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  • What's the required legal showing for getting a Texas family court to seal records in a divorce case?

    I don't see this covered in the Family Code (at least at a glance), and I think it may just require the requesting party to show factors balance in favor of sealing for privacy, safety, etc. over public interest, but I'd like something more specific. Thanks!

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  • Anyone remember a children's book from the 70s or very early 80s re a runaway ball of dough?

    I have for a couple of years now been trying to remember enough about this book to be able to come up with the title and find a copy, mostly just because it seems odd to me that I would remember it at all. I'm pretty sure it was just something I skimmed through at the library once--I never even owned it, much less considered it a "favorite or anything". So why I would be fixated on it 25+ years later, I have no idea.

    About all I can remember at this point is that the book was about something like a ball of dough (maybe a dumpling, or perhaps something of an ethnic variety) that got away from the old lady who was about to cook it and escaped by rolling away--over hill and dale, down streets, along rivers, etc. The only thing I've ever seen in adulthood that looks similar is a book called, "The Matzo Ball Boy", but I'm pretty sure that's not it, looks like it's too recent and doesn't sound quite right. Help me get past my hang-up over this idiotic book and move on with my life, please!!

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  • Omnipod question?

    This sounds like a great improvement on traditional insulin pumps, but I was hoping to hear from someone who actually has an Omnipod just how noticeable the "lump" is. I've visited their website and seen the dimensions of the thing, and I just don't see how it could be worn without creating a very obvious lump, regardless of where you put it (particularly for women under anything but maybe a very bulky sweater). Also, how's the comfort level in comparison to a traditional pump's insertion site and tubing? Thanks for your input!

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