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Diagnosed with: - Autism (High Functioning) - Bipolar - OCD - Depression - Generalized Anxiety Disorder - Social Anxiety Disorder - Paranoia - Obsessive Suicidal Ideation Every single day is a challenge for me...but I try my best to help others by answering questions.

  • How do I get someone to care?

    I'm having a very rough day. I have a lot of problems that I won't bore you with, and I have battled suicidal thoughts for over 3 years straight.

    Right now, I really need someone to care and I don't know how to get that. I'm desperate for heartfelt attention or to know that I really well and truly matter.......

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  • How do I know when I should go to a hospital?

    I'm concerned...I feel like I need to go to the hospital because I seriously think about dying each and every day. But I don't know...I'm nervous about going to the hospital. I'm nervous about having my parents and family be upset with me. I'm nervous that my friends are going to be upset with me. I'm nervous that my ex girlfriend (we are still good friends) will be upset with me.

    Yet, I don't know how to shut off my brain. I am overwhelmed, antsy, and I feel like I'm going at 100 mph. I feel like the only way to turn off my brain is to shut it off on a permanent basis.

    I'm supposed to be on prozac but quit cold turkey over 2 months ago. Not smart...I have a doctor's appointment next week, but I don't think I can wait that long...

    Should I go to the hospital or try sit this out and wait until I go to the doctor???

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  • I am completely done...?

    I'm 33 years girlfriend broke up with me 2 months ago. I love her more than anything in the world. She talks to me on a weekly basis and she wants me to be happy, but I still don't know if she cares.

    I don't really have any friends...

    I can't concentrate at work...

    I take prozac and that doesn't do me any good...

    I see multiple therapists who give me multiple opinions about what I should do...I can't decide what I'm supposed to do...

    I sleep too much and when I don't sleep, I'm tired.

    I owe so much money due to a failed marriage in my past and I can't afford to move out of my mom's house...

    I can't even own a dog...

    I don't see what the point is of going on. The pain of failure is too much to bear. I can't shut my brain off from thinking about how I can get the love of my life back...we were together for 8 months. I was even living with her and we were having so much fun together...

    I just need someone to care...someone to well and truly care...and I don't have that at all. The only one that ever did care was the ex and I felt well and truly...normal...with her. Now I don't...

    Life is completely and utterly pointless right now...

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  • Is it time to switch therapists?

    I had a therapist appointment today...I've seen the same person of about 2 years now.

    Unfortunately, I find that I'm not accepting his advice anymore and that I'm keeping things from him because I don't want to hurt his feelings...

    Is it time for me to find a new therapist? I'm nervous about trying to find someone new. I do appreciate everything he's done for me...I don't think I'd be half the person I am today without him.

    Or should I just apologize and just 'man up' and admit my true feelings, even if it might not be what he wants to hear from me?

    I am very conflicted right now...

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  • Breakup question for women only?

    Okay women...answer me this one...

    If you're in a relationship and you don't feel any chemistry with someone in the first couple of months, you would break it off, RIGHT?

    Why would you want to string it along for a lot longer, causing unnecessary hurt to both of you?

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  • Mixed messages from the ex-girlfriend?

    Can someone explain these mixed messages I've been getting?

    First, a back story. I broke up with my girlfriend 5 weeks ago. Before and after the breakup, I've been getting mixed messages:

    1) I moved into her house in January. She was extremely excited for me to move in because we could see each other alot more often. In March, she breaks if off.

    2) In late February, we took a vacation together. We went to the beach and she wrote our initials in the sand with a heart around them. We had so much fun together, but a week later, she breaks up.

    3) After the break up, she indicates she is 'seeing someone', but she has also decided to go on an outing together with me next week. We're going as friends, although I think if I make a good impression, that will help to get her back. I've made NUMEROUS positive changes in my life...

    4) At times shes seems distant, but at times, she'll get me on the IM and she is encouraged by the positive changes that I've made in my attitude and beliefs...

    What gives? I just simply don't understand why girls do these type of things. Aren't us guys confused enough already?

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  • Breakup question - For ladies only please!?

    Ladies...I have a question for all of you...

    If you are dating someone you consider the most amazing, caring guy in the world, who loves you a lot and who you care for and love as well...but...he has some unsorted issues that need to be resolved that you have kept prodding him to change, but it hasn't really happened, do you:

    A) Because you care for him, stick with the relationship, knowing that the prodding hasn't gotten anywhere?

    B) Because you care for him, break up with him, hoping that kicks his *** to wake up and smell the coffee and make changes. You want to see him be 'all that he can be' and you would do anything for that...

    C) Break up with him and just be done with it.

    D) None of the above... (please explain)


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  • Email Etiquette question...?

    How soon after you send an email to someone is it okay to ask if they've read the email? Read receipts or read notifications do not count. This is actually asking someone, either by phone or face to face if they've read your email.


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