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  • Can you convert an evaporated cooler home to a regular a/c system?

    We are looking at buying a home, and a many that we are looking at have an evap cooling system. How much work would be involved if we wanted to convert the system to a regular heating and a/c system. Will the same vents work? Can both run on the same vents? I have heard that evap is great at cooling until the humidity gets too high. We just moved to Alb., NM from Phx, AZ. Want to make sure my summer is comfortable.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Blinds that have stuck on residue?

    We are renting a house, and the metal blinds in the kitchen are greasy, and look like they haven't been cleaned in years. I tried spray vinegar and supporting the blind with my hand and scrubbing. Didn't work. I am tempted to take them down and use our pressure washer on it. Does anyone have a different suggestion or a reason I shouldn't do this? This is a short term rental while we find a house to buy, so I don't want to spend much even while I want a clean home. Appreciate any input.

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  • What is a good security screen door that is made in the USA?

    We want to add one of the metal screen doors to our front door. I would like to get some input on the brands you would recommend and any ideas on what features it should have. Love to have the house open but I have a big dog and don't want him going through the screen.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • What would you do with a 10 day vacation in July starting in Albuquerque?

    We recently sold our business and started working "real" jobs. We have a 10 day vacation in the beginning of July. We recently moved to Albuquerque NM, so we don't know the area. We thought about RVing (rental) to Yellowstone, but it is going to be too expensive ($5000 with gas and rental). What would you do? Budget $2500. Want to RV due to multiple pets and family of 4, but are open to options. We really want to just be able relax and enjoy the family. Family includes an 11 year old; a 65 year old; one dog and 3 bearded dragons. Checked and boarding rates for the animals is approx $650 for all animals. Would prefer to have at least the dog with us. Normally when we have done things the last 5 years I rent a house so we can save money on eating out. WOULD LOVE INPUT. Sorry this is so long. Look forward to your wonderful ideas! THX

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  • What do you think of this quote?

    "God or Devil? When you're surrounded by light, how do you know whether it's the glory of God or the flames of hell?"

    So no matter where you stand, what do you think of this quote, how do you feel when you think of it in context of your beliefs?

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  • what is the name of the criminal minds episode where?

    I was watching a tivo'd episode and the first few minutes of the next episode was at the end. It is one I have never seen. In it Reid is at a class or conference where a lecturer is discussing MIRs of serial killers and is discussing the fact that many have MOA? gene and that as fetuses the brains are inundated with serotonin. Then you see a woman in the swimming pool, floating and a man walks into the pool grabbing her. That is all I got. Would love the name of the episode so I can find it and watch it.

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  • What can I recommend for a friend who gets the shakes if they don't drink?

    I have a friend who wants to stop drinking, but they get the shakes so bad that they drink just to get rid of them. Are there any herbal supplements that can help? They refuse rehab because of the cost and are don't want to go to a dr in case it gets back to the employer since the employer funds the medical plan instead of a normal bcbs type of insurance plan.

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  • help with newly adopted dog fighting are other dog.?

    Saturday we adopted a 2 year old female (fixed) Heeler mix (think greyhound). We took our our 2 year old male afghan mix to meet her. They played for over an hour at the shelter and played for hours when we got home. All seemed great. Last night at around 8 pm, the newby attacked our boy. He was laying in front of the fireplace sleeping and she just went after him. I called a trainer for help. He said do another leash intro and if all goes well, keep leashes on in case of another fight (easier to separate them.) My daughter and I sleep downstairs with the dogs just in case. Then this morning, as I was coming in from the garage, she attacked him again. He fought back both times but now he is limping and she got a cut on her face.

    Trainer is coming by in about 3 hours but would love some feedback before then. I have her outside and our boy inside. Anyone out there that has dealt with this?

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  • Looking at moving to Albuquerque New Mexico?

    Hubby got offered a good job. Looking for info on neighborhoods, schools, culture, etc. Currently in Phoenix, AZ. Noticed foreclosure rate is a lot less than here. ANY input would be appreciated. We would especially love to know about public transit. Here it doesn't exist but I am originally from Portland, Oregon where it was great. Love to know neighborhoods to look into and to avoid. Going on a trip this coming Friday to check it out.

    THX in advance.

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  • How do you remove built up old soap off of the tray in the shower?

    It is very caked on. I am concerned about using a scraper. It has the ridges, so the straight scrapper cannot get into the groves.Toothbrush didn't even touch it. I have used boiling water and it does not melt. Used the scrubbing bubbles stuff and it didn't work. PLEASE HELP ME!

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  • Need to fill in our pond?

    We are going to be moving an renting out our home. I was told that due to liability issues I need to fill in our 800 gal pond. We also have a 1.5 foot waterfall.

    We would like to be able to "unfill" the pond at a future date if we were to move back in. This pond was our first family project when we bought the property and hate losing it.

    If not, do we just use soil and plant things in the soil?


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  • New baby dog digging?

    Hi, have a newly (15 days) adopted 57 dog that is 4 months old and is doing really well in our house except for...

    He digs. Since we have had him, he has only dug when no person is in the house. He has only been left without human contact for a total of 8 hours since we adopted him. One time for 3 hours and the other times have beenless than 1 hour each (a mom must shop for groceries!)

    According to the humane society he is a Rottie; Airedale; Afghan mix. According to my vet he is a Afghan; Aussie Cattle dog; Rottie; Collie plus mix... a true Heinz 57 mutt!

    His playmate is a 2 1/2 year old Aussie Cattle dog that keeps the baby very busy! (Baby is a UFC champion with the bear Wrestle move.) There are 7 bone roast bones; pig ears; raw hide bones; tug ropes; balls; kongs; and various squeaky toys outside. Outside toys are outside and the same variety are inside.

    We live in AZ and it has been high temp and high humidity (for us) lately. They have a 30 x 20 covered porch, a kiddies pool with 3 inch of water, ceiling fans to circulate the air under the porch as well as 3 water dishes (one is filled with a bag of ice; one is ice plus water and one is just water because the puppy hates ice). A neighbor suggested cutting back on water bowls but I cannot stand the thought of them being short.

    Even in the house, the puppy paws the water, getting his front paws completely wet. Today was the 3 hour day and he obviously managed to move water dish 3 near the grass to loosen it (I say this because we water the grass every 3 days for 40 minutes and ground was soaked although watered 2 days ago).

    While I am worried about the digging, my main concern is the fact that ALL of the water dishes where to the point that drinking would not occur. They where filled with mud and grunge. When I got home, I washed and refilled all and 2 where nearly emptied within a 40 minute period. It has been between 118 and 104 with a humidity level of 30%-60% since we got puppy.

    Puppy loves being with CC (other dog) but does not seem to care much about humans. Vet said she is setting her place in the pack with the other dog, and will show more interest in us soon.

    I would love to get some input.

    I might see the hot and wants to cool off reason; but he doesn't do it if I am not here and is outside the same amount of time since I work outside.

    Cannot imagine bored since the 2 dogs either play together or play alone.

    Escape does not seem approx since this is not near any fence or gate or door.

    Lonely... well, he does not come to us unless CC does. Even then, he would rather play with CC than get loved from us.

    Excess energy. Both dogs get 2 walks a day. I spend 45 minutes per dog starting at 10 pm playing fetch. He isn't great at it but...

    Lawn is old and well established so no manure.

    PLEASE, help me. Do not want to do the Tabasco or other ideas that hurt the do. LOVE an idea that I can do starting in 30 min. increments of "just the 2 of us...."


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  • Do you agree with this case against a bishop re church bells?

    Phoenix bishop found guilty for 'unreasonably' loud bells

    Every hour for the past year the bells ring at Cathedral of Christ the King in North Phoenix, but those bells could soon be silenced.

    “I still can’t figure out what law I have broken, but I was found guilty today in court,” said Bishop Rick Painter.

    Painter was convicted of two counts of creating “an unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise.”

    “We’re expressing our religion we glorify God by the bells,” he said.

    The City of Phoenix sent this statement to ABC 15:

    “The City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office charged Rick Painter with 2 counts of a Phoenix City Code Violation of § 23-12 for creating "an unreasonably loud, disturbing and unnecessary noise." The listed dates of violation are March 16, 2008 and March 26, 2008. The charges were a result of neighborhood complaints of the church bells ringing every half hour on the March 16th date of violation and hourly on the March 26th date of violation.At all times, the neighbors complained the bells were ringing at a high volume. Though the complaints list a single date, we do that for legal reasons, but the neighbors testified the ringing was ongoing and continues to this day.”

    In court today some neighbors said the bells are disturbing and keep them captive in their homes.

    We tested the decibel levels of the chime on a sound level meter from Radio Shack.

    We tested it from three different locations; across Greenway Road, across a smaller neighborhood street and in the church's parking lot.

    Each time the levels came in lower than the traffic noise in the area.

    Several times our meter indicated that it was “lo”, too low to even register on our device.

    Some neighbors we talked to said they find the bells annoying, but others said they enjoy them.

    “Don’t bother me at all. I look forward to hearing it. Sometimes I come out and sit on the porch just so I can hear it,” said one neighbor.

    Bishop Painter wonders what’s next.

    “They don’t like what I have preached about because it may not be politically correct and they sue for that?" he asked. "Where do we draw those lines?”

    Painter will be sentenced June 3rd.


    So, is this against the church or against the noise. I have been following the comments and one in particular stands out. He said that as an athiest, he doesn't want to be subjected to church bells every hour during the day.

    Love to get your input on this!

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  • What legal form do I need to cover my Mother while she has my daughter this summer?

    My daughter is going to visit my Mother in a different state for apprx 1 month this summer. I will give her a Power of Atty so she can make medical decisions, etc. The big thing is this. My parents are divorced and my father has disowned me. He has already tried telling my daughter how evil I am and that she needs to be afraid of what I will do with her inheritence from her other grandfather (my daughter is 9).

    I want to make sure that my Mother has the authority to keep him away from my daughter. They live in different small towns in the mid-west but I know he will her my daughter is there.

    I was told to get a restraining order, but he has done nothing physical.

    Any help or ideas? Would a letter suffice?


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  • Why are so many people still so excited by the inaugural speech? ?

    I was disappointed. Obama is an excellent speaker and I really expected a lot from his inaugural speech. He is very charismatic and I expected him to really wow the people. I was surprised at how disjointed and uninspiring he was.

    That is why I was amazed at how many thought his speech would be etched in stone it was so good.

    Did you find the speech inspiring or were you, like me, let down?

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  • Which games for hubby? He has Xbox360?

    He loves Gears of War (already bought him 2); Call of Duty 4 & Halo. Thinks Battlefield Bad Company is good. Hates BioShock.

    Would love any ideas you have.

    Also, Santa is bringing a Wii for our 9 year old. Are there any Wii games I could get him?

    THX ahead of time.

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  • What will you personally do to help the USA move forward?

    OK, the election is over and there is still a lot of sniping on the boards. I really thought it might have a different flavor since one man won presidency and the other lost.

    My question is this. What will you personally do to help make the next four years a success? It doesn't matter who you voted for, this is your nation at stake. How can we as individuals help bring both sides together to work? I mean really, does calling each other idiots get anyone anywhere?

    I hope that Obama succeeds because if he doesn't my family suffers. Because of this, I will continue to try to listen, review and think about his policy suggestion. I will continue to communicate with my representatives in a calm and non-accusatory tone.

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  • OK, so lets forget politics and just answer this. Why do you love the United States of America?

    Lets all try to name two things that make us proud to be Americans. I do not care what makes you angry or moves you to fight; I am looking for what brings a proud tear to your eye when you think about the USA. This is for people currently living (and are citizens or in the process of becoming a citizen).

    I will start:

    I love the fact that although no "group" accepts me as a member (ie Republicans, Feminists, Democrats, etc) I am allowed to follow my beliefs, no matter how far from mainstream they are.

    I am proud of the fact that in most countries, I never could have come from a back ground where the Salvation Army gives Christmas presents to an owner of a successful business that supports my whole family.

    Please, I would love to hear some happy thoughts and not rants!

    Thank you ahead of time for not snarking at each other.

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  • Setting up network - what repeater/hardware do u recommend?

    Went to set up wireless network; but the router and the connecting computer are too far away from each other. Looking for recommendations on all three pieces, the access point, wireless card and repeater. Can anyone make recommendation so that we get a nice cohesive network? Would like to stay with one manufacturer in order to avoid finger pointing (ie Netgear saying the linksys repeater is the issue.)


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  • Define big business please.

    I keep reading about “big business”, but really, what is big business? Is it the number of employees; the amount of gross revenue; the net profit; the percentage of profit to revenue; being publically traded? At what point is a company a big business? How big of a company does it need to be before the gov’t comes in and starts to penalize them for being successful?

    I ask this because the term is out there and being used. Shouldn’t we define it before we discuss it?

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