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  • Am I being too sensitive around my boyfriend?

    I’ve been single for much of my life. I’m only 21, but my younger years didn’t involve chasing around boys. I was always adventurous and loved my time with myself and friends. But I was curious about dating, and felt I was mature enough to try it out by age 20. The emotions and the feelings can be overwhelming, and I never know whether to blame myself or him. He is genuine and loving, but not perfect. I accept him for who he is. He isn’t a toxic, bad person. There’s days where his imperfections bother me, but no one can be who you want them to be. I knew what I was getting myself into at the time. But I feel like I’m incredibly sensitive and vulnerable around him. And I read into everything. I know I have anxiety, and I know that’s a factor. But being with him does negatively effect my health some days, and others it positively effects it. But it’s becoming more frequent, where I feel more anxious and depressed around him than I do happy. And it obviously affects him to, and I feel like that’s not fair. But I tell him how some of his actions make me feel, and he apologizes, but he never really makes an effort to change. I cry a lot, and I worry. And I’m not one who cries much. But with him I just get so emotional and stressed. And feel like I’m not enough. I’ve always been a people-pleaser, and a perfectionist with severe ocd lol. I don’t know if I’m ready to love someone, even though he means the world to me. And he has been really trying to understand me and make me happy

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  • I failed one semester of English.. Will I graduate?


    As a Senior this year, I have done quite well. However, 2nd term (Among 4 terms), I failed my second semester class in English (But I have two more semesters, which I can easily bring my grade up and pass both). But due to failing 2nd semester, will I graduate? Will I gradate if I pass three semesters, and fail 1? Or do I need to take night classes to re-take the semester?


  • Is my knee injury serious?

    I had a bad fall off of a horse the other day, and sustained some form of a knee injury. I couldn t not bare weight the first day on my left leg, but today I can walk. The knee is partially swollen, and it gives way every once in a while. I can t walk with the leg straight, as if it were locked and had limited motion. I can hardly bring my lower leg back without a lot of pain. If I walk on it for a long time (like in school today), the tension builds up to the point where my entire leg is stiff as a board and everything feels super tight. should I see a doctor? I ve been keeping it elevated and icing it.

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  • Accuracy of delivery estimation on Ebay?

    I've just recently purchased an item (Quite small) off of Ebay! It has shipped today from Pennsylvania to Mass (Where I live). The delivery is estimated to arrive Tuesday of next week.. But I need the item before Sunday!! (Its a part for my bike so I can race Sunday). Is the delivery estimation accurate or will it come before Sunday? Stressing out.


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  • Can my 5 y/o Lab handle 9 miles of hiking?

    I'm planning on hiking a 9 miles at Blue Hills Reservation! There is elevation points. But I'd love to bring my Lab! We typically hike 45 min. Trails. But he has great stamina and energy! His hips are great, according to the vet. But I don't know if it's too much? We'd leave early, so it'd be in the 60's. I'll carry lots of water and nutritious dog treats! There is a lake at the end of the trail for him to take a dip. Do you think he'll be alright?

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  • How to tell a guy your not interested in the nicest way possible?!?

    Soo, an old friend (Who I haven't spoken with in years) asked me out to go fishing! So, I said yeah.. Catch up a bit! But he seems more interested in dating by the way he responds to everything. And I honestly have no interest! I just like him as a friend. Soo, what is the nicest way to say I am not interested? I've been single for a while, and I'd like to keep it that way.. Waiting until college! But I want to be friends, and hang out.

    Thanks guys!

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  • Marine Biology or Chemistry?

    Within the near future, I plan to study within the field of veterinary medicine to eventually move into zoological as I am fascinated with anything exotic! Anyways, I am contemplating on whether doing Marine Bio or Chem. I have been told by countless professors to do Chemistry as it is useful in college! However, it is hard and although I am good at Math, i still dislike it. But, if it is necessary, then I will do it. However, I love marine life! Any ideas?

  • Older horse is stiff?

    My 20 year old gelding is quite stiff in a few places.. And usually he isn't one for getting stiff. However, he is an old man! Great shape with a good diet, excellent hooves according to our farrier with dressage-like movement. But lately, second direction on the inside leg he has been really stiff, but not lame. I have also noticed he has started cross cantering and will often lean on one of his hind legs when standing. I currently do VERY light work with him, but keep it consistent as I know his turnout is covered in snow, so he hasn't been moving much. I plan to get some joint supplements! Any other suggestions or opinions? Thanks!

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  • Spanish Walk?

    Hello, I have just started the Spanish walk with my gelding whom has made impressive progress these past three days! However, I'm stumped. He easily responds to the whip at his cannon bone with an impressive pawing action with both front legs. He also responds to my hand at either side of his chest, so he has that down pat! But how do I encourage him to do it while walking?? I've tried the walk one step, right leg paw, one step, right leg paw but he doesn't understand??

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  • How to achieve a relaxed, lengthened stride in the canter?

    My gelding has been quite excellent in his canters lately, a lot better than what he had been a few months ago. However, I'm struggling with a new problem. I work him both in a EggButt snaffle or a home made bit less bridle that's correctly fitted. He has been taught to work long and low, engaging himself, lifting his back and has a stunning stride at the trot but get's weird in the canter.

    He transitions very calmly and smoothly, getting the correct lead always. However, he canters too slow if that's possible! I ride very loosely on the rein with a quiet seat and lower leg. I extend my hands straight to his mane, sit back and weight me legs down and around him to encourage forward motion. But he doesn't budge, he just stiffens his hind end, pulling his head up slightly like he's irritated and then gradually moving down. But he just tea cups the canter, not making the effort to extend and work low. He'll hand gallop just fine! I feel as though it has to do something with his croup as he has what is called a goose rump, always had it. He simply feels uncomfortable and very sensitive if I try to sponge the reins.

    Any ideas whats up with him? He's also 19years, but doesn't look it. He's very healthy and up to date.

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  • Anxious horse at shows?

    My older gelding who I love to take to shows has a bit of an issue. He thinks he just has to reply to any horse that whinny's and get all worked up about it! He's the big dopey type that thinks everyone is his friend.

    So I was thinking, would ear plugs be a good idea? Would they help keep him focused and more relaxed? He gets slightly sensitive with his ears which I'm afraid he'll get high headed or attempt to shank them out. What else would help him?

    Thank you!!

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  • Double bridle help?!?

    A horse I currently work has gotten just about everything patted down for the hunter division. I currently ride him in a simple Eggbutt snaffle bit as he works so well with it however when far from home at a show he's a different horse in it (by different I mean bad). His current owner told me he use to be shown in a full bridle which fits his comforts as well as gives a better 'connection' when at a show to stay focused a little more. I have both bridle and curb bit (very short) but stuck on what mouth piece to choose for the loose ring snaffle bit. Looking into his division a little more, I often see copper twisted loose rings snaffles.. I'm not a huge fan of wire bits which is why is there any less mild loose ring snaffle bits for the double bridle of a hunter horse?

    Thank you, no hate please! I realize the danger and know how kindly as possible to use a double bridle.

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  • Horse is buddy-sour? Help?!?

    So recently my older gelding has been a disaster to bring to local shows! At bigger shows where he has a stable, he's totally fine but at local shows he's the worst. I no longer can pay for bigger shows with two horses so decided to keep him at the lower levels. However, he's been a bug!

    I had brought him to a show last week and it probably was the worst day ever. Whenever we left the trailer, he'd just get so upset screaming to the top of his lungs, spinning, trying to push his way back to the trailer. Let I remind you we brought him on a slant load, so he hadn't any clue who he came with which I had hoped would work, but it didn't..

    When I went in the class, he'd throw his head up and scream, looking straight to where the trailer was. I could bare with that until he decided he didn't want to walk. He had such as slow, soft pleasant trot and canter but when it came to flat walking, he'd have none of it. Instead, he'd jigg non stop, walking side ways on the rail, lifting his head to the clouds crying like a mad men! Something no judge wants to see as the walk is so important! I'd think at 19yrs old he'd be more calm. Usually he doesn't do this at the locals but these past two shows this year have been a disaster.

    How can I 'correct' this?! Should I consider focus supplements or strong calming supplements? He's never, ever sour buddy at home. He could care less! Should I just stop showing him? Try a new bit? New training techniques? Anything?! Thankss(:

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  • Question for those that ride bit less!?

    For those that ride bit less, would this be a good idea to do? :

    Youtube thumbnail

    At the moment I can't purchase an actual bit less bridle so I have the option of either trying out this idea or a halter. Will it be comfortable for my horse and still work as effectively as an actual bit less bridle?!

    Thank you!!

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  • Horse having problem with bit?


    So lately I personally think my horse has been 'annoyed' with the snaffle bit I have been schooling him in. I am using a EggButt Snaffle bit with a normal 'broken' mouth piece. Fitted fine and is just his size, works beautifully in it with the lightest mouth ever! However, whenever standing with loose reins right to the buckle he'll constantly pull, and pull the reins out when no pressure is even applied. He won't back at all. At any gait he'll gap his mouth open as if attempting to avoid the bit completely with literally no contact on the reins! No, I am doing nothing to cause this. He rides perfectly fine in his show bridle for competitions which is a pellham with none of the habits he has with the snaffle and has been ridden with a small snaffle bit that he rode perfectly in. What I believe is the thickness of the bit and the broken mouth piece as they call it. He may just have a low roof of the mouth and is sensitive to the touch as the curb bit doesn't touch that area.

    Any other good snaffle bits I could look into that are not mild at all, and very light to ever piece of his mouth. I would ride him in the pelham, but it isn't a good bit for schooling. I hear mullen mouths are not bad at all, and are a straight bar which he seems to prefer. Also, what about french links? They are snaffles without that cracker effect right? Do they cause a lot of pressure to the tongue?

    Thank you, any answer will do!

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  • Horse having trouble with quarter crack?

    So recently the horse I lease has had a quarter crack since the day he came to the farm. It finally has been healing and is closing up. However, a few days ago after being lunged he bled. He did not bleed from the quarter crack on his cornet band, but on the bottom of his hoof. So my trainer had the farrier out to remove his shoe to fine a small but noticeable line of a crack going along the side of his frog. I have never heard or seen of this! The farrier said it would need some time to heal in hopes to recover the entire hoof so simply floated his foot. The vet as well said stall rest.

    Has anyone dealt with this before? Any ideas of how long this will take to heal? Any treatment? Soaking it in salt and warm water will do not good for him both vet and my trainer said. His hooves are conditioned a lot already. Any way to help him?

    Thank you

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    What are some good exercises to help with my horses weight?


    So my gelding last year at around mid August-September lost loads and loads of weight that the photos I took of him were unbearable to look it. He is an older horse in his late teens and does loose some weight around those months yearly then gets his weight back in winter but last year he lost much more then usual. We took several blood test, his own manure test etc. and nothing came up negative. Each test said he was perfectly fine and a 100% healthy. He is a bit spirited for his age which is nothing ever bad but it does add to why he looses weight but he has gotten better now that he is getting natural supplements around that time to help keep his weight as well as corn etc.

    This photo was taken about a week ago, and he has gotten most of his weight back. Not as much as I'd like which sounds goofy but you can still feel and slightly still see his ribs after his workouts when his hair flattens down. He is all filled out else where, just his ribs pop out slightly. We are prepping for show season, and I would love to start working but I am to afraid to ever do too much that would cause his weight to drop in any way.

    Do any of you have tips? What are some good exercises that I can do in order to help build muscle and whip him in shape yet still keep on the weight.

    Thank you!

    : NOTE : Yes, I do realize his saddle is a wee bit far back. I just finished lunging him with a loose girth and it slid back a bit, no worry's it was fixed and stays that way! No saddle prob(:

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    My horse has a very high head carriage, need help?!?


    So my Saddlebred gelding holds his head fairly high and I ride him as a Hunter ( flat only ). I ride him in an EggButt snaffle without any martingales etc. He's very light in the mouth and can move like some high class dressage horse at a slow pace at the trot and extends like no other. When he wants, he'll lower his head but then he pops it right back up. I want to compete him in bigger shows since he has such great potential, but his head is what will drop our point in the Hunter Country PL. division. Not that winning is the main goal, but as a hunter horse I'd rather he not hold his head so high. No it's not because he is stubborn or anything, he just had a very long and lean neck. He as well was trained a saddleseat horse, so he naturally just carry's his head high. Even when we bought him as a 2yr old that head was always up! When he does lower his head he is comfortable and my trainer who I take little lessons from say's he is very capable of framing. Any tips on how to keep him low etc.? What about martingales? I do understand what damage they can do, but i know how to properly fit and ride in them. Tips if anything! I'll post a photo below of him. As you can see, he naturally just has a big head set! You'd never imagine that he can work down and low but he actually can and very beautifully.

    Thank you

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  • What are your opinions on this? Need help!!?

    Okay, so this is a bit question.

    I have been working my horse both bit less and in a EggButt snaffle bit. Under saddle he feel's wonderful and has improved so much it is incredible with both of these!! However, I compared a video of today riding in the snaffle and when I had rode in my show bridle, the Pelham.

    The video of when I rode him in the Pelham he had an amazing trot that was so extended yet well speeded like a hunter horse should move. His head set was beyond beautiful with barely any contact. Then my other video with the snaffle? He looked stiff both in stride and in head set ( I do know how to ride very well with a snaffle, he wouldn't be my first ) I rode just as I would with the Pelham, yet he wasn't as 'happy' or content. I thought using a lighter bit would help build him even better yet it really didn't other than making his transitions, patients, and mind a 100% better which he needed. The snaffle made him the perfect horse but it doesn't make his form look any good.

    Is it a bad idea to work more with the Pelham for at home more so than a snaffle? I'm just so stuck. What do you think? Any tips on what to do then?!

    Ps I am no fan of heavy bits that have any leverage like Pelhams but I am a very experienced rider with the knowledge to know exactly how to ride with a leverage without harming the horse.

    Thank you!

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  • Is it fine to use a Pelham bit on a Snaffle bridle?

    So, I am curious if you can use a Pelham bit on a snaffle bridle? I ask this to just make sure I don't need any specific kind of bridle as my friends horse actually chewed up my nice show bridle! I work my horse in a basic snaffle bit at home with my practice bridle which happens to be in good condition. Thank you!

    P.S. - Yes, I do understand the pressure etc. of the Pelham bit. I am very light handed and work my horse with leg command as I ride bit less. However, at horse shows he becomes much more stronger! Not strong as in the bit or mouth but he gets big and fast. With the curb he settles down comfortably and is very effective (:

    Thank you!

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