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  • Do I need a new circuit breaker?

    I have been losing power to two rooms of my home (same breaker). When I go to the box, no breaker is tripped but if I turn the breaker off and then back on, everything comes back on fine. It doesn't seem to be linked to any type of pattern. Help please!!

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  • Make him understand... or make me understand? I carry the gene for Becker MD.?

    My nephew has a very severe form of Becker's (that is what prompted me to get tested). He is 6 and already losing some mobility, staying up nights crying as my sister rubs his calves. I have read up on the condition as best as I could in order to feel like I have more control of the situation. If I have a son, he has a 50% chance of being afflicted. I found out my husband has been talking about still having biological children. Insisting that he could raise a special needs child- that he could push their wheelchair and help them whenever they need it. He doesn't know how much pain my nephew is in already. He doesn't see the guilt in my sister's eyes (she didn't know she was a carrier when she had him). My whole family is insisting that I shouldn't have kids. His whole family is on the other side. I am 25 and was looking forward to having children within the next few years. How do I explain to him how terrified I am? Am I looking at this the wrong way? Who is being unrealistic here? Has anyone else been in my position?

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  • Spectator ions in neurtralization reactions?

    I can't seem to understand how to identify spectator ions in acid-base reactions. For example:

    1- CH3COOH(aq) + KOH(aq) -->KCH3COO(aq) + H20

    2- CH3COOH(aq) + [K+(aq) + OH-(aq)] --> [K+(aq) + CH3COO-(aq)] + H2O(l)

    Here, I am told that K+ is the spectator because it retains its oxidation state throughout the reatction- that it doesn't participate. What about the CH3COO- ? It retains its aqueous state as well.

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  • Normal wisdom tooth development, or something else?

    I am 25 years old, I can feel what seems like a wisdom tooth coming in on the top right of my mouth. Two days ago it was just a little swollen and tender all around the area, but now it is only tender way up above the gumline. Also, there seems to be some kind of discharge (clear, but salty). I was at the dentist for a check up about 8 months ago, and he did not mention my wisdom teeth at all, much less that they were coming in. What is going on?

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  • Will an invisible fence work for my dog? I need help! did it work for you?

    I have a wonderful 7 yo Rott mix who cannot be kept in the yard.She has pulled off 2' chunks of fence, dug dozens of holes, etc. She gets lots of walks and attention, and typically stays within a few houses of home, but has been picked up twice by animal control. I am now on probation for "failing to restrain" my animal. She has been exiled to my mom's house for the last month while we try to figure out a way to keep her. This is an absolute last resort so please no comments regarding the cruelty of such a system. My vet has suggested it, but i am a little apprehensive.

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  • What is wrong with my Monte Carlo? Overheating...?

    AC started running a little hot, so I checked the coolant in the reservoir. It was way low so I filled it with coolant. AC worked great for about a day then stopped and engine started overheating. If I run the heater in my car the engine temp gauge stays steady around medium. I took off the radiator cap yesterday and antifreeze started kinda pouring out the top. when this started my auto door locks on passenger side also started locking and unlocking repeatedly while the engine was hot... related?? what is goint on?!?!?!?!

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  • Applying for a job I will be awesome at, but have no professional references?

    New employer can't contact my current work because I will get fired/harassed. I left my last job of 5 years on very bad terms- my boss was underpaying me and abusing my time. Very hostile work environment, etc. When in an interview, what do I tell them when they ask why I left, or if they can contact anyone at my old job?? Have I negated my great track record by leaving in an unprofessional manner?

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  • having holiday party. formal with wine, non-denominational.any ideas for invitation wording w/ dresscode info?

    it will be at a local wine bar possibly with apps. served. women will be in all black cocktail attire and men will be in suits but i dont want to sound bossy. I DO want to sound festive. sites appreciated.

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  • Which book are you...?

    Different answers take you to different results... check it out

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  • I've decided to skank it up big time- What should I get for my "tramp-stamp"?

    Please don't tell me not to get a trampstamp- this is all in good fun.

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  • Sparkle sparkle...?

    Did anybody watch the perseids last night? It was beautiful.

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  • Ooh! Ooh! I wanna play!?

    11/22/1983 san antonio, texas

    tell me something...

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  • Are you all spies?

    Nobody seems to have info in their profiles here... If you have info, why did you include it? If not, why don't you?

    I have info because I like talking about myself (lol)

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  • Newly Brunette- what to do with my make-up?

    I have always been blonde, and yesterday went to a beautiful brunette (6N with 4N lowlights for those in the know). I have very light green eyes and a warm skin-tone. I have always just done black eyeliner on the top lids with mascara and maybe a little lip gloss. I was looking forward to the brunette making my eyes brighter, but I feel a little dull. Any tips on eye make-up to bring the focus back? thanks!

    6 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago
  • Drunk philosophers..?

    Has anyone ever told you something in a drunken or otherwise altered state (medicated, sleep-talking, etc.)that has really made you think? Happened to me this weekend and I am almost embarrassed to mention it to anyone because the guy was drunk as a skunk but incredibly insightful... Thoughts?

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  • Hardwood tiles in living room look SO dull- rest is fine?

    I live in a rental house with those old, wooden tiles. I love them but it looks like at some point the floors were all refinished with the exception of the living room. It is a 16' x 15' rectangle of DULL matted floor! I am not going to fork up the cash to have that area refinished by a pro, and my landlord isn't budging- any suggestions on a gloss or something that I can apply after giving the floor a good scrubbing?

    2 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • Stupid shower- won't pull up cold water?

    Have a shower setup with 2 handles (not knobs)- hot water handle needs to be turned from the base to use, but now when I turn on the shower (middle handle) it barely pulls up the cold water. As in the water from tap is a good temperature but water out of head BURNING with 1/2 the cold water still coming out tap. Is this something I can try to fix myself? HELP!

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  • microsoft access expression builder?

    I have set an expression to include everything that does not have a particular qualifier= (x). how do I make the sheet include everything that's qualifier does not equal X and is not blank/empty. feel free to email me if you have more questions or if i am not clear.

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  • What should I tell this man...?

    I got divorced in 06. He’s the first person I’ve dated since my ex and makes me feel incredible. SO, I fell too hard, too fast. I’m finally honest with him about how I feel/what I want- he agrees with the feelings, tells me he can’t give me what I want (fair enough). We are happy in our odd little set up. He has issues with his ex, his work, his life and decides he is going to move across the country. I’m ok but will end up a wreck for a little while when he leaves. He asks if he can stay at my house the last few weeks he is here (coming up on 6 weeks until he leaves). I told him yes, of course, but now I don’t know if I can do it. We have been arguing a lot lately and I want the time we spend together before he leaves to be positive. Every time I see him I miss him already. How do I tell him that while I want to spend time with him, I don’t want to set myself up for such a shock when he is no longer here. Should I spend all the time I can with him, or wean myself of slowly???

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  • Lyrics- "I cheated on myself again, just like I knew I would"?

    Kinda jazzy, soft strong woman's voice... does anybody have any idea who sings this song?

    Most of the song she is talking about lying in bed with another man, but she really just feels bad for herself.... I know its not much to go on, but any help is appreciated.

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