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  • Best free or inexpensive game engine / graphics engine?

    Hello, first of all I would like to say I am an experienced programmer. I have worked with Open GL and quite a few programming languages ranging from C to C++, Python, Java, C# etc. I would like to start developing my own game and I do not want to start from scratch. I am also pretty serious about my commitment so I want to use something robust. I do not mind spend some money on it (in the hundreds) and obviously that is not enough for AAA engines such as the UDK.

    The things I have found have been Ogre3D which is completely free and that is looking like my current choice. I do not mind spending some money if it is robust, and in my price range. Anyone have any suggestions?

    I was also looking to see if you can license older game engines such as Unreal 1/2 or Quake3 and have not come up with anything.

    Thank you all for your input?

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