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im a judoka and ive done and still do judo, kickboxing, shorin ryu, and a little bjj i have alot of knowledge on the martial arts and the mixed martial arts

  • What referencing style is this?

    I was reading a book and I'm curious about the referencing style that is used.

    When you go to the reference page it is sorted by chapters and then it lists then the references for each particular chapter and the page where the reference can be found.

    For example:

    Chapter Eight

    [p. 110] For H.L. Mencken's assessment of the New Testament, see his Treatise on the Gods (Baltimore: John Hopkins University Press, 1997) p. 179.

    And it would continue citing all references for chapter 8. Then it would say: Chapter 9 and list all references for chapter nine and so on.

    I just really like that referencing style. It makes everything really easy to find since it lists both the chapter and page where the references is found. So does anyone know what referencing style this is? I'm not familiar with it.

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  • petrified forests take millions of years?

    I was curious about this. I heard that petrified forests take millions of years, but when Mount St Helen erupted supposedly there were trees that were petrified very, very, quickly. Any information on this? Were scientists just plain wrong on their original thoughts of petrified forests taking millions of years, or is there another explanation?

    2 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology8 years ago
  • YouTube Standard License?

    I'm kinda curious if I can use pieces of another persons video (I will credit them) if it's under YouTubes Standard License. I want to use little pieces of the video to make a response video, but I don't want to infringe. I see a lot of people make response videos and use parts of other peoples videos in them with standard license and not get in trouble. So can I or no?

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  • Wordpress ecommerce plugin allowing custom box size?

    I'm looking for a wordpress plugin that allows for custom box sizes. I know a lot of plugins that when it comes to the shipping part they're very limited. I need a plugin that will allow me to put in custom box dimensions and weight. Anything like that?

    2 AnswersProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Should we dismiss the ten commandments?

    Well, a lot of people say the Old Testament and it's laws no longer apply today. So if that is the case shouldn't we dismiss the ten commandments? It's Old Testament. Granted I believe that some new test verses referance back to the ten commandments, but if it's true that all the old test was abolished as so many preach then by that should the ten commandments be gotten rid of.

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  • Forgive the person, not the actions?

    I hear a lot of people say stuff like forgive the person not their actions. Well if you forgive the person, how are you not forgiving their actions? They did the these actions, and by forgiving them aren't you also forgiving their actions? If they committed the actions, how can you forgive them without dismissing their actions. I don't get it. Am I correct or am I just not understanding something, seems to me if someone does something wrong and I forgive them, I'm dismissing what they did. Like if someone does something to me and I talk to them and they apologize and admit they've done wrong, then I'll forgive them and their actions because they apologized and understood where they went wrong, but I don't see how I could forgive them and not their actions. If their actions were so atrocious that I couldn't forgive it, then I don't see how I could forgive them since they committed the actions. Like I said, if you disagree, or I'm not fully understanding something, let me know :)

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  • Liquid Cooling For Computers, Non Conductive Liquid?

    I was wondering. I recently got a computer a couple months ago, and now I'm thinking about replacing the liquid in my liquid cooling system. A friend told me they use non conductive fluid in liquid cooling systems so I don't have to worry about ruining anything if a little bit is spilled. I was wondering if this is true. I know they have non conductive liquid for cooling systems but is it standard and do all use non conductive liquid? Any concerns?

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  • Sore throat, swollen glands, what do I have?

    So for about 2 days I had a sore throat only on my right side, then I think it was about the third day my glands on my right side started feeling sore. Then by the end of day 3 my throat hurt quite a bit along with my glads. Next day I found myself with again with a bad sore throat and swollen glands, and towards the end of the day my temp was rising, fever of about 104, I took Tylenol so my fever didn't keep going up as I slept, next more of the same maybe some slight improvement, and then today I went to the hospital, I got checked for strep throat, mono, flu, and I think that is it, got look at by a doctor. No one knew what was wrong, I think they said it might a bad bacterial infection and gave me some antibiotics which I haven't started yet. I thought for sure it was Strep I had nearly all the symptoms. Any ideas what this could be, I just recently thought possibly meningitis, but it doesn't seem like I have many of the symptoms, fever yes, stiff neck yes, but I usually get one if I'm sick, I think it's from the weird positions I relax in and just from not moving a lot, cause if I move it around and stuff it loosens up and feels better pretty quick, I had some muscle aches on like the 4th day but I had also worked out on the 2nd day and then judo and bjj the 3rd (stupid of me I know didn't think it was this bad) so that's probably why I had muscle aches. Anyway at this point in time, I seem to be pretty good, my fever has been staying quite a bit lower normally at this time without Tylenol it would be about 103, 104 degrees maybe higher and it is a little above 100 right now, so I do think I'm doing better. Really at this point the only thing really bothering me is my throat, it hurts really bad, sometimes it isn't too bad but sometimes it is. Also note that some of those symptoms of meningitis listed above I no longer have but did have at points. Basically what I have now is swollen glands, sore throat, and a fever that seems to be doing a lot better and staying a lot lower, also my neck is tight but again not uncommon when I'm sick, I thinks primarily due to inactivity. Anyway any ideas and/or suggest would be great.

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  • algebra problem help?

    Could someone tell me how to solve this and what the answer to it is. can't figure it out and no one has been able to help :(

    Solve 6 (the square root of x - 1) – 3 = 15

    3 AnswersMathematics9 years ago
  • Partnering youtube with a strike?

    I'm so confused, I've heard many people say you can't get partnered and then I've heard you can get partnered with a strike and some partnered people claimed they had a strike when they got partnered so which is it? Also I have a strike on my channel from around 2 years ago, it was an audio copyright strike, is there an email link for youtube, I'd like to ask them about removing my strike since it was over 2 years ago and that video has long since been removed

    1 AnswerYouTube9 years ago
  • Do I need google adsense for youtube partnership?

    I was wondering if you need a adsense account to be a youtube partner. I'm wondering cause recently my adsense was disabled, for some reason. They say I have invalid clicks or something :/

    3 AnswersYouTube9 years ago
  • youtube put a strike on my channel?

    I was wondering how I can get the strike off my channel? I got it over a year ago, probably close to 2 years ago and I removed the video basically as soon as I got that strike. I would like at some point to get partnership with youtube and I heard if you have even a single strike you'll be denied. So is there a way I can remove the strike? I heard of one way but I also heard if I do it maybe brought to court and have to fight my case which is so stupid, I removed the video and it happened at least a year ago. Any suggestions?

    3 AnswersYouTube9 years ago
  • Build a pay per download website?

    I'm gonna be selling files for different programs and I was going to use godaddy hosting with mySQL, and I was wondering what I could use so people can purchase products and then as soon as they pay it automatically provides them a download. I was looking at digivendor, but it is kinda pricey anything else I could use that is cheaper or free?

    1 AnswerSoftware9 years ago
  • What job could I get?

    Well, I don't know what to do. I'm currently 16 and I don't have a job. I'd like one but there really doesn't seem like anything I could do. I know people with degrees who can't even get hired at movie theaters because no one is hiring. So work suggestions for me now would be great because it doesn't seem like many opportunities are available at the moment for me. But I'd like to know about my future as well. What might be a good degree for me to get? The things I like and have interests in are weight lift and working out (one of my favorite things to do) I like psychology pretty well and I think I have a natural ability for it. I like designing things and editing things (I'm pretty good with photoshop, after effects, cinema 4d, etc) and that is about it for my interests. I thought about doing something like computer science but that requires a lot of math from what I hear and I'm not good at math whatsoever. I thought about being a personal trainer but I heard that really doesn't pay great and it is hard to find work. One thing I always thought about was joining the navy seals or some other military branch (I like testing and pushing myself) but I'm also looking down the road and thinking about a wife and family or something and I think it would be hard on them and me. I have a GF, and we have been together for a while now and we really love each other, which obviously complicates things cause now we're looking at the future as we not I and trying to figure out what we're gonna do. So really I feel like psychology is the only way for me to go. I'm not good at math, and I'm decent at science. The things I'm good at are writing, reading, and physical things, because I'm fit and strong. So if anyone has any work ideas for me to do now and in the future, it would be great if you could tell me them and tell me a bit about them.

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