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  • Which Marine Corp MOS' are undergoing shortages?

    Or how can I find that out? I know the Air Force does a quarterly evaluation of that, but how can I find out about the Marine Corp? Does anyone know the typical jobs that are short on manning?

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  • Air Force prior service to the Marines, can I sign up without taking my Air Force rank?

    Not going in as an officer, but I asked this awhile ago and I was told that the Marines aren't really taking in prior service because the Marines don't want to take in the prior service with the rank because then their losing money, I'd rather just join fresh then, same as everyone else (PS, I know I have to do the full Marine Boot Camp and I wouldn't have it any other way)

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  • I only have solid poop after eating steak?

    I know I have a problem because for the last 10 years all of my poop has been either liquidy or straight up diarrhea. I know a doctor would answer this better, but I'm just wondering what your hypothesis is. Why do I only get consecutive solid poop after eating steak for dinner? (Only steak, other meats don't cut it)

    I know I should see a doctor too

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  • After AirForce can I sign up for Marines?

    I signed up for four years in the AF. But as you know you're technically the AF's property for 8 years, so 4 inactive for me. After my four years of active duty am I allowed to sign up for the active duty Marines ? Or do I have to wait out my four years of inactive duty Air Force?

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  • My wife was sexually assaulted by a "friend" right in front of me?

    It was a bar. We were drinking. But my friend reached over and deliberately grabbed my wife's boobs right in front of me after making an apparent bet with another so called friend of mine. I was drinking and it didn't faze me until I sobered up. We're coworkers in the military. How do I go about this, if I confront the guy and it ends badly how should I proceed?

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  • Bill of Rights: protection from State oppression?

    So the founders created the Bill of Rights to Govern the Federal Government, not the State Government. The two were regarded as separate entities.

    With that in mind did the founders have any law in place that would protect citizens from State Government oppression?

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  • Did the Founders consider the Decleration of Independence to be law?

    After the Revolutionary War and the establishment of America's Government system and after the Constitutional convention, did early Americans (and especially the founders) still regard the Decleration of Indeendence as apart of law? Any quotes or examples?

  • Can I take EMT school if I'm serving in the military?

    I would like to have my schooling for EMT done and over with by the time I leave the military, this way I don't have to waste ay time when I'm back home.

    My question is whether or not this is even possible or allowed.

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  • The United States won the iraq war?

    I never understand why people say we lost the Iraq War to Al Qaeda when that phase of Iraq is part of the War on Terror, not the Iraq War (which we didn't yet lose, but of which we are probably losing)

    Technically the United States WON the Iraq War when they Invaded and occupied Iraq and subsequently overthrew the Ba'ath Party government and captured/executed Saddam Hussein and also found no WMD's and then subsequently exploited their resources for ourselves. So isn't that a complete victory?

    The Al Qaeda/ISIS/ Taliban/ Boko Haram are apart of the War on Terror, a separate War.

    So the U.S.A Won the Iraq War, but is still losing the War on Terror, right?

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  • Can I re-enlist while still on inactive duty?

    Say I signed up for four years active duty, then by law I still am technically signed up for 8 years (4 active 4 inactive), do I have to wait for my inactive duty to expire before I can re-enlist in another branch?

    I ask because by the time I'm done with inactive duty I will be 31. I may want to re-enlist in the Army after the Air Force.

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  • Pre American Revolution: Patriot who wore a mask/cloak?

    There was an American Patriot Sons of Liberty type guy who rode around on a horse, he wore a cape/cloak, and wore a mask. He was like an American Guy Fawkes. Anyone remember what they called him?

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  • Re-enlisting Airforce to Marines- likelihood?

    So I'm joining the Air Force for 4 years. For arguments sake, let's say there is another war, like one in Syria and I decided I wanted to join the marines or the army, what steps would I have to take and would it be likely?

    Also, considering I am technically still on inactive duty for four more years, am I even aloud to join a different branch? Say I'm on my 2nd year of inactive duty, would I be able to join another branch?

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  • I have Keratoconus yet MEPS passed me for BMT?

    I have Keratoconus yet MEPS passed me for Airforce BMT, to my surprise they didn't PDQ me. My recruiter even called his commander who then called MEPS to clarify and MEPS said I'm fine.

    But the specialist and an outside doc both said I have Keratoconus.

    I'm afraid that I'm going to make it to BMT and then when they do their eye check thing they are going to discharge me there. I can't stand this stress of not knowing what is going to happen, especially since I've planned my life around this and even quit my job and lost out on a great job opportunity.

    Should I be worried? I leave for BMT on May 3

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  • Airforce: Basic Training: Discharge question?

    So my vision is bad and supposedly MEPS usually DQ's individuals with my eye disease. But they didn't. I understand BMT does another eye exam. Say they DQ me because they disagree with MEPS analysis, is it a discharge or does it count as an honorable discharge?

    If that happens am I technically considered a veteran?

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  • Weapons of the 1850s?

    I was wondering if anyone could list weapons that were frequently used in the 1850s, in America.

    2 AnswersHistory5 years ago
  • Marine public uniform/airforce equivalent?

    So the Marine uniform that said marines are able to wear in public:

    I was wondering what the Airforce equivalent is? Thank you

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  • U.S Airforce how to get deployed?

    So I'm security forces, going to Basic in May. Assuming the war is still raging by August I want to volunteer for deployment to Iraq/Afghanistan

    Is this possible/likely? Is there anything I should do (extra) to try and get in? Or is it all just purely luck of the draw.

    I'm married so I don't know if that factors into the decision at all

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  • Airforce I'm planning on short tour, what bases can spouse come with?

    A little uninformed about the short tour's. So I wanted to volunteer for a short tour in Korea and in Turkey. I also wanted to volunteer for an overseas assignment in the middle east.

    What other short tour bases are there and which bases would my wife be allowed to join me on?

    I'm security forces by the way. Also, am I even allowed to do one short tour (say Korea) and then do another short tour (like Turkey)? And how long to the short tours generally last?

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  • Getting your pick of Base? (Airforce Security Forces)?

    I heard that the best way to get a base that you want is to volunteer for a remote (Korea), volunteer for a short tour (korea, turkey, thule) volunteer for a 365 in Iraq.

    I remember reading something about volunteering for South Korea for a 3 year extension type thing helps you to get a good pick after 4 years there is up

    Any of this true?

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