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i am a United States Marine. i am into import JDM cars

  • What is this song with a marine called?

    It is a country music video about a couple who get in love and get married, he proposes to her by spray painting on a bridge. they are married and then he becomes a marine, goes to war and never comes back. she finds out he dies, she is sad, and then their son is born. what's the song to this video called?

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  • i lost my key what to do?

    i am a Marine in 29 palms as a student for MOS 0621. i lost my barracks key and i what i am asking is will i really get an NJP for losing it? should i tell my NCO now or wait right before graduation where they might let it go? or will that b worse? also my friend said you just sign a page 11 and they give u another key. he said its not so bad. others say its almost the same thing. whats a Page 11?

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  • Will Being Married Prevent me from ever going on a MEU?

    I am a Marine and plan on getting married but never been on a MEU.many Marines told me a MEU really is that awesome like everyone says, and should at least go once in my career. all we do mostly is chill, work out at the gym, sleep, etc. while the navy sailors are the ones actually doing all the work and maintenence on the ship and attend us. and i heard if your married you will never be put on a MEU, is this true?

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  • Info on my MOS? 0621 Field Radio Operator USMC.?

    i am a student in training as a Field Radio Operator currently in the USMC. what i am wondering is what i do when i get to the fleet and also if all the stories i hear like from my drill instructors, other students, other marines, that we have the most dangerous MOS and one of my fellow students told me we he found out we have the life expectancy of 0.4% in combat nd how the heck did the Marine Core come up with that number lol. well id like to hear opinions, comments, experience, etc. thank you

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  • Did Paul the Octopus help anyone get rich?

    who got rich on betting with Paul the octopus?

    How much money did he help you make,

    anybody get rich?

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  • Spain Won FIFA World Cup 2010!?

    That is great Spain won the world cup this year!=D they truly deserve it. although it should have been Uruguay they faced in the Finals. also Diego Forlan was the best player this world cup. he believed in Uruguay when no one else did, he scored many goals and got his country to reach far in the cup.

    anyone agree? the Final Match should have been

    Uruguay vs. Spain

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  • Do you agree Uruguay should have won?

    against The Netherlands.

    anyone agree Uruguay should have beat the Netherlands? (im not against them, i was going for Netherlands until today. now i go with Spain)

    Uruguay played with heart, sweat and tears.

    those dutch players played very dirty. kept falling on purpose getting all kinds of free kicks, committing fouls, also for the 2nd goal scoring offsides.

    who agrees

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  • How did Uruguay cheat on the game against Ghana?

    i watched it and i didn't notice any obvious cheating. what did they do to cheat and at which half of the game and what time in that half

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