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  • Took battery out while laptop was on?

    i took out the battery on my laptop while it was still running

    and now when i turn it on it stays on the welcome screen for a long time before loading

    and then when i run firefox, etc it freezes and stops a lot

    anyway to fix this?

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  • time zone question ''''?

    if i leave fuzhou china on august 24th 1:02pm, and the plane gets to new york at 2:20pm

    its still the 24th in new york right because of the time differences?

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  • time zone travel question?

    if i leave fuzhou china on august 24th 1:02pm, and the plane gets to new york at 2:20pm

    its still the 24th in new york right because of the time differences?

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  • Macbook not working in China?

    I'm in fuzhou,china for the summer and i use my cousins wireless internet but my macbook can't seem to find the network at all

    i have a windows vaio laptop with me too and that laptop works fine with my cousins internet, but i would prefer to use the mac

    any ideas on why the network won't appear? the mac finds other wireless networks but their too slow, and disconnect a lot. i tried typing in the network name and password but the connection just timedout

    2 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • need math help (algebra)?

    are these polynomial funtions, how do you tell?

    1) sqroot(x)+3x^2+5


    3) Perimeter of a rectangle is 84, the area is 360 what is the length of the longest sides?

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  • what manga am i thinking of?

    its about this kid and a robot, the robot has a square head. i think its pretty popular and im pretty sure its published by tokyopop in the states

    its a comedy/action i read a volumn like 3 years ago i think it started with a "g" but im not sure

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  • row reduction problem?

    heres the system:



    if you could explain what you're doing that'd be appreciated ^^

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  • Logarithm question, help!?

    How would you do this type of problem?

    7^(t-2) = 5^ (t)


    8^(x^2-x) = 32

    step by step details would be appreciated

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  • How did various groups react to the impending WWII?

    how did these groups react:

    White Americans


    these are the last two groups i have to do but i cant find anything :/

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  • Sony Warranty Buyout?

    I just got a voicemail today from sony and they told me they can't fix my laptop because i have reached my limit. But they have 760$ that can;t be used for repairs and that is apparently my money. And they said their going to send me a buyout contract so i can get my money.

    I'm not complaining if they want to give me 760$ But why can't they fix it? Is it because i put in too many claims? The extended warranty is good till this November and i paid 260 for it. I've had a hardrive, 2 ram sets, and a keyboard replaced (this claim is just to fix my battery plug on my laptop, the wire doesn't hold into the plug anymore and i have to position it so it connects)

    I don't get how i paid 260 plan and get 760 back, why are they trying to buy me out?

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  • Solving quadratic equations?

    Some review problems i don't remember how to do

    -if you could show me somehow how to do these:

    1) (x+4)^2= 81

    2) (x-5)^2-20=5

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • allowed airport identification?

    i'm traveling within the states, can i use my temps?

    1 AnswerPacking & Preparation1 decade ago
  • Response to the Panic of 1893?

    Questions regarding the panic of 1893

    1) How did various reformers and politicians respond to the financial crisis?

    2)What kind of programs did they offer to restore the economy or reduce poverty?

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  • why we should remember Andrew Carnegie?

    why we should remember Andrew Carnegie

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  • Ap. History DBQ Question about the Civil War?

    It's my DBQ question on an upcomign test and i'm ahving a hard time comeing up with solid supports for this question:

    "Ultimately, the Civil War reduced sectional antagonism and made the U.S. one nation"

    I need a thesis taking a position on it, and 3 supporting arguments.

    [I think i'm leaning towards disagreeing with the prompt]

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  • Geometry Sector anlge of a circle?

    The angle of a sector of a circle with the area of 108pi and a radius of 18

    1 AnswerMathematics1 decade ago
  • South Korea conscription exemptions ?

    I was just wondering was are the exceptions for the draft is s. Korea? I know physical disabilities, etc

    I heard that if you're an only child you get exempt any other exemptions?

    Or factors that would make the army just not take you?

    1 AnswerMilitary1 decade ago
  • NEED MATH (geometry problems) HELP BY TONIGHT!?

    I'm doing a take home test and i am having problems with a few questions:

    1) If a circle has a diameter of 6.5 what is the circumference?

    A)C= (13π/2)




    (I know the circumference is 20.4 but answers A & B equal 20.4 so which one is right?)

    2) If a circle has a diameter of 13.5 what is the circumference?

    A)C= (27π/2)




    (Once again i know the answer is 42.4 but both A & B are equal to 42.4 so which one is right?)

    3)A sphere has the volume of 972π, find the surface area





    (I got as far as fining the radius is 19, then i got surface are to be 4536 squared. But none of the answers matches that.)


    even answering one question would be great!

    3 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Kernel Stack Inpage error?

    I have a sony vaio laptop, and i started getting this error messaged followed by blue screen crash. So i called the support # and they told me to reformat using the partition and i did. It worked i started downloading the programs i needed, but then i tried to restart my computer

    And it said that they computer can't read my boot configuration. And i that i needed to insert a recovery disk. I know the error is telling my i have a virus in my boot record thing.

    I ordered a recovery disk from sony, and i was just wondering if i did the reformat with this disk and not my partition would this be fixed? or do i need to order some other part?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • kent state pseo language course?

    I wanted to take a language course using the pseo program at kent and i have all the requirements; getting a recommendation, i have a 4.0 gpa, etc

    But it says on the application sheet that you can't be a native speaker or heritage speaker. I am Chinese and i wanted tot ake mandarin

    I used to speak mandarin till i moved to the states when i was 4, then i only spoke my native dialect and English and after like 10 years of that you tend to forget a language.

    So would they still consider me, even though i am chinese? I mean i don't speak the language besides a few phrases like "my name is.." "how are you" etc.

    I personally would consider my native language my native dialect, but i'm more proficient in English. and its not like i would walk into the class knowing more than everyone else, i would have the advantages of being able to practice with my parents, etc.