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  • How often do unemployment referee decisions get over turned on appeal?

    A friend and I were having a discussion on how often employers appeal a Referee's decision on unemployment once it's made. We looked it up, and seem to find that employers don't appeal a Referee's decision once it's made all that often. But our discussion was this - how often does an appeals board over turn an unemployment decision once a employer DOES make an appeal of the Referee's decision? If it makes a difference, we both live in Pennsylvania. So that's the state we're discussing since we live here.

    Nothing substantial, but just looking for outside opinions.

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  • Now that Haloti Ngata & Jameel McClain of the Ravens got fined... ?

    Will the Steelers stop crying that they are singled out and being "picked on"? More importantly, will Harrison stop leading with the crown of his helmet like he's been told not to about three times now?

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