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Hi, I'm Glory

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I am interested in people. Even though I am cronologically old I am very young at heart. My husband and I are and always will be Toys R Us Kids. You can ask me anything and I will answer You with wisdom and the youth of a newborn child. LOL. But, I have to tell you that I am geographically challenged so I will have to google answers in that catergory or ask my Wonderful Husband. LOL. Look forward to hearing from You all and please remember I don't meet strangers I meet potential Friends!

  • Have You ever has a false positive on a drug screening before?

    If so do You know what caused it? Your answers are very important to me so please only serious answers. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this and hopefully giving an answer! Take Care and God Bless! Glory

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  • The rest of my story that I need help with!?

    When I went in to see the doctor and I was with my husband, the doctor I saw literally screamed at me, called me a liar and said I was not being honest or truthful about the results of the urine and blood test that they had performed 3 weeks before that showed small amounts of morphine and coiedine . No matter what I or my husband said did any good. I was told to leave and never come back that they were through with me. Before leaving my husband asked for a copy of the test and he tried to bring attention to what was written at the bottom about how a false positive reading on these 2 drugs could show up in anyones urine or blood 24 hours after injesting poppy seeds either on a bagel, muffin cake or some other way. It just so happens that I have been on a diet eating two salads a day and used my favorite dressing called poppy seed. The doctor said he still didn't believe anything we had to say about the matter. What can my husband and I do about proving ourselves right and to overcome the humiliation of everything I was called and my husband too. We are good Christian people and don't make a habit of lying much less about something as important as this...Can anyone help me with this. I am a 61 yr. old woman with 4 grown children and 13 grandkids. I just have not been able to stop thinking about this and being so upset. I woke up at 4am this morning crying in my sleep and my husband tried to console me but do I have any rights in this matter? Please someone help me.

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  • I need help with a legal issue!?

    I have been seeing a pain management doctor for about 3 years. He and his staff have helped me tremendously to receive relief from pain in my back. When I first met the head doctor I told him I did not want any narcotics I just needed other ways of pain management. For about 2 and 1/2 of the years I have been seeing him and his associates I have refused any narcotics and received pain relief through steroid and cortisone injections and the I let them put a spinal cord stimulator to relieve my pain through vibrations sent to my brain to keep from feeling the pain. I have a very messed up back but I won't go into that unless asked. About 6-8 months ago my doctor insisted I use some pain meds because of the problem in my legs. He gave me Oxy IR. I have never taken this medication before but found that it did help with the pain without any bad side effects. About 2 months ago they did a urine and blood test that showed I had small amounts of morphine and coiedine in my system. I have never taken morphine as I found I was allergic to it quite a few years ago. The doctor had previously taken me off of the oxy and put me on a pain patch called Butrans and I was to wear one patch a week and to change it on the same day. I have been terribly upset because I have asthma really bad and troubles breathing at times. I do use medications at home like an albeuterol nebulizer and a rescue inhaler when have problems breathing. I was told to see my pain doctor the next day.

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  • Are You Happy with Your Life?

    I so why, if not why? Some good advice though, You are only what You make Yourself!

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  • So America How do You like Obama now?

    Has he done everything he promised, has he made our Country stronger, has he made You believe he is better than God? Would love serious answers to these questions because inquiring minds want to know. No judging here, I don't have the right to judge anyone of anything! Thank You and have a super wonderful night!

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  • Did You Know That God also Believes in the Big Bang Theory and the Theory of Evolution Also?

    God said Bang and there it was and then He created Evolution! Whats so hard about that? Ya'll make it much too hard to believe and understand with all of Your scientific reasonings. I have Faith, undying Faith and nothing or anyone can take that way just as I know You are tired of people doing to You. But I do Pray for all unbelievers all the same whether You want me to or not because it's not hurting any of You for me to do so!

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  • Do You Believe in the DB&R and ROS?

    If so, I know we will meet one day!!

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  • Are You Having a Great Day and A Great Life....I?

    really hope so as I am because I deserve it and so do You! What can You do to make Your life an awesome one?

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  • How many of You are ready for a Socialist Government here in the once great USA?

    Please give me detail if You wish on what You think it would mean to have the government take care of all Your needs. Please forgive me if this question has been asked a lot, I haven't been on here in a while due to illness and want to know what everyone that comes here thinks on this subject. Thank You in advance and Have a Super Blessed Day! Glory in Indiana

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  • I am really worried, Please Help if You can!?

    My 3 month old calico kitten has been laying around the house and sleeping a lot plus she is not eating for 2 days now. Prior to this she was constantly running around like crazy chasing my 11 yr old cat and picking on her unmercifully and eating just fine. I would take her to the vet right away but it's not possible for me to do this until Tuesday, I am disabled and do not drive and that is the earliest someone can take me. So can anyone please tell me how I can help my baby kitten. I am trying to do all that I know what to do. Shas been eating Iams kitty food and doing fine with it. Please help I don't want to lose her.

    Thanks in advance and May God Bless You Always, Glory

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  • Survey.............For Adult Females Only !!!!!!!!!?

    Do You shave all parts of your body for your man?

    Does He appreciate Your doing this for Him?

    Do You sometimes resent Him because of the hassle of what it takes to maintain?

    Thanks for answering my survey and have a good evening.....Glory

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  • Agree or Disagree...........God doesn't allow bad?

    things to happen to good people because if He took control over everything there would be no sin to worry about. Therefore the issue of good verses evil or God verses Satan would be a moot point in Our World. Do You agree with statement? BQ: Why or Why not?

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  • This Question is for all the Wonderful People?

    that Voted for Obama in 2008 because they wanted to show our Country they weren't Racist.

    Will You Please vote for someone else in 2012 to show You aren't an Idiot? Thanks in Advance!

    I know I am risking getting my question deleted by asking this but I had to take the chance and go for it!

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  • Females Only...................................!!!!?

    If Your Boyfriend, Male Friend or Husband wanted You to watch really yucky zombie movies but they scared the mess out of You would You anyway, or how would You handle it without making them mad? Tell them heck no? Watch Anyway and close eyes? Or beg of with another excuse?

    Help Please! Thanks in advance! Glory

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  • Survey!!!!!!!! ......................?

    Please tell me why You won't answer my questions? Aren't we just here to have fun?

    Thanks in advance and have a great night!

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  • Survey.........Do You Like ???????

    Secrets, Keeping them, or telling them?

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