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  • Who's ready to save the world?

    For people to really believe me and show them I’m totally serious about this I have to give people what they want and what’s consuming them; money. So, when I get 100 people ready to listen I’ll begin sharing this information. We will do this when I get 100 stars for this question. The reason why will be clear later.

    I will show people how to make and create money in four ways. Fast, faster, fastest and what I like to call ridiculous. The choice how will be up to the individual. For people who are truly serious you will need to do a little leg work, but the reward for the leg work will be you’ll become the richest the fastest.

    First assignment: Go get, borrow or read the first 3 chapters of Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cashflow Quadrant.” The reason is for you to educate yourself on HOW money is made. Here’s a hint, if you only think there are two ways then go get the book.

    The information you are going to receive is part of a system that is about to come out. You’ll be the first to hear it and take advantage of it. You’ll be doing me a favor by identifying holes in the system. Think of it as a pilot program.

    Once again we can’t save the world until I get enough people’s attention. Getting you financially free is the start of that. By doing that YOU will be helping this nation. Getting enough people involved is the key. All this information will be free, what you do with it will be your decision if you’re willing to make a difference.

    I will be putting this information in the News and Events section of answers.

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  • Who wants to save the world and become financially wealthy at the same time?

    I have a plan to

    1 End the war and win the war on terrorism

    2 End poverty and make anyone who wants to be a multi millionaire.. for people in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas

    3 Solve the illegal immigration problem

    4 Solve the health care problem

    5 Solve abortion

    Andddd as a bonus ... WE can solve the middle east problem and solve poverty and suffering in any country that wants to know how.

    WHO WANTS TO HEAR IT!??!!??!

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  • I've have all of lifes answers........who wants to test me?

    From ending poverty, to ending the Iraq war and restoring this country to the Greatest Nation that the World has ever seen and needed us to be right now.

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  • Can you get a ticket for alerting drivers?

    Can you get a ticket for alerting drivers that there is an officer ahead and that he has his radar gun out for speeding vehicles?

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