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  • What can I do about my DUI in CA?

    First.. Stats: 5'0 100lbs. 22yrs old

    Last night I was driving my girlfriend home from a bar in the next town and was on the freeway, I had one drink (a sex on the beach) but it came in the big 16oz glass and I guess the bartender thought he was "hooking me up" because people said they saw him putting a lot of alcohol in my drink (over half full) which I surprisingly didnt notice by the taste. Anyways over an hour after my drink, I was driving on the freeway and changed from the fast lane to the slow lane and BOOM lights from behind.. I pull over he asks me to get out tells me I switched lanes too fast? but i wasn't speeding.... preforms sobriety tests which I pass and then he says he thinks im under the influence and arrests me? So I agree to do the breath. and it says .08 twice (which shocks me because I'm so very against drunk driving and I'm the girl everyone calls to pick them up when they are at the bar.. i NEVER EVER drink and drive) so Im pretty upset then they offer me a blood test.. said it cant really hurt my odds.. then I come to find out the cop is my older sisters ex and he feels so bad about not letting me just call someone to come get me but I tell them I'll do the blood test so I go do it and then go to jail... Spent the night there and got out this morning at 6am.. I have a perfect record and have never ever been pulled over before for ANYTHING in my life.. I hope maybe this may help?? I have two small children and am going through a divorce and dont need this against me.. I'm beating myself up pretty badly about it and I need SOME kind of positive info from ANYONE.. PLEASE!!?? Thank you all so Much!!

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  • what size shoe should i buy my 12 month old son??

    We printed one of those bay gap feet measure papers from offline but it says it would be a 3-4 or something like that but we have a pair of vans in size 4 and they are too small and he has wide feet.. so my husband just ordered him two pair of shoes from baby gap in size 6 for later this summer, do you think those will be too big? my daughter is 2.5 and wears a size 7 so I just wasn't sure since he has such wide feet if they will work for him. I heard that toddlers feet grows every 2-4 months.

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  • Why is it after every time I eat cereal, no matter what type of silverware..?

    .. I use there is always some greyish looking "dust" floating at the bottom of my bowl..

    I've gone through 3 different brands of silverware and I still ALWAYS see this in my white ceramic bowls...

    At first I thought, oh well, who cares but the more I think about it the more it worries me about what AM I eating....

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  • I have a Jensen in-dash touchscreen dvd player in my car and....?

    why does it show the name of some radio stations and not others on the display when your listening to the radio.. before we installed this stereo yesterday my other stereo which was really nice as well showed the name of the song and the artist for every station and this one only does a few stations, why is that?

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  • what colors could I put in my living room to go with our new DARK BROWN leather couches?

    Cheetah print looks nice with it (we have a throw) but I dont want to make my whole living room cheetah print. We cant paint the walls because were renting so what can I do to the room so its not just white walls, beige carpet and dark brown couches?

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  • I have my bed angled against the corner of the room, what can i put behind it in the gap?

    I'm stumped... I've seen lots of people in magizines with the bed up in a corner of their room but what goes behind it in the gap? any ideas so it doesn't look so awkward? I tried a palm tree but it looked funny and hung over the top of the bed...

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  • What is the name of the "investigation" type show with, i believe were lawyers.. (its from a few years ago)

    What is the name of the "investigation" type show with, i believe were lawyers.. (its from a few years ago) and it had the heavier set white lady with the scarred face and the long LONG straight brown hair and the piercings up and down both sides of her ears with mini hoops... WHAT IS THE SHOW???? (its not csi, law & order or nypd blue) THANKS!!!

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  • What exactly does a "let down" mean for your body?

    When your breastfeeding only, and you have "let downs" does that mean your baby needs to be eating? or what exactly does it mean? I've been exclusivly breastfeeding for 3.5 months now and some days I'll have SEVERAL let downs and other days not as many. I always have a let down when he's eating but I have them between feedings too. (he eats about every 3 hours or so). My let downs are very painful (as they were with my daughter too) so I know when I'm having them, but what does it mean??

    Also, how many days a day and a night should my 3 month old be nurseing and when will he sleep through the night?


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  • Moms of 3 kids?

    My husband and I have 2 children, a 22.5 month old daughter and a 3.5 month old son. We were talking about the possibility of having a third (not right now just sometime in the near future) and I told him I would want our oldest to be under 4 by the time number 3 is here. Any moms of three have any advice?

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  • Me and my husband are looking into buying a house?

    for the first time and we have NO idea where to begin or what the process is like.. can anyone give us some tips or advice? Thank you!!

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  • What foods can I feed my 2 year old? (specifically ideas for meat)?

    My daughter eats all kinds of things, but really for meat she only eats hotdogs or lunch meat. She wont eat steak... What other finger foods can I give her for iron or just any meats..

    30 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Where can I find a picture of Peek-a-boo streaks?

    I've been looking everywhere online, I want a good picture to take to my hair stylist and I cant find one.. I want mediumish brown hair with blonde "hidden" peek-a-boo streaks!! Anyone know where I can find some pictures?? THANKS!

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