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  • Where a young woman can go on vacation all by herself?

    I'm taking a short 5-days vacation at the end of the month and not sure what to do. Unfortunately, I don't have a travel companion, so I will have to go on vacation by myself. I'd like to go to some peaceful and beautiful place where I can relax and do nothing. Preferably on East Coast. I don't drive, so I'd like the place to be accessible by public transit. Ideally, I'd like to spend these days at all-inclusive resort, but I'm a little scared to travel to another country alone. Any recommendations?

    4 AnswersOther - Destinations7 years ago
  • Tips for a short trip to Portland, ME?

    I'm going to Portland, ME for 5 days on business at the end of January. How can I entertain myself in the evenings after work? I'll be staying and working in the Old Port without a car. Are there any interesting and worth to visit places in the city that are open after 5 PM? I like going to museums, shopping, walking, sightseeing, etc... all kinds of tourist things.

    5 AnswersBoston8 years ago
  • Is it possible to find a studio in NYC (or close to Midtown) for max 1500?

    I'm looking to move to New York for job, and I wonder if it's possible to find a place to live for max $1,500 (or less) within the borders of Manhattan? A studio would be nice (I don't want to live with roommates). I wouldn't want to spend more than half an hour on each way commute... I heard Long Island City is nice and very close to Midtown, but is it affordable? Maybe New Jersey? What neighborhoods should I look into?

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  • What to see in Chicago?

    Next week I'm going to Chicago for 3 days... What places should I visit? I like walking through beautiful neighborhoods, architectural sites, nature or city views, parks, landmarks, that stuff... Not so much interested in visiting museums, plays, aquarium or zoo... Basically I want to see beautiful places that are unique for Chicago and that I won't be able to see anywhere else. Any recommendations are appreciated!

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  • How to tell if the guy took viagra?

    I'm suspecting my partner is taking viagra. Though I'm not sure. I wonder how to tell? He is in his 40-s and he can get like 5 erections in one night and comes every time... Is it normal? I thought if you take viagra, it stays up for quite some time and doesn't get soft after ejaculation? Maybe not?

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  • Unhappy about bonded veneer... What can I do?

    I had a few veneers done on my teeth, and I'm quite unhappy about outcome... My natural tooth surface is showing through the little gap between one of the veneers and the tooth next to it. It's quite small and is not that noticeable, but I can see it, and every time I look at the mirror I only see that little gap. I developed an anxiety, and every time I think about it I panic and get all agitated... I feel like my tooth is going to start decaying at that spot, plus I had braces and I'm worried that my teeth can start moving a little and will become more noticeable. I paid my hard-earned money for all that work and opted for destroying a healthy teeth, and I've got a result that makes me cry. My dentist says it's so small he can barely see it, so my friend does (he says it looks "normal"), but I wanted to have a beautiful smile, and now I am stuck with it.... What are my options? Is there anything that can be done after the veneer is bonded, or I would have to replace the veneer eventually? I realized I picked the wrong dentist (even though someone recommended him), but there is not much I can do now after the work is done. I wish someone could warn me about all those things before... I'm desperate. Please give me some advice, I'm going nuts.

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  • Dentist-dispensed or drug store whitening systems?

    I'd like to whiten my lower teeth. I tried in-office laser whitening, but the effect didn't last long. My teeth looked practically the same in a few weeks. I'd like to try trays, but the ones that are made in doctor's office and dispensed by prescription are kinda expensive. I see more affordable whitening systems at drug stores, and people say they really work. What's the difference and what are advantages and disadvantages of each? Would be great, if someone could share his or her personal experience!

    Thanks a lot!

    Dental9 years ago
  • Why do I have high "bad" cholesterol level?

    For two years in a row my blood tests show higher than normal "bad" cholesterol level.

    And I don't understand why!

    I am skinny, fit, healthy, young, active, eating healthy, mostly vegetarian organic diet...

    Also, I am taking Omega-3 on for a couple of years.

    I just can't believe it!

    17 AnswersHeart Diseases9 years ago
  • Is it appropriate to write a thank you letter to a professor after the course?

    I recently finished my first semester in an American college, and I was already assigned my final grade. I want to email my professor before holidays to thank him for a great course. I was very quiet during the course, and I feel like I have to tell him how much respect I have for him and what a great professor he is, because I have a feeling of incompletenes, kinda.... Do you think it is appropriate or I'd better not to do so? And if it's OK what can I write him without being oily and flattering?

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  • How to deal with credit card fraud?

    A few days ago I received a txt message from 3807 stating that I have a new JPMorgan Chase banking message a phone number to call. I called and heard that my credit card account has been blocked. It coincided with a recent credit card line increase and a pretty big credit card transaction that I made, so I though they just blocked my account for the reason of unusual activity. Later on the automated system asked my credit card number, zip, expiration, and pin. And I DID PROVIDE IT! Dumb a$$... In a few days a received the same message from another # with another # to call, so I called again, and the phone # was nonexistent... I realized it is a fraud, and that I gave my personal info to some crooks.... I was scared to death, called chase, they changed my credit card # immediately, then I called Experian and put an alert in case someone will try to use my info...

    Is that enough not to worry or should I do something else to protect myself? I am so worried and so surprised that I always so careful didn't suspect anything right away...

    And the worse thing is I think it also asked for my SSN (though, I don't remember exactly). I am pissed. What should I do?

    6 AnswersCredit1 decade ago
  • Is it a good idea to pay full medical treatment cost in advance to get a discount?

    I am going to get braces on my teeth, and the doctor gives me 10% discount if I pay full cost right away rather than monthly payments. I am happy to save a significant amount of money, but I am little worried... because treatment takes at least 18-24 months, and who knows how things will go... Is it a normal practice for doctors to do that?

    2 AnswersDental1 decade ago
  • Who sings old song called "Emotions"?

    I heard that song long time ago only once, and can't forget it. I can't find it anywhere too...

    I don't know who is the singer, it was a woman, probably black, with a strong voice. The song is most likely from 60-s, as far as I remember it was in a blues style.

    HELP! Can't sleep!

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  • Is there such a thing as a "bad employees DATABASE" for potential employers?

    I recently had a very unpleasant experience with a potential employer. I wasn't hired, and that's a good thing. They just lied me about paid training and I spent some time with them, were never called again and were never paid for my time as well. So one day I decided to call them and told why I was upset and said I was going to post a negative review about their company online. The office manager called me back with a speech that because I "threatened" them they are going to post my data on some web site that all employers have access too, so everyone will know what kind of person I am... Something like that...

    I didn't really believe it, though is there such a thing or anything they can do to harm me?

    2 AnswersCorporations1 decade ago
  • H.Pylori and Acne? Am I done with both?

    I've been suffering from mild but very annoying acne for a few years in my twenties. I was diagnosed with H.Pylori bacteria and prescribed Pylera (harsh antibiotics) for treating it. I know doctors link H.Pylori with acne rosacea. In a couple weeks after I finished the course of Pylera I noticed my faced cleared, I still have minor imperfections and lots of red spots on my cheeks, but miraculously all the cysts disappeared, my face is smooth and I don't see anything significant coming out. I thought maybe my acne is gone forever? How I would be happy!!!

    it's been only three weeks, and I stopped using my topical acne medications about 4 weeks ago.

    I spoke to my dermatologist. he was very upset that I stopped his treatment, but it only made my face dry and red (retin-a, rosac, brevoxyl, peroxide...). I asked him maybe since my H.Pylori problem is solved, I am done with my acne too. he said - "no way, keep using drugs I prescribe"... he said it's a temporary effect from taking antibiotics. is he right?

    I was so happy to notice difference, and now he is assuring me it will come back...

    What do you think, people?

    Skin Conditions1 decade ago
  • Not having sex and taking birth control pills. Is it OK?

    I wonder is it bad for your body to be on a birth control pill for a few months (let's say for acne or irregular periods treatment) and not to have a sexual life?

    6 AnswersWomen's Health1 decade ago
  • Russia: How to get to terminal D in Sheremetyevo from Sheremetyevo-2?

    Please help! I am so confused! They opened new terminal D in russian airport Sheremetyevo, so I arrive to Sheremetyevo-2, then I have 2 hours between my flights and have to transfer to terminal D. Everyone knows how to get to Sheremetyevo-1, but everyone confused about this new terminal!

    I am so worried. I don't want to be late, and I don't have budget for taxi, they are ridiculously expensive there!

    I looked at the map, it seems those 2 terminal are quite close to each other, but I don't know whether to get a bus (and which one?) or just walk.

    Does anybody know?

    1 AnswerRussia1 decade ago
  • Can I have non-liquid unopened natural supplements and vitamins in my carry-on luggage?

    I'm going to Russia and want to bring a few bottles of natural supplements (like fish oil, CoQ-10, and some other similar stuff from health food store - all CAPSULES, no liquids) for my parents. Am i allowed to have in in my carry-on luggage? I don't want to leave it in checked baggage, cuz crooks in russian airports may steal it (it happens), and worried that it might be confiscated from my carry-on bag by security! What do you think?

  • Are all companies required to obtain Dun&Bradstreet number?

    I am wondering whether every company in the US, especially I am talking about large ones (like hotels, for example) has this number? And what it might look like?

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  • What my career can I do with degree in Accounting?

    I am deciding on my college program choice. I am thinking of accounting. So far I know I can either work in some firm, or try to land a job in big 4 and then become a CPA....

    How my career after graduation may develop?

    Right now I am a bit frustrated, have no decent plan...Could you share your personal experience and careers scenarios? I hope it may help me to decide...

    2 AnswersFinancial Services1 decade ago
  • Why they don't call me to work at Census 2010?

    Couple months ago I applied for a census job, I successfully passed test (95%), filled out application. I have work experience, degree, bilingual, and all... And nobody called me since then. But they still seem to be hiring, because I see all the time ads to apply for census jobs, like they don't have enough people! WHY???

    Is there any was to remind them about myself?

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