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  • babylock serger needle stuck?

    It is a babylock imagine. So when I'm sewing my minky dot fabric the needle will get stuck and it will make a loud humming noise. But when I try to sew I press the foot pedal down and it will speed up and start to work again. The stitching and all that is prefect.

    Please help I'm using a 90/14 needle

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)8 years ago
  • Is there a serger/ sewing machine bag rolling bag?

    So I'm wanting to know if there is a bag that can stack and rolles, but it needs to safety attach my serger in one part of the bag and a sewing machine in the other

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts8 years ago
  • babylock imagine serger is cause thread to matted up?

    Im not sure if it not me or the machine or both of us. It 1 day old so it still new. I broke a needle I about 2 hours while doing the blanket stitch and it getting matted up while doing the 2 thread flatlock wide stitch

    3 AnswersHobbies & Crafts8 years ago
  • Can you paint over chalkboard paint and it still work?

    So I got valspar chalkboard paint and it when on and look good, but because in area where it would look better if the whole area was the same color. It a art arcylic paint

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)8 years ago
  • Sunday ticket blackout games Help?

    Can some one help me figure this out. So if your local fox or cbs station is airing a game will only that game be blacked out or will all of them be blackout. I just moved to an area they have an nbc and cbs but they dont have local new on those channel not sure if that effect it)


    1 AnswerFootball (American)8 years ago
  • best cotton fabric for sewing pillowcases?

    So I a little problem. I when to a local quilting store and I found a silky fabric but it was a 100% cotton. I liked the way it felt. Im wanting something that feels like used bedding.

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts8 years ago
  • iphone not working in the bowling green, ky?

    So im going to wku in bowling green, ky. My parents phone work up there but the didn't have iphones i do. So im going to have to have a phone, but because im on a contract with verizon. I will not be able to get a new phone without any charges. I have heard that you can't and wont be charge for roaming because that the only way I can make it work.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans8 years ago
  • Using embroidery bobbin thread?

    So this sound crazy, but can you embroidery bobbin thread as your upper thread. Since i have never heard of embroidery bobbin thread

    2 AnswersHobbies & Crafts9 years ago
  • using magnetic paint to hard plastic?

    Im wanting to do a magnetic board for hanging fabric and I know that there is magnetic paint, but would would it work for hard plastic container that are kinda larger.

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • Refurbishing wire dog crate?

    I bought this wire dog crate off craglist well it need alot of work. But it most seem cometic, but is it work refurushing the cage it an extra large crate I got for about $30

    3 AnswersDogs9 years ago
  • singer 2250 sewing machine sound funny?

    I have a 2250 singer sewing machine I bought for Christmas (in 2011). Well when was doing my rag quilt (I did the sandwich sew and I was using flannel) it started making funny noises when can to the part were seam was in the other squares. I was using a singer 100/ 16 needle. I have also had other problems were it hard to turn handwheel and I have been threading it right.

    3 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • ferret cough sound like she is choking?

    So the other day my ferret had this cough it sounded like she was choking and only did it a few times, now today she had couple of those cough in a hour. When I listen the area around her mouth it sound like she was panting. Her eyes are just a little watery and she keep like her nose so i cant tell if it watery. She is eating, but will not drink out of her water bowl. She is drinking out of the sink

    1 AnswerOther - Pets9 years ago
  • singer sewing machine not threading properly?

    I have a 2404 singer sewing machine that has been in storage for about 10 year. Well I started learn to sow and now the bottom thread is not picking up right. I have done the bobbin properly and the sewing machine is set up correctly. If it does pick up it takes a few turns to get bobbin thread to pull up. I Need help.


    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts9 years ago
  • What toy should get for my ferret?

    I was looking online and then I found the super pet ferretrail playground set at a good price, but then I found this I not sure which one I should get. They are the same price.

    3 AnswersOther - Pets9 years ago
  • Carpet smells 3 months after steam cleaning?

    So recently( back toward the end of July) I steam cleaned my carpets with the Bissell pro heat and I use the Bissell pet odor removal and short story is that it still smells (not to heavy, but kinda stuffy not to bad, smell like carpet cleaner). I think it might be mold under the carpet and I do live in the south. I have used baking soda it goes away, but then comes back about the next day.

    5 AnswersCleaning & Laundry9 years ago
  • Piano book for beginner?

    So i'm wanting to find a piano book for a beginner that will teach the basic. Like read notes and keys. I do not want going to a piano teacher so not put go to a piano teacher as an answer

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • macbook computer not connecting to tv?

    I have a macbook (not macbook pro) I think it's a 2009 13inch, so I was trying to hook it up to the tv. Well we when out and bought HDMI cord and rocketfish mini displayport to hdmi adapter and it didnt work. We when to the apple store and the told that we didn't have the right connector and told us about monoprice. So I when on the website and look at the item and it look like the same one I have now. Can someone help with this problem

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • Will Steam cleaning the carpet help remove smell?

    I have this one room were there is a slight odor, like a light vinegar mix with another chemical. It not overpowering but doesn't smell like the rest of the house. I do have a bissell steam cleaner 12 proheat. Would it work for smells

    8 AnswersCleaning & Laundry10 years ago
  • how to get rid of pet/ vinegar smell carpet?

    So we have dog and a ferret, and when i clean the carpet last i used vinegar to clean the carpets, but the vinegar smell never left and it smells like pet urine and vinegar. I what to get rid of the smell completely.

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry10 years ago
  • ferrets poop is red pieces in it?

    My ferret earlier this weeks poop was dark (black and shinny), but he just eat liver and a day later it was normal then it when was runny seedy brown poop and this morning she had lots of poop with red pieces in it, but the it wasn't all red and a late today she used the and it was seedy and a little black and shape normal it was not a brown though. It had some green in it

    3 AnswersOther - Pets10 years ago