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  • Boyfriend broke up with me, before I could tell him baby news...?

    My boyfriend,Jon,and I were only dating for 1 month,5 days.He broke up with me today.Sure,it broke my heart,but There's something else.I found out two days ago.I'm pregnant,with his child.So I convinced him to let me call (He broke up with me over text),and begged to see him,for him to change his mind,SOMETHING.He stood his ground.Told me not to annoy him.I was in his neighborhood,visiting family at the time,so I told him I was going to go to his house,just for a minute.There was something he needed to know.It was misty outside,but regardless,I started walking to his house,which was on the way to my car anyways.He texted me multiple times,telling me not to show up,not to force him to be rude.But I needed him to know.When I got to his house,he stood up.he had been sitting on his porch steps,in the rain.(At that point the weather was rather bad).He stayed five feet from me,but he came closer and just looked at me.I thought I saw hurt in his eyes.I could have sworn I did.But I spoke first."Please,let me sit down.You need to hear something."He shook his head and started walking toward his truck,and I couldn't keep it in anymore."Don't leave us."He turned around."Us?"All i could do was nod."Please. Lets talk."He still only shook his head,got in his truck,and left.I tried to send him a text.he blocked me.his dad slammed the door in my face.I borrowed a strangers phone,and he answered till i told him it was me.Please help.It hurts.My mom wants me to sue.I cant.I need him by choice.

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  • Girl Question. Thanks :)?

    Okay, This is about my vaginal area. For the last year or so I have had a small nub of skin hanging out of my vaginal canal. I went to a gyno about it, because it itched and stung so bad i could barely lay still. She told me it was a bit of my hymen, and it was not anything to worry about, that it was actually pretty commen. With that, she sent me on my way.

    For a while, the pain and itching stopped. But recently, it has began itching ang hurting again, to the point of tears at times. Can someone please help me? If it is the hymen, fine. How can i make it stop hurting?!

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  • This sounds bad, but please help me...?

    Back in February, I moved from my home town. My fiancee and I kept a long distance relationship since then, and are still technically dating now. I've tried to break up with him, but it... never works. He always says just the right things to get me back, then I regret it again the next day. I've been cheating on him... There's a man who I'm beginning to think I love, and we HAVE fooled around. It was harmless at first, a lonely girl and a single man. But now, he has asked me to move in with him, to travel with him (He owns a trucking company). He doesn't want kids, neither do I, but my Fiancee has wanted them for a while. I feel right with this man I'm cheating with. It would also get me out of a bad situation to live with him, since I live with my mom and delusional grandfather who throws knifes and shoots guns all the time. But the issue with that is I'm helping support my mom, grandfather, and little brother. I don't know what to do... Can someone give me any advice? Thanks in advance. Please don't be mean.

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  • Anyone have some words of wisdom?

    This will probably be long, but please stick with me, as I really would like some advice from some uninvolved people.

    Fist, let me just state that I'm not 18, but will be by the end of the year. In January, all was great. I was dating a boy that i love, had great friends, a solid future... But I made a big mistake...The boy i love, I went to the girls bathroom with him after school hours, intending to have sex. To loose my "v"... We chickened out and left the bathroom just as a teacher came around the corner. We didn't even get a case. We were just expelled. I moved in with my mom in the hopes of getting a HS diploma there, Dylan (the boy), went to our school system's alternative school to finish the year. The schools i tried rejected me... I was told my only option was GED. So I got it. Dylan is not in a regular HS with his mother, so we both left our home town and are now 6 hrs away from one another. Before we were expelled, he proposed to me, and i said yes. We only saw each other back then. Now he's in this other school, worrying about friends and fashion, which he used to never even think of. I'm a graduate and with a job I'm not liking. The only reason I have the job is cuz my grandfather drank his whole life, so he had a seizure, and now has demensia. Dylan and I still talk everyday, but we argue alot. It scares me. Talking to him is literally the only thing keeping me from cutting like i did before i met him, or worse... I just want this all to end. All the drama, all the fighting... I need money for college... I just don't know what to do. I want desperately to be with him, my fiancee, the one i want to spend forever with. But how? with so many more complications... My work wants me to wait tables for ten hrs a night, from 9pm to 7am... 9pm is the only time Dylan can really call... Is there anything anyone can tell me to make life just a little easier? Or bearable? Any tips or instructions? Or just kind words... Thank you... So much.

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  • Gross stuff coming out of my throat?

    Every now and then (Not frequently or anything), I'll swallow a drink and feel someting semi solid go down with it. Its always followed by a disgusting after taste, but i had never seen it. Just a few minutes ago, i did it again, but managed to cough it up. White-yellow in color, smells as bad as it tasted... Can anyone tell me what this might be? Do i need to see a doctor about it? Thanks in advance.

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  • Helping little brother over fear of water?

    My little brother is three years old, and is terrified of the water. He wont even take a bath without screaming, crying (real tears), and wanting out. You can tell just when you bathe him that the water is his worst nightmare, and then some. We even went to the beach a week or so ago, and he wouldnt touch the water. i could carry him in, to my knees, but if the water touched him it was game over. All you have to do is SAY the word bath and he goes off the deep end. How can me and my mother help him get over his fear? Thanks for any imput!

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  • Why do i feel this way? what should i do?!?

    Okay, about two months ago I left My home town in florida and moved to a city in georgia. I'm engaged to a guy in florida, whom I have been with as long as I can remember. When I moved, I promised I would be back, and I plan to be. But when I moved here, I got in touch with a guy here I had lost contact with. As of late, I have noticed when I get... dirty minded, its Not thinking about My fiancee, but instead this guy I'm talking to again. I don't want to hurt My bf, but What do I do? Follow attraction, or stay in then long distance relationship? I used to date then new guy, but we had to split up when we were teens. We were happy together, but he had a different lifesyle at the time. Help?

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  • My game isnt working?

    Okay, so I got a new game, one i've never had on my PC before. I insert the disk, but nothing loads. I click the short cut, but it only tells me to insert the disk thats already in there! What can i do to get it to work? Thanks!

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  • Windows movie maker giving me a hard time?

    Okay, this is really driving me nuts. I'm trying to make a movie for a family member, but it wont show up. When i put the clips in the storyboard, the display screen only shows it as black, no picture whatsoever. Does anyone know how to stop this from happening? Thx for helping me!

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  • I need a Katana name?

    Okay, I have a katana that i made myself, with a red and black handle and a black blade. I dont have a name for it, but i want something to do with protector. My protector, the protector, anything. But i want it also to be in japanese. Any ideas?

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  • How could I get my dad to listen and let me?

    Okay, I'm seventeen years old. When my period comes up, it's REALLY heavy, and I get extreame pains. It messes with my school days, and my teachers get mad at me every month. I want to try the pill, which I heard can help ease my period or stop it completly. The problem is my dad. I have had sex one time in the past, years ago, with the guy i'm still dating to this day. We havent done anything again, cuz i had a pregnancy scare at 15 that jolted us out of ever doing that again till marriage. Anyways, the fact that i'm still dating this boy, makes my dad suspicious. How can i convince him its for my periods, and not for sex? Please help!


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  • My leg/foot is numb? Help me!?

    Okay, For the last month or so, from my knee to my toes will randomly go numb in my left foot. Its not really a numb as much as it is just... weird. I can still FEEL it, the top of the skin isn't numb, but it feels like its somewhere under the skin. Earlier this year, my left arm was doing this. My mum took me to the doctors and they did MRIs, shock treatment to check nerves, and drew blood, but came up with nothing. At night now I can lay in bed minding my own business, then all of a sudden get that weird feeling back. The harder you try to ignore it, the more annoying it gets. And It cant be laziness. I run every day, never sit for more that 45 minutes, I'm really healthy, except for this. Does anyone know what MIGHT be wrong, or how to stop it from at least bothering me? Thanks in advance.

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  • What do I do? Who do I believe?

    Okay, My boyfriend, Dan (fake name) and I have been dating for around four months now. Both of us share a best friend, Zoey. We all go to the same church, and there is A lot of time you have to hang out with your friends before, so that's what we usually do. The last few weeks, I just haven't been able to go on Wednesdays, something came up, or i had work to do, something. Today, hanging out with some friends, Both of them told me Dan was cheating on me with Zoey... I didn't believe them, but asked Dan, and he said no, in a way that made me believe him... A little later, My friends told me again, said they'd swear on the bible that he was lying... Who do I believe? The ones that have been there for me for years, or the man I love, and who i couldn't live without? HELP!

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  • How to tell him I'm in love?

    Okay, I want to tell a guy i love him, and i would love to go out with him. He's my best friend and means the world to me, and i just don't wanna ruin that. The problem? He's my ex. We dated for around four months when, on Friday the 13th, he broke up with me. His reason was that he thought we were better friends, and he didn't know. But he still wanted to be friends. I went along with it, even dated another guy, but he never even payed attention to anyone else. girls flirted with him, but nothing. (Even a few guys did, but still nothing.) Me and him were texting the other day and he started talking about how he still liked me, and i told him, in passing (And vaguely) that i liked him too. He didn't understand that's what i was saying, and so he still doesn't know, but i don't know how to tell him any of how i feel... HELP ME, PLEASE!

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  • Could i be??? i hope not!?

    today i have felt sick and ive been having massive cramps. its not time for menstral cramps... could i be pregnant if this has lasted a few days? or am i being parinoid??? help, please! what should i look for for more clues? thanks!

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  • Can my prepaid Verizon call another Verizon that's on a different plan for free?

    All i know about my plan is that it has unlimited text, but calling get expensive fast. I heard from a friend that its possible to call another Verizon (even if its on a different plan) for free. True?

    4 AnswersCell Phones & Plans9 years ago
  • who's for me? I have no idea who to choose!?

    Ok, i currently have a boyfriend, lets just say his name is Tom. There is another guy, who to the public we're just friends, but he has admitted to loving me, and honestly, i love him, too. I know i'm already with Tom, but every time i'm with him he wants to hug on other girls, tell me what he thinks of their bodies, one time i caught him flirting! All that i can usually forgive, but which is better? To hurt Tom and try with other guy, or to keep going with Tom so i don't hurt anyone? Opinions, please!

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  • Whats a good thing to say to him?

    My boyfriend, Kyle, just left me, because he was... afraid of himself? I want to put something online, something that when he sees, he'll know it's for him. I basically want it to say that i will always be here to help you, and no matter what you do, i'll be here to help get you through it. I love you. But i don't want it to mention his name. Any ideas, please?

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  • Good title for this story?

    ok, ive been thinking, but i can't come up with anything good. maybe you can help. Basically, girl and guy fall in love as teens. He gets her pregnant and before he finds out he moves away. Eventually, he sees her again, but doesnt know her daughter is his. when he finds out, he dies everything he can to make her trust him again, so he can finally find the family he wants, with the woman he'd loved since highschool. any title ideas???

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  • Nickname for my boyfriend?

    OK, i suck at making up cute nicknames... I use baby and hun, stuff like that, but IDK what else i can call him... He made a nickname for me, wuggles, which is basically a mix of wuvs and snuggles. it started out as something he just said one day then it evolved into my name. But, i feel bad that i don't have one for him! Lets see what y'all can come up with. He is 16, great sense of humor,kinda child like at times, but extremely nice, people call him different variations of his name, for example Miggie, because emig is his last name, but i want to do something unique! any ideas?

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