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  • Is it a taboo to touch an African American child's head?

    Somebody at Y!Answers Taiwan read in newspaper that it is a taboo to touch a black child's head. Personally I think such a taboo exists. But to be safe, I'd like to ask if anyone knows if the taboo is real or fabricated?

    The URL of Y!Answer Taiwan question:

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  • What is 起 承 轉 合 ?

    Right now I\'m doing a tutorial on English writing on a wiki. While I was searching Y!KB+ on past questions and answers to find potential help, I saw two frequent but contradictory answers. One says that 英文寫作和中文一樣,有起承轉合 (例, 例). The other says that 英文寫作和中文不一樣 (例, 例). My understanding is that the styles of both languages are rather different, so 英文寫作應該是和中文的不一樣,沒有所謂的起承轉合。To set the record right, can someone please explain 起承轉合? If possible, please explain with a short essay.Also, I\'d love to use the answers on the wiki. If you agree to make your answers open content under GFDL, please say so in your answers. (Or, you can just jump in and edit it away)One more thing. Why the contradiction? 臺灣英文考試改法和國外的不同嗎?

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  • 新た と 新しい は 何で 違いますか?


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