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  • Don't wanna go blind at 14!!?

    Hey so I was going over my camera roll and discovered one pic where I had a white pupil. So being a hypochondriac I decided to test it by taking more pics. It would always come out normal expect when I was in my washroom where there is good lighting ( kind of spot your supposed to do test I guess ) In my washroom on my old phone my eyes always appeared white at every angle. But on my new iPhone 7 my pupil sometimes appears white/yellow, or sometime she only half of its white. Only a few times there has been a time where the pupil appeared greyish or kind of purple at the top. These are all signs of an eye disease. My biggest fear is to lose my vision and have my parents take care of me when I'm older too please help. I'm 14 with a month to go till 15 and have a bad prescription of -6.50 ish. I also have visual snow and other symptoms associated with it if that helps.

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  • Should I buy a gaming PC?

    I sold my PS4 to get a Xbox one but now nobody on xbox plays theyve all turned into gym junkies and my ps4 friends only play one game. Should I buy a PC. I have $950 to spend of which about $100 will be taxes and $250 monitor and headset so gaming PC for $600cad?

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  • Whats in my eyes??

    So I am 14 And this started a year ago when I noticed a gray spot in my eye this also all started around the time I started using a laptop for 12 hours a day Im slowly stopping now but as of now I have about 8 of these gray spots, a black dot, a red line thats alone and been there for months and brown spots at end of blood vessels. I also have really bad vision, visual snow,floaters,after images and I just see **** in my eyes all the time and I hate life. Around the last year my lifes Been a mess I will start exercising an only use laptop for 3 hours are the spots normal?

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  • Refurbished Ps4?

    I need a refurbished or new ps4 for less than $350 cad.

    2 AnswersPlayStation4 years ago