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  • How to find ending work in process?

    I can't figure out how to get the missing numbers for this because it wasn't given in my question.

    Here is some additional information on my question I'm not sure if it will help or not.

    Raw materials used in production cost $192,920, total overhead costs for the year were $219,920, the goods available for sale totalled $424,000, and the cost of goods sold totalled $365,500.

    What I have so far on my cost of goods manufactured:

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  • Business ideas that can solve problems?

    Hi everyone, I need some help with an assignment for my entrepreneurship class. I need to come up with some business ideas that can solve problems. The problems don t have to be big or complex, it can be very simple problems. An example my prof showed in class was where someone added a feature to a bike helmet where it would text your mom in the event of a injury.

    What are some simple business ideas that could solve problems that we have? It would be great if you guys could give me some suggestions. Thanks so much!

  • Got caught cheating on a test?

    I was unprepared for an exam and I brought in little sheets of notes and hid my phone in my boot and I got caught when the supervisor peeked through the window from the blinds. I got caught cheating last semester from the same supervisor which I should have already learned my lesson for cheating. She made me unzip my hoodie to check for my phone and asked me to take off my boots to see if it was inside but I refused and denied that I had my phone with me even though she and some other supervisor saw it. She wrote all of this down on the incident report and was then submitted to my teacher.

    I am meeting with my teacher tomorrow, what am I supposed to say? I'm really scared for what is going to happen and this time I have definitely learned my lesson about never cheating ever again.

  • Chem lab help?

    I have a question on how to solve this question, here are my measurements

    From your initial mass of CoCl2 6H2O used, calcuate the theoretical yield of anhydrous CoCl2.

    mass of empty test tube: 11.39g

    mass of test tube & hydrate CoCl2 6H2O: 12.20 g

    mass of test tube & residue of anhydrous CoCl2: 11.823 g

    I cant figure out the mass that i am supposed to use, can someone please help me?

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  • How much do customs cost ordering from Lulu's to Calgary?

    I want to buy a bag from lulu's but I don't know how much customs would cost when it gets here. Has anyone ordered from there or will have an approximate idea of how much it would be? Thanks!

  • Best Job at the Calgary Stampede?

    What is the best job I can get? Im over 18, I really don't want a job that requires me to me out in the sun all day I would like to be inside.

    Does any one know what the job category is for accepting people into admission I cant find it on the list. Does anyone know what a "guest relations agent" does?

    What does a beer vendor and a lost kids tagger does? These are both jobs for people over 18.


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  • Chemistry Question Help?

    What will be the final temperature of 650 g of water initially at 5.5 degrees Celsius if it is heated by burning 7.5 g of carbon to carbon dioxide. The molar heat of reaction is -393.5 kJ/mol. The answer is 95.7 degress but I dont how how to get the answer. Please help!!

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  • Quitting a job I signed a contract with?

    I'm currently working at a chinese school as a teaching assistant so I work from September to May. Can I quit my job if I signed a contract to work from that period of time?

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  • Kinjo or AYCE Sushi for birthday dinner?

    I can't decide if I want to go to kinjo or all you can eat sushi for my birthday? Suggestions please?!

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  • Wearing leggings to an interview?

    I'm 17, I got an interview for The Face Shop. I was wondering if it is alright to wear leggings to an interview because I will be wearing a cardigan that covers my butt cause I think if I wear a blazer it would be too formal as the store sells beauty products and skincare.


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  • Death of a Salesman Essay?

    I have to write an in class essay on death of a salesman soon. I don't know what the topic is but what are some things I should write about and quotes that I should use? Thanks!

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  • Chemistry help please?

    I need help with this question! I cant figure it out can someone please help me?

    A 14.0 mol/L sulfuric acid solution is available in a lab. A 100 mL solution with a concentration of 0.50 mol/L is required.

    Write out the steps to calculating how much you will need of the stock solution and how you will create the 100 mL solution as if you were preparing this in a lab.

    Show all your work, including important calculations.

    Write your procedure in step format (i.e. Step 1), 2), 3)...etc.)

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  • Personal Response to The Great Gatsby?

    I have to write a personal response to the great gastby tomorrow but I don't know what to write about or how I'm supposed to connect it to my own life. Any help would be nice thanks!

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  • Chemistry 20 Help?

    I need help with this question I dont know what to do!

    Hydrogen sulfide gas is combusted with oxygen gas to produce sulfur dioxide gas and water vapour. If there is 74.7 L of oxygen available, what volume of hydrogen sulfide gas may be combusted if the pressure is held constant at 198 kPa and the temperature is held constant at 310 o C?

    Show all your work by doing the following:

    1) State the variables

    2) State the equation

    3) Substitute and Solve

    4) Type your final statement. Do not forget to include the units.


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  • I need help with my hamlet thesis?

    I can't think of a thesis for my hamlet essay, the topic is "the role that adversity plays in shaping an individual's identity" any help would be appreciated thanks!

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  • Hamlet essay Help?

    I have to write an essay on Hamlet due tomorrow and I need help writing a thesis and putting down ideas for my body paragraphs can anyone please give me some help?

    The topic is: The role that adversity plays in shaping an individual's identity

    Thank you!

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  • CANDU reactor used in Canada?

    What is your opinion on the use of CANDU reactor being used in Canada? Positive and negatives? Thanks

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  • I feel my circle lenses moving in my eye?

    I think I have slight astigmatism the cylinder on my right eye is -1.00 and on my left eye it is -0.75. I got circle lenses and when I put them on yesterday my right eye felt like it wasnt even there it was very comfortable but the left one was a little uncomfortable.

    Today, I put them on and both of them felt uncomfortable, I could feel the lenses move whenever I moved my eye but after around 20 minutes my right eye felt normal but I still feel it in my left one.

    I've never worn any time of lenses before so is this due to the fact that my eye isn't used to it?


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  • Can I wear circle lenses if I have astigmatism?

    Is it safe for me to wear plano circle lenses if I have astigmatism? Im not trying to correct my vision because I can just wear my glasses over them. I've heard of toric lenses but those are really pricey.

    This is my prescription if it helps at all.

    OD: Sphere: -2.50

    Cylinder: -1.00

    Axis: 178

    OS: Sphere: -1.25

    Cylinder: -0.75

    Axis: 175

    thank you!

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  • Is the ugg cleaning kit worth it?

    I live in Canada so the kit costs $35 so I dont know if its worth it.

    I got a little stain on my boot so i used my makeup wipe to take it off but it left a dark stain on there and I cant get it off. I dont know if investing in it is worth it because I already have the waterproof spray and I dont need the freshener. I heard the brush is really good for removing dirt but you can't buy that separately.

    After you use the cleaner & conditioner, does the suede on the boot feel hard/different, or does it stay the same?

    So is it really worth it or is there another way for me to get the stains/dirt off my boots?

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