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  • Keyboard locked?

    My laptop keyboard sudden stopped working. The numbers work and the letters actually worked when I pressed "i forgot my password" but I can't use the keyboard to actually unlock the laptop. Not even the on screen keyboard will let me type letters. I've tried restarting,  shutting down. I dont have an external keyboard to try using and the only other thing I saw was to remove the battery but I really didn't want to do that.

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks2 months ago
  • Car troubles? ?

    I recently bought a 2004 Hyundai Sana Fei 3.5 from my brother [who buys and sells cars like its nothing] He took it over to my dad to do a tune up, they claimed to have replaced everything slightly off about it. Sweet? I paid them for the service and took the car home. First thing I noticed was the car was kinda "chugging" along, like it wasn't reaching its full potential. So I took it to Auto Zone and had it hooked up and a ton of errors came up so the Tech advised me to take it home, unplug the battery and let it reset then come back later to try again if anything happens. So I did, and all the lights went off for about a day, still chugging, then the light came back on so I took it back. They informed me my coil packs were the cause so I contacted my dad directly because I paid my brother for coil packs, so I assumed this was a mistake. My dad informed me the coil packs never got changed but could easily be the problem. So I saved up and bought 3 coil packs. At first, I bought 1 and slapped it in and the car ran a little better, but short lived. So I took it back and a different tech tells me the coils are the wrong size for my engine so we ordered 2 more and he would let me exchange the one I had just put on. Next day I come back and the coils they order are the EXACT same as the one I already bought so I just buy them and keep the first, replaced 3/6. Now the car wants to cut out while driving, and smells like its burning up. 

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  • Is it OCD or something more?

    Last year I was officially diagnosed with Obsessive compulsive disorder, and while this came to no surprise to neither I or loved ones, I still am suffering from something.

    I constantly have this feeling of a daze feeling, and ever since I started ocd medicine i noticed that my OCD hasnt gotten better but the daze is less foggy. Right now because of covid i am going with out my ocd medicine and I have very slim moments of clarity(?). Noises are too loud, and the more there is the more I become lost. I can't think straight, or even completely at times. I leave myself a lot of incomplete notes hoping to pick up  pieces of my brain and put them together.I often get "lost" or forget where I am or doing. Even while on OCD meds, I get lost very easily which makes me not want to drive because I forget why im driving or feel like a passenger in the car and forget im in control of the vehicle, this led to a trip into a ditch twice. I can't focus on anything, work and home life is incredibly hard. I can't even procrastinate without getting distracted or dizzy. I have been told a few times in my life that I might be suffering from ADHD or even dissociation disorder. I'm writing this in pieces so im not even sure i asked anything but whats going on in my head?

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    Is my cats teeth okay?

    my cat has crooked teeth, and what seems to be an extra tooth? 3 of his teeth make a triangle shape. He has always been curious about everything,  so maybe he teethed on something that deformed his teeth growth, but I'm also concerned, sometimes it looks like its bleeding on that side of the mouth.

    1 AnswerCats7 months ago
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    is this normal?

    my cat has crooked teeth, and what seems to be an extra tooth? 3 of his teeth make a triangle shape. He has always been curious about everything,  so maybe he teethed on something that deformed his teeth growth, but I'm also concerned, sometimes it looks like its bleeding on that side of the mouth.

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    What gen air pods are these?

    a friend sent me her air pods but didn't give me a charger pack so I thought "easy ill buy one " sike, I have no idea what gen these even are so I don't know what charger to buy..

    2 AnswersOther - Electronics7 months ago
  • Why is there still a mark from a wound months later?

    I cut my ankle shaving back in June last year and I still have a mark where it was. It was a little cut, not deep enough to scar. I've noticed this happens whenever I I break skin, it's like it takes a long time to heal up and go away.

    1 AnswerInjuries11 months ago
  • Glitter made my hands burn?

    I work at a store and often come into glitter. Well today was my first full contact stocking Christmas decor but I noticed the glitter would feel Like a burning sensation until I could get it off. 

    4 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 year ago
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    Black lump on the side of my toe?

    Sometimes it is a normal flesh colour, but it turns black like a bruise. It doesn't hurt much unless you touch it. I can move it left to right but not up to down. What could this be?

    3 AnswersInjuries2 years ago
  • Why does my eyes cloud up? ( No glasses, no contacts )?

    Sometimes when I'm drinking coffee, my eyes will fog up in the same way my moms glasses look when she drinks coffee. But I don't wear contacts nor glasses so why are my eyes getting foggy? Is this normal?

    1 AnswerOptical2 years ago
  • ps slow after last update?

    every program becomes un-responsive whenever i try to open them before either crashing or finally opening. It s not my internet connection, so please skip that idea. I tried to open Paint Tool Sai and my whole computer freezes. I have resorted in just using my tablet and not even bothering to turn my computer on anymore. I have a HP desktopp computer and it runs on windows 8 still.

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  • help me translate korean romanization?

    I dont know why but I received a message recently where someone was trying to talk korean to me but used romanization so I have no idea what they were trying to say..

    "Yo ong go mo Tay yo"

    1 AnswerLanguages3 years ago
  • Cant see when in motion?

    When ever I walk i have to look down to balance myself because everything becomes blurry when i am in motion. Which makes driving really difficult, but no one believes me. Things far away stay blurry when im just sitting anyway bit whenever im in a car or walking around everything becomes blurry like im moving at the speed of light. 😭

    2 AnswersOptical3 years ago
  • Making a profit?

    I was planning on making some art for a special deck of playing cards, which would cost me about $15 per deck to have printed and shipped to me. About how much would I want to sell them for a profitable gain, without being unreasonably high?

    1 AnswerCard Games3 years ago
  • Pain near wisdom tooth?

    Its not the tooth itself that hurts, but the gums behind it. The gums that used to be ontop of my tooth stayed gathered up and regrowing ontop of itself and sometimes it tears and causes a pain for a few days. The tooth is completely grown in, i have plenty of room for my wisdom teeth in my mouth so i dont need them removed. I have two fully grown in wisdom teeth, the other tooth doesnt have a ball of old gums behind it and so it never hurts. Is there something I can do to make it go away without removing my tooth?

    2 AnswersDental3 years ago
  • Running a digital tablet with screen on VGA input?

    My computer doesn t have an HDMI port so when looking into a digital tablet with a screen, i know I m kinda limited. The only one I ve found is the MonoPrice 22 inch 1080p display tablet. Would it be worth it? What problems should I expect with a vga input?

    1 AnswerMonitors4 years ago
  • Why does the purple sharpie smell different than the other sharpies?

    Don't deny it, they smell different fam and I need answers.

    1 AnswerOther - Arts & Humanities4 years ago
  • Most accurate translation for the word Faith into Korean?

    I'm studying Korean currently and I know Google translate is piss poor at being accurate. My name is Faith, and I want to be able to write it correctly in Hangul. Currently ive been using Google's translate of belief which is 진앙, but the first translation for faith is 믿음 (trust). Which, if either, is most correct?

    3 AnswersLanguages4 years ago