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  • 英文問題 誰能幫我用英文回答 詳細一點

    According to the city’s Department of Transportation said yesterday, Taxi fares in Taipei City are expected to increase soon.

    Q: 1.

    What do you think the taxi service in Taipei, in terms of the car condition, the drivers, and the prices.

    2. Have you ever taken an airplane? People are becoming more concerned about the quality of air service. What is your favorite airlines? What air service is the most important to you in terms of the airport, the flight, the food, and the service? Why?

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  • 我想要改裝G5

    我最近買了一台奔騰G5 想要改裝 不知道有沒有什麼零件適合我

    價格中間跟高價格都報給我 謝謝 缸暫時沒考慮 有朋友已經買G5改裝有心得也可以交流一下

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