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  • How to train my parrot?

    I have a cute little parrot, his age was told 5 months but i doubt it actually is that. He looks older. Anyways, I've tried everything to tame him. From sitting at a distance to being all up on him and NOTHING.. i mean N O T H I N G HAS WORKED! He's still just as scared of me. He does stare at me when i sit in front of him, without freaking out but thats about it. He's scared because his previous owner was clearly rough with him as a baby. I've had him for one and a half month now and its heart breaking to see how scared of me he is. I really desperately need help :(

    6 AnswersBirds1 year ago
  • cps took his brother away?

    so my had custody over his 6 years old brother and he has been taking care of him for 1 year now, he earns very well and takes care of his brother very well but 1 week ago his **** mother told the cps that he isnt taking good care of him and that he is unfit which he is. he has been put into a foster home but he has autism which his mother didnt tell the cps about now he is there without his medication. none of us know what to do at this point what r we suppose to do someone please help us out.

    thank you

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 years ago
  • dinner... food&drink?

    what should I make for dinner? :p

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes4 years ago
  • society&culture?

    alright, I'm really off at everything rn. my 12 year old niece just came up to me, showed me a pic Eugenia Cooney(an anorexic YouTube) and told me that her "body goal is to be like her" and that she is "so jealous of her body" I almost cried. I called her mother asap and her mother also got very concerned!

    4 AnswersWomen's Health4 years ago
  • Answer this history Q!?

    Briefly describe he expansion of Greek city states in area outside Greece.

    2 AnswersHistory4 years ago
  • answer this history Q?

    give reasons why the Greeks preferred to settle closer to the coast instead of settling inland

    1 AnswerHistory4 years ago
  • how smart are you?

    give reasons why the greeks prefered to sattle closer to the coast instead of settling inland?

    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • omfg help me pls!?

    so I'm 16 years old and my 12 year old sister just started her FIRST PERIOD idk what to do she doesn't know that she got it yet I just saw ALOT of blood on her pants and my parents aren't home NOBODY is help me pls I'm freaking outttt!

    7 AnswersWomen's Health4 years ago
  • I'm really worried pls help me!?

    I'm 12 years old 13 in august and I weigh 99 lbs/45 kg and I wanted to know if it was normal for my age?

    4 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 years ago