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Where in God's name were some of you when the English teacher was going over paragraphs? After each thought and transition to another thought, you should make a new paragraph. This breaks up your answers/questions into managable parts that can be processed better. You're than likely turning away a lot of people who don't want to read the jumbled mess. I'm 32. Single, no kids. College educated. Music snob. MMA fanatic. Sports junky in general. Since I post mostly in the political section, I guess it's pertinent information to say I'm a liberal Democrat although that's fairly redundant.

  • How does it make you feel, Republicans, to get bailed out by Socialism?

    McCain is Mr. De-Regulation. His financial guru, Phil Graham, is also a champion for de-regulation.

    Our largest financial institutions are now crumbling due to this de-regulation.

    The Republican version of Capitalism has failed, and now the government takes over, a la Socialism.

    Oh, McCain invented the Blackberry too.

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  • Why haven't we concentrated on Iran all this time?

    You pro-Bushies, I ask you point blank:

    Why are we playing war with the dirt farmers in Iraq when Iran is the country that we (we as in the people who aren't clueless) knew would turn into a REAL threat?!

    Bush has failed us on so many levels it's not even funny.

    Worst. President. Ever.

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  • Any ideas? Dog is restless, vomiting, mild shaking, won't sit still.?

    Something seems to be wrong with my pup.

    I'm not sure if it's just allergies or what. He's vomited a few times tonight. He's pacing around and won't sit still. And he's shaking, which is unusual.

    I'd run him to a vet right this moment but it's 11pm.

    Anyone have ideas as to what I might look for? Or know of a good site to do some research?

    I appreciate the help.

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  • After today, will you finally agree that I was prophetic about President Obama?

    If you look at my questions from about 6 months ago, I told people, repeatedly, that Obama would be the next President. Nobody had really even heard of him at that point, and now he is a household name.

    For 8 years, President Obama is going to better our country.

    For the first time since the Grand Redneck took office, in what seems like a century of darkness and despair, there has been no light at the end of the tunnel.

    Honestly, I could care less about the answers. Report me, I really couldn't give a ****.

    Read it and weep! (they should be tears of joy tho because he's going to fix Bushy's mess)

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  • What program(s) works best for building a business based website?

    I am going to start web based business in the next few weeks and I would like to do my own web design. I do not want it to be over the top, using flash, or anything too complicated, but at the same time I do not want it to look simplistic or like it was built using a template.

    Eventually I will need to incorporate a database, but most definitely not at first. And I will be setting up a merchant account and will need some sort of shopping cart feature.

    What program(s) would be best suited for building a site like this? (I will be working with a pretty skilled graphic artist, so I really just need something to build and maintain it)

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Did the iconic people throughout our history know they would someday acheive greatness?

    Do you know if people like Thomas Edison, Issac Newton, Leonardo DiVinci, Mozart, etc. had premonitions of making a huge impact on Earth before they actually did anything?

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  • What do Dick Cheney and The Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz have in common?


    When a man's an empty kettle

    He should be on his mettle

    And yet I'm torn apart

    Just because I'm presumin'

    That I could be kind of human

    If I only had a heart

    I'd be tender, I'd be gentle

    And awful sentimental

    Regarding love and art

    I'd be friends with the sparrows

    And the boy that shoots the arrows

    If I only had a heart.

    I guess Cheney had an irregular heartbeat that needed fixing today and the song just jumped into my head.

    Trying to operate on Cheney's heart has to be as difficult as performing brain surgery on Jessica Simpson.

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  • Dog has been acting restless for lack of a better term...any ideas?

    He's 10.

    The other night he looked restless. Didn't want to sit still. Was wandering all over the house, from room to room, like he was looking for something he couldn't find.

    In a way, it reminded me of my grandmother when Alzheimer's was first setting in.

    He looked like his normal happy self other than that. Tail wagging, usual smile on his face, curled tongue....looked happy as usual. Just didn't want to sit still.

    At night he typically crawls into his bed, then doesn't move much until I get up in the morning, but throughout that night I'd hear him up and walking around.

    By the next day he seemed to be over it.

    Any ideas?

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  • Have you had any luck with alternative methods of treating seizures in dogs?

    My dog (10 yrs old) has been acting kind of funny here and there over the last few days. This evening I saw him go into what I am positive is a seizure.

    I know people put their dogs on phenobarbital for seizures, but I've also read that it can damage their liver with long term usage.

    Bottom line: I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow morning. I will do *anything* to keep him healthy and happy. I would feel much better if there's some sort of treatment out there that will not damage his liver. I don't want anything to shorten his life span.

    If you have any experience with a more natural treatment that was effective with your dog, please let me know.

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  • What's your experience with your mp3 player?

    What kind do you have? Are you happy with it?

    I'm lookin for 30gigs+, I don't care how much it costs, but I want a good product.

    Your opinions will certainly help me make the right choice, so let me hear em!

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  • Chicken Little says, The Dow is falling! The Dow is falling!?

    The Dow Jones *Average* is 30 stocks out of thousands in which they make a projection of the stock market from.

    Why do we hear about this crap day in and day out? I don't want to hear it when it goes up and I don't want to hear it when it falls.

    Use the Standard & Poor 500. Use the Russell 2000 even if you have to, but we don't need to fret what 30 stocks are doing, FFS.

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  • I think Greg Anderson enjoys being in prison, don't you?

    He must.

    I mean, why else would a person choose to sit in jail?!

    We don't need an asterisk, we need a criminal investigation. My son, if I have anything to do about it, won't even know the name of Victor Conte's Frankenstein.

    Next time I see Barry cry, I want it to follow the sentencing.

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  • Barry's helmet is headed to the Hall of Fame?

    Are they going to set it next to "the clear" and "the cream"?

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  • Michael Chertoff has a gut feeling!?

    I hope I'm not overreacting, but I bought several cases of duct tape!

    (yet another Republican in a LOOOOONG line of Republicans trying yet again to scare us)

    I'm waiting for the terror alert to go red due to a possible Martian attack.

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  • Why do veterans hate America so?!?

    Have you heard these whining babies?

    "America won't pay for my blown off leg."

    "How come the VA won't pay for my psychiatrist?"

    "My veteran child killed himself after the VA refused to help his mental state and now we want to sue them!"

    Seriously. I've had just about enough of these CRAZY veterans!

    We should ship them back to Iraq if they hate America so much!

    Ingrates! We let them fight our war for us and they have the NERVE to ask for help once they're back home!

    Commies. Every last one of them. They're lucky we don't make them hop on one leg after our sworn enemies, the Iraqis!

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  • How could you not like Stephen Colbert? (outside of him making a mockery of your political party)?

    I missed this exchange between he and Tony Snow, whom I also like despite being the Devil's PR man, but it sounds like good stuff.

    And the last part of the article says Colbert is selling his cast to raise money for military families.

    How many GOP, the self-proclaimed sole supporters of the troops, have you seen do anything to help military families? Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but by my count, it's 0.

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  • When you are asking other people to fight the wars you should be fighting yourselves?

    Does it feel like you might actually have a sack and two beans between your legs for the first time in your lives?

    They don't want to fight a war.

    They just wanna flap their gd gums about it.

    Thank God there are Americans out there who choose to do more than talk a good game.

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  • Are you as worried as I am that Canada may attack us while we're spread thin in Iraq?!?

    We need to launch a full scale pre-emptive attack.

    Then once we've established total control and occupation, we introduce the "wood for food" program!

    Any country that can produce Nickleback is obviously part of the axis of evil!. We have to strike before they are able to mobilize their army of mounty-ninjas.

    These damn canucks think they're sneaky, but I am onto them.

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  • Is there a single person from the GOP who's capable of debating the issues?

    "NASHUA, N.H. - Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney took aim at Democratic rivals on Sunday, calling them all unprepared to lead the country and comparing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's economic plan to that of Socialist Karl Marx."

    Socialist this, Karl Marx that. On this forum, you can't go a single page w/o seeing something about socialism.

    And once again someone from the GOP cannot debate the issues, so they once again turn to slandering the source.

    I don't know if you guys noticed it, but the American people are growing tired of your GOP rhetoric. They're not being fooled anymore by unfounded slander.

    Keep calling us Socialists. In fact, keep on saying it after we take the White House. That lets me know the real issues are not w/in your collective grasp and many others are catching on to this juvenile propoganda and seeing it for what it is.

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