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  • Do you think you can catch the Coronavirus by simply taking a walk around the block even if you are social distancing?

    Scary times. I'm a hypochondriac so I can't help but to stress a bit. I haven't been outside since early this month but I have a friend in my building I am concerned about. She still goes outside to walk her dog. She tells me she keeps her distance from others,but is it possible this virus can float in the air unpredictably and infect someone just like that? 

    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases4 months ago
  • Can you catch the Coronavirus from pizza delivery?

    I've read the virus can live in cardboard for up to 24 hours. I'm in quarantine now and craving a pizza,but scared about the pizza box cardboard. Would it be safe?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 months ago
  • How do I get more status background designs for FB?

    I noticed lately some of the people on my friend's list have completely different designs than mine and can even post longer statuses within their chosen background designs,but for me I can't do this. How the hell do you change the status backgrounds to get more designs,and how do you post with more words?

    1 AnswerFacebook6 months ago
  • Was illegal weed more potent in the 90's than today's legal weed or vice versa?

    Been smoking since 1995 and this got me thinking. Today's legal weed being sold in states that passed the bill seems different than the weed from before? Seemed like the marijuana in the 1990's was more potent. Maybe it was laced? Maybe my tolerance was lower before? While today's legal weed does get me high still,I just notice it feels kinda different compared to some of the weed I smoked before. Why is that?

    5 AnswersPolitics7 months ago
  • Can you get a stereo channel from a regular micro-cassette player/recorder?

    I'm a DJ who loves collecting odd music formats. LatelyI've been getting into listening to music on micro-cassette. I don't know much about the players though,and last time I messed with one it seemed like it was playing in Mono(one ear only). Is there a way to get a stereo channel from those players? Just curious.

    3 AnswersMusic & Music Players7 months ago
  • Is it safe to take Aspirin while having hemorrhoids?

    My hemorrhoids been bleeding today. On top of it I have a severe headache,and aspirin the only pain killer around my house. Should I take a dose anyway? Will it make the bleeding worse??

    2 AnswersPain & Pain Management8 months ago
  • Can I mix Aspirin with Tylenol?

    I'm already at the max dose for Tylenol for the day,but I am still experiencing extreme joint pain. All I have other than the Tylenol are aspirins. Will it be safe for me to take them also on too of the Tylenol?

    2 AnswersMedicine8 months ago
  • How much is too much Tylenol?

    I took 6 extra strength Tylenol 1's yesterday between the hours of 1PM-4AM. It is approximately 12 noon where I am now and I'm still experiencing severe toothache pain atm,and want to take another dose right now,but was wondering what would be the best time to take it actually? I don't want to overdo it,just being safe.

    3 AnswersMedicine8 months ago
  • Is it 'bad luck' to change your religion?

    My Catholic mom always told me growing up that it's bad luck to change your religion. Is that true? Speaking to a friend of mine of a different faith got me thinking about this lately.

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 months ago
  • Why was my negative feedback towards a crooked seller from over a year ago unfairly removed by Ebay?

    Just wondering how were they able to get the negative feedback I left over a year ago revised?

    My feedback was valid because the item I bought was broken and defective. The seller also took awhile to refund me,and was even very rude and angry towards me in private messages.This seller is probably still selling defective items also,and even had the broken item I bought up for sale still. To make things even more unfair, the same seller stalked me by following my account even after I blocked him after he attempted to buy items from me two times (once from his regular account and the other from a sock account)for the obvious purpose of leaving me a revenge feedback(I know it was him because when he used his sock account to attempt to buy my item he forgot to change his name and address info). He even managed to successfully get another seller to leave an unfair feedback on my account. I know it was him because the same seller also follows the account that left negative feedback towards me.I even tried calling Ebay customer service and they won't side with me even.So now this same seller was able to convince Ebay to remove my honest negative feedback(which was over a year old),and yet I am stuck with negative feedback left by one of his sock accounts. This is so unfair,and because of this experience I don't think I want to use Ebay anymore,way too sketchy.

    2 AnswersCorporations1 year ago
  • Can you cut a bob hairstyle haircut by yourself?

    I'd like to cut my hair into the bob hairstyle,but before I go to the salon and spend alot of money, I wanna know if I could just do it myself at home. Hair you recommend me doing this on my own?

    2 AnswersHair2 years ago
  • How much will they pay after you hit 4K watch hours on Youtube?,?

    I'm getting really close to it and in just a week, my channel will be hitting 4K watch hours,and I already have over 1K subs. I know they're probably not going to pay me alot at first. I am not expecting a 100K check lol,but how much should I expect? Also after hitting 4K hours,how soon will they pay?? Sorry kinda new to this,and would like to know what to expect,thanks.

    2 AnswersYouTube2 years ago
  • Can you apply for a payday loan while on SSI?

    Roommate and I are in a financial rut at the moment,and seriously needing things for the house(i.e.,cat litter,toilet paper,food,etc). I have never applied or been approved for a loan before. Would it be a wise thing to do for someone on SSI benefits?? And how easy is it to get a loan???

    6 AnswersCredit2 years ago
  • Can you combine a flea collar with a topical flea treatment for dogs?

    My roommate's dog is infested with fleas. My roommate thinks the topical treatments she's been using has been effective,but I still have been seeing fleas on the dog. I bought a collar for m roommate but she refuses to put it on the dog because she thinks it may harm the dog since she's already giving the topical treatments. So I'd like to know if the treatments will be more effective if my roommate also put the collar on her??

    10 AnswersDogs3 years ago
  • What are some of the most effective mouse baits?

    Trying to catch some unwanted visitors in my home. I've tried several baits but they don't even work. Tried everything from peanut butter to hot dogs to cheese to even kid's cereal(which seemed to work at first but doesn't now).None of those mentioned are working. What are some very effective baits I can use?

    3 AnswersOther - Home & Garden3 years ago
  • What is the difference between a UPC code and an ISBN code?

    Hi, I am new at publishing and I am about to print my own comic soon in about a month. I'd like to submit it to Diamond Distributors(major comics distributor) and they ask for a UPC code. I looked into it and getting an ISBN number will be cheaper. Does it really make a difference? Will they accept an ISBN code as they do require UPC ones???

    1 AnswerSoftware3 years ago
  • How many ISBN numbers does a single comic book issue need?

    My first time printing and publishing my own comic,and was wondering. I read places where people say they had to purchase multiple ISBNs for a single book,but then I read you only need one. I'm printing 500 copies. That doesn't mean I need to buy 500 seperate ones,just one right?

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors3 years ago
  • How do I remove the "" browser virus from my PC?

    Lately my PC got infected by a virus that has hijacked my IE web browser. It's called "" and it keeps changing my homepage and browser settings without my permission. Even after I've uninstalled the program, fixed my settings,and even after running a few scans...It is still inside my

    PC :( The scans won't detect it,yet it's still in there forcing me to change my homepage settings. It is so annoying and is causing my Windows 7 PC to run very poorly. I have no clue how to remove it as I do not know where to locate it on my PC. I've asked Microsoft support for advice but they can't do anything unless I paid them money I really can't afford. So before I decide just to buy a new computer, I thought to ask anyone out there how do you completely remove this "" adware virus off my PC??????

    3 AnswersSecurity4 years ago
  • Is my OCD irrational?

    I've been suffering from OCD really bad lately and need advice. I have a major pet peeve/OCD with dirty things coming in contact with my valuable possessions. The main thing that really bugs me lately is that a mouse invaded my home,and it managed to sneak into my room. It has touched a bunch of my expensive stuff,ugh. That alone has driven my OCD up the wall past week.Now I feel like getting new things to replace the stuff the mouse touched,but a part of me knows it would be super irrational to replace something that costs $200 just because a mouse brushed passed it,but I can't deny that a big part of me wants to replace these things just because. I just don't have alot of money to be able to do that though.

    I know I should just clean the stuff up with a cloth and soap,but even after that I still think the things are dirty. Ugh I catch myself thinking like that alot and I just need advice on how to deal with OCD feelings like that.

    Am I being irrational for wanting to replace something expensive just because a mouse touched it? How would you react if you were in my shoes???

    1 AnswerMental Health4 years ago