by himself with platies?

    Can a male swordtail live by himself with platies?

    I only want one male swordtail as my aquarium is about to hit its stock limit.

    I've heard that platies and swordtails can and do interbreed, meaning that they are very close to each other genetically, and I'm hoping that this would mean that one male swordtail would not feel singled out among the platies.

    So will one male swordtail be happy in a tank with 6 Red Wag Platies, or does he need two female swordtails to accompany him?

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  • Do hardy aquarium plants, such as Java Moss and Java Ferns, require CO2 Injections or other additional work?

    Do hardy aquarium plants, such as Java Moss and Java Ferns, require CO2 Injections or any other additional work?

    Could I just place / plant the plants and leave them be?

    Would they be able to live decently?

    I'm not concerned with them "thriving", but I do not want them to be barely surviving either.

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