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  • Not to insult anyone , but to learn?

    I understand about transsexuals, a little. I am confused when it comes to cross dressers. Are you also a transsexual or do you just enjoy wearing clothing of the opposite sex. And is it more male wearing female clothes or pretty evenly split ? Thank you . Peace

  • Not to insult anyone, but to learn more?

    I understand what a transsexual is, but I am not sure about cross dressers. Are you also transsexual, or do some of you just wear the clothing for the thrill. Again, not to insult-just trying to understand.Thank you.

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  • Does anybody else think Steve Jobs was like Leona Helmsley?

    She was a greedy tyrant and he seemed like one,too. Especially for denying paternity of his kid to avoid child support payments.The love of money meant more than his own child. That is sick and twisted.

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  • Does anyone here like Deandre Soulja boy?

    Especially after he dissed the army so bad. Do you think he should have to just use his given name-Deandre?

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  • Did I perhaps , in my grief , word my question incorrectly?

    I recently asked a question about bringing our troops home and replacing them with punks off the street. I did not mean to offend any military member. I hold you all in high esteem.I guess what I should have said was "is it time to reinstate the draft b/c too many of our military are being sent over there too many times." I know some of you are used to it and take it in stride.I applaud you. Honestly. I did not mean to make such a controversy. However, I don't need Coastie Mom or anyone else telling me basically, where to go. I had a brief moment of grief. I am human. SO to our military, I apologize b/c I never meant to compare you to gang bangers. To anyone else that thinks I need your education-forget it. I have been there long enough to know for myself. But in every other war that we have had the draft , who gets drafted? Not the rich college kids. All I meant was that I see these thugs as a drain on our society and maybe they could go through basic training as many times as it takes to make them have what it takes to serve our country, rather than drain it. thank you. NO disrespect intended.

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  • When are we going to smarten up and bring our troops home?

    I just got the sad news that another young Airman (EOD tech) that is a close family friend (my son served with him) just got hit with an IED. How many times do we keep sending the same men and women over there to fight this stupid war? And if we have to keep sending the same people over 3 or 4 or 5 times, why don't we get some of these punks and gang bangers off the street and draft their butts. Send them over there and give our troops a damn break!!!

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  • Why does YA delete answers without reading them first?

    Why are people allowed to report you when you give an honest answer, they just don't like it? Why doesn't YA read the answer themselves and see if they agree before they remove your answer ? It makes a person feel bad when all they did was nicely give there opinion and ask for proof

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  • When a child comes on here looking for help?

    If this child is being sexually or physically abused and needs help asap, do the YA bigwigs have a duty to alert the authorities?Are they mandated reporters or do we just hope that someone intervenes?

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  • How can I get my little sister to stop bothering me?

    Whenever I take a moment out of my hectic day for myself she is always following me around and wants so much attention from me.I love her like a sister, but she is really bothering me.Help!thankx

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  • Why can't I get my Barnes and Noble nook to connect to my wifi?

    I can't get it to accept my security code. I even called At&t, it didn't help.Is it a problem with the NooK? SHould I return it? Thanks for any help.

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  • Can anyone give me advice about starting to incorporate a raw diet into my normal diet?

    I would like to start with juicing, but I don't have any recipes and also need to know a safe way to start adding a raw diet into our daily routine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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  • Soldiers ; would you?

    would you shoot to kill American protesters if it was ordered by the government?

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  • which arm for wrist corsage?

    Does it make a difference which wrist(left or right) the mother of the groom wears a wrist corsage on?

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  • what motivates atheists?

    I want to ask this seriously with no harm intended. I know pretty much nothing about atheism and , not that I plan on leaving my faith, I would like a little more understanding of yours.

    As a Christian who follows the 10 commandments, as best I can, I don't necessarily think we need to force them on others. but, some of the commandments are the law, too, like don't steal, don't murder. I still think, though that the other commandments make good sense for a peaceful life. Ex, if I lie, it'll hurt someone else, or come back to bite me on the butt, or could even be illegal, depending what I'm lying about. So even if you don't believe in the commandments, do you follow some of them as just a good way to live? Or do you have a code of ethics you follow/ I'm not trying to insult you. any group of people has good and bad. I guess I just mean what is your motivation for your behavior?I know you don't have to believe in God to be a good person. i'm just trying to learn, so please, no rude answers. thanks

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  • How do people come to the decision to be Atheist?

    I ask this in all honesty. I don't mean to criticize anyone, I just want to know.Does it seem like there are more Atheists today than ever before?I grew up Catholic and have since changed churches.I investigated and attended other services till I found a church I could call home.I think we all have the right to believe what we want and we should all be free from persecution, esp at the hands of some of the answerers on this forum.There is no need to mock someone else beliefs.(On either side of the religious fence)

    Which gets me to my point.I grew up with a basic knowledge of God and then made my decisions based on that knowledge.I assume some Atheist do research before they come to the decision to be atheist.But I also think that in this society families are not what they were in the 60's and 70's.Lots of families don't even eat dinner together anymore, much less attend church. So, do some of the younger people that call themselves Atheists even have any kind of background or experience to come to that decision or is it possible that it is more likely due to attrition.They never went to church so they don't believe.

    I know this kind of jumps around a little, but I hope you get my point.I would like sincere answers.It's crazy that we have to ask people to be polite on here, just to get a straight answer.Thank you very much.

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  • What's the difference between agnostic and atheist?

    I honestly would like to know.No wise answers, please, just the truth without a whole lot of emotional extras.Thanks

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  • would you ever consider learning about a different faith?

    sometimes in this section, the tones become a little nasty. if people are truly interested in another religion, why not attend that church, synagogue, whatever?.People will be more than happy to teach you. But if you don't care enough to learn for yourself, why speak so rudely to others, as if your point of view is the only correct one.I mean this for people of every religion that can't be nice.There are always other opinions, but there is no need to mock others, is there?

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  • Why do people get upset when they don't like the answer?

    ex. When asked why do Christians consider Being gay a sin, people jumped all over it.The truth is that it says it in the's fine if you don't like it, but that is the truthful answer.And Christian doesn't just mean Born Again.Anyone who believes Jesus is God is a Christian.Do you think Jews accept homosexuality? It's right in the old testament. so why call people names just because you disagree with their religious beliefs? Are there any religions that promote homosexuality?

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  • can a person collect disability from the VA and social security?

    the person lives in Ct and has 100% disability from the VA

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago