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  • need help! used spermicide instead of plan b?

    im 19 me and the bf fooled around got a little carried away and afterwards was when i realized he came in me because the condom broke. i didn't take plan b but i used a spermicidal capsule instead. For those inexperienced i do not need to hear your answers i just want to hear feedback from those who have had pregnancy scares before/how you went about it/what was recommended thanks! I'm not too worried because I'm still in my period cycle. It was early this morning that it happened, technically the 5th day out of 7 days. I end early so thats why we did anything. i hear sperm only lasts up to 3 days to a week, i have more than enough time (about 2 weeks) till i start ovulating again. thanks again

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  • should i fight with him because of her?

    ok, so i recently found of my bf of just about a year is liked by this freshman. She's probably one of the last people i'd ever like. My boyfriends good friend was cheated on by her & has made some of my own girl friends mad because of her. I think she deliberately likes to steal away peoples boyfriends. When i told my bf how she liked her, he was surprised. Over the weekend, she was the only one he kept texting. Even when we kissed. Even when we were in the middle of an awesome concert. When i "fell asleep" on the way back, he was on the phone with her. Do you think maybe he's just trying to be a friendly guy, or start something with her?

    i feel like i should at least bring something up, but should i get defensive?

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  • How should i react to this?

    Me and my bf have been going out for almost a year now. But we both started out kind of funny. When we started dating, i had kissed another boy at a party& he had almost hooked-up with this chick. (we were away on winter break & hadn't 'technically' gone out yet) But usually we've been pretty honest & open about everything. Lately, he's been wanting me to stay away from this nice kid (whos kinda a friend), who likes me. My boyfriend pratically threatens the guy, cause the kids provoking him, but tonight my best friend went through his phone & found half-naked pics of himself (top half) sent to this one girl. It got me pissed, but im afraid to make a big deal. but he seems to make a big deal about other guys & me. I dont get it. (btw, there weren't texts from the girl, most likely meaning he had deleted them) I'm just starting to think guys are so typical, even tho i was starting to think there was an exception. Should i call him out on it?

    plz help =(

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  • Should i be somewhat pretty dissapointed?

    My boyfriends a freshman, this past year, i was a sophmore but we were born the same year. At the start of summer break, he went down to louisianna to live with his father up until the 2 last weeks of august. Before i met my bf, he was very different. He had numerous flings with girls/tried hooking up alot, he drank, did drugs, and beat up alot. When he met me, he claims i've really changed him for the better, making him more emotional, and just alot happier, even though the rest of his life is not so great. It was just yesterday my bf asked me if it was ok he kissed a girl friend on the cheek. I had no problem with that. But then he asked me if it was ok since he actually kissed the girl close to her mouth. We've been dating for almost 8 months and it dissapointed me a bit cause if i were to kiss a guy friend "accidentally" near the mouth, it would probably be because i felt some sort of attraction to him. I know i shouldn't make such a big deal because i wasn't there, i should trust him because he tells me he meant nothing of it and he claims it's just a way they all do it down there.Plus, we're still somewhat pretty young and of course we'll have some sort of temptations. But he's miles away. I'm up north. Should i stress? Btw, i let him know it did bother me a bit, but he said he'd never do it again.

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  • hair problem! please help!?

    I've been noticing it more lately and it's kind of freaking me out

    Whenever i get out of the shower and go to brush my hair, my hair comes out. more than 10. Or else it gets pretty knotty. I realize hair is more susceptible to breakage when its wet. But even if its completely dry and i just go to pull out a hair tie or let my hair loose, still strands of hair come out.

    I shouldn't get too scared cause it might be because of my diet. I haven't been eating probably the right amount of protien i need daily. And the only way i have been getting my calcium was from cheese. (just today i started taking these calcium supplements) In terms of vitamins, i take kids ones, but i'm thinking i should take adult ones now.

    my hair has gotten a bit thinner, but there are no visible bald spots. Btw, i am only 16 years old. I'm just worried it could be more serious and i really don't want to get blood work done.

    Do you have any ideas of what could be wrong?

    thanks for the help (=

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  • Serious problem! please help!?

    This is my own personal problem between me and friends, but i would wish for you to maybe give some advice if you care too to figure out how to stop this

    So, last summer, my good friend Ricky wanted to be more with me. I told him no because i thought it would ruin our friendship. He still continued to like me more than just a friend, but at the beginning of sophomore year, i introduced him to my best friend who was a new freshman. Her name, Christina. I still flirted around with him, until i realized i had feelings for him somewhat and got a bit jealous. But i really wanted it to work out with christina cause she really really liked him.One night, he called me to tell me he still had feelings for me and wanted me, regardless of my friends feelings. That's when i realized what i was doing and what he said and stopped it. Again. i told my friend about it, but she still went out with him. As the year progressed, he still tried to flirt with me, and i found out he cheated on my friend. She found out because he would tell her. She's still stayed with him. He once was cheated on & even though he made a big deal that he wasn't to ever cheat, he still did. I found out how many girls he flirted with in my grade, and in the grade below us and made me realize he doesnt care one bit about my friend. He'd tell them too how he wanted to get with them, and that he disliked Christina, even though they were still going out.

    Now it's mid-july and my best friends still with him. Me and him aren't friends anymore because we've gotten into many fights. He spreads rumors and tells people how i am a whore, even though i'm really not. People, including my boyfriend tell me he says that cause he still has feelings for me. But this Ricky is an asshole. If he hangs out with my bff, he never acknowledges her and seems to "forget" shes there. He has a few times tried to push her sexually, but they've never had sex. He gets mad and pissed at christina if she talks to & texts other boys, and he'll often steal her phone away from her, even though he never lets her see his phone. Ever since i got with my boyfriend, Ricky's hated him from the very first day and even though my bf has tried to make peace between them, he still tries to be an asshole. Everyone who knows my bff tells her to break up with him already, and i've tried to make her realize too that he's just a waste of her time. But he always sends her messages telling her how much he loves her and texts that say "i love you =) " and he even gets her jewelry. I've was told through people that he got with my bff out of an act of desperation since he really wanted a gf, and his younger siblings have told people i know very well how he's only with her because she's the only one stupid enough to go out with him and still be with him. When my friend talks to me about this and things between him and another girl, she gets very upset. And he still tells lies about me and thinks that i'm a whore cause i hang out with guys, that are my true friends, and he says things like how i fool around and try to get with other guys. That pisses off my bf even more.

    I'm concerned for my friend and i'm really afraid he might hurt her. =(

    plz help!

    thanks <3

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  • I'm not sure what to do! I flirt too much?

    At school right now i have 4 crushes

    & yes, i flirt with each and everyone one with them

    i'm just really really worried that their all going to ask me out and i'm gonna be stuck! (at least maybe two of them, but still) they all are pretty cool but have at least one thing about them i hate

    one is named cooper

    another, Dustin

    and a guy named Brian

    The bad things~

    Cooper-gives me mixed signals and feelings

    Dustin-younger than me by a year, but i'm not sure if we should go out because i'm afraid he might be too immature for me

    Brian-disrespects our Spanish teacher (not harshly or terribly but to her, he's a bad boy lol), smokes, steals (not majorly, but just the other day he stole something from school for money)

    what i like about them~

    Cooper-love everything about him, his laugh, smile, eyes, sense of humor, very funny, his personality

    Dustin-very cute, seems pretty nice (just met him so we're gonna have to get to know each other better)

    Brian-has a total bad-boy feel to him which is sexy, but when we talk he's a total softy and jokes around with me

    but of all those guys, i have a friend, a good guy friend who likes me alot. he told me he might even love me and i like him back and thought i should give him a try, but i'm not really physically attracted to him (kind of chubby, little bit) i'm not saying he has to be hot, personality is HUGE for me, just he's not very confident and has sort of low self esteem

    he's a total sweety, but i like guys who are sort of cocky and don't tell you exactly what they think, yet still show you they want you & make funny comments/jokes

    i just don't know what to do with all these guys

    if you could help me I'd really appreciate it!

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  • ~*Do guys do this? for the guyss!!*~?

    when a guy likes a girl, will he show off every chance he gets?

    and if your really shy and you like this girl, will you still ask for her number? or will you wait when you get to know her a little bit better


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  • Does anyone know the name of this song?

    I saw it as one of the commercials when i was watching the Olympics

    but its a pepsi commercial and there's people on roller skates and they have the pepsi can and their drinking it and it's sorta like a beach in the background and it's nice and sunny

    but a part of the song goes like "i can dance all night to this dj, dance all night to this dj"

    it's really catchy and i want to kno what the songs called so if you know it thanx!

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  • I have a question for the guys!~?

    So, when you like a girl, how do act around her? Also, how do you like a girl to act when flirting with her? Jw.

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  • ~*Is he interested?*~ (guys and girls both)?

    Ok, so i like this one guy that i go to school with, and last year i liked him alot. I think he realized and started liking me too, but i'm not that sure. The first day back to school, every class i had with him, he'd look over at me, and when i'd catch him BOOM! he'd turn so fast around. We don't talk alot, but sometimes he does that during class still. There was a few times he stopped and waited after class for me and we randomly started talking. We haven't talked all summer, and he doesn't talk to people who aren't really friends with him. It's just really weird. And the few times we've talked to each other so far, he smiles and seems like the happiest person on the planet. When we don't talk, he looks like the most depressed. He'll sometimes be at the far end of the hall after class, and I'd be far behind him, but he'll turn around almost as if to check on me or see me. It just feels like whenever he does talk to me, it's so random and strange. I don't know if i'm totally blind. Maybe he does really like me, but i just need your opinion first

    thanks! (:

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  • does this ever happen to you? for the girls? PLZ answer!!?

    Has this ever happened to you girls when there has been this guy, just this one guy who's come into your life and right from the start there was this charisma/charm about him, but no matter what, even if you just want to stay friends with him or move on, he still has this impact on you that keeps you confused even over periods of time making you wonder... if you maybe just love him?

    thanks! (:

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  • What does it mean and all this shyness?

    This might sound stupid, but 'm still going to ask

    there's this guy in a few of my classes and when i turn to look in his direction or look at him, BOOM! he turns around

    i actually used to like him and i think he might have liked me last year

    but occasionally i'll turn my head to look at him and see him looking right at me

    do you think he likes me and is just really shy at showing it?

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  • What cameras best?

    i want to get a digital camera, one thats really good, except i'm on a budget

    i can't get a camera that's over $200

    so... what's a good low cost digital camera that still performs well?


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  • Which one?

    Would you,rather....

    have the ability to fly, or....

    be able to read peoples minds

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  • question for the guys?~ ahh!?

    ok, i was jw, but..guys, what do you think is cute or hot for a girl to do or say to you?

    please share, that would be awesome

    thanxx (:

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  • hey would you mind? im not sure?

    i'm not sure if this dude likes me or not

    i'll get the feeling he looks at me alot, but it's hard to catch at it

    tries to get my attention alot

    i asked a friend the other day, if he talks alot and seems really enthusiastic whenever he's in class, and if he says random stuff to the class to be funny, and she said no, not at all (since she happens to have a few classes w/ him && i was shocked considering the fact that this kid does that in all the classes i have mostly w/ him)

    he has cute nicknames for me

    if i don't talk to him, he'll seem almost sad and if i do, he'll be really happy for what seems like the rest of the day

    one time when i was talking to this boy at school, the "guy" saw us talking and i caught him watching us the whole time

    -this morning when i came into my school, i kept a good eye on him, since he was a little farther down the hall from me and i noticed him looking at me at times, very often & same thing happened in one of mi classes today (caught him looking at me!)

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