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  • To pump? Or not to pump?

    I've been renting a pump for the past month in order to pump breast milk for my now 4 week old. We've been mainly breastfeeding, but for convenience we have been supplementing with formula and my pumped breast milk for the odd bottle feeding here and there.

    My issue, is that when I pump, I'm getting very little milk, and only getting enough pumped milk to fill a bottle (approx. 100ML) every couple of days. I'm pumping approx. 45 minutes after every feeding, about 4-6 times a day, but it just seems like such a hassle when I'm getting little milk out of it.

    I feel like I should be getting more milk out, and I'm getting frustrated with the lack of progress on the pumping (been at this for 4 weeks!), and I'm feeling cheap (pump is costing me $20/week). Is my output normal? Is there something I can do to increase my output to make it more worth while? I just feel like formula is about the same cost as the pump, but less time consuming,,,

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