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  • Is it okay to wear wigs out in public?

    I was just wondering...I been wanting to have my hair different colors, but my mom won't let me dye it at all. though she said I can wear wigs of the color choice I want. Though would it be bad if I did so?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories7 years ago
  • Good Visual Kei/Oshare Kei Hair syles for a girl?

    i am wanting to get my hair cut into a visual kei/oshare kei style though....i don't know what kind to get.So do you guys know any styles i can get? But it can't be TOO short, sholder length is good if you can put links to pictures of different visual kei/oshare kei hair styles that would be great! (Also I am 14)

    Please Help~

    Thanks you! ^-^

    2 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • Is it okay if i dye my long hair?

    I want to dye my hair blue or hot pink, and my hair is very long it past my but. I want to get it done by professional hairdresser or one at the mall..the thing mom said they love to cut LONG Hair, and i don't want my hair to be cut at all, if i did it would only be my bangs. I am 13 going on 14 though. and i have dark dark dark brown hair. What should i do?

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  • Help with Cosplay's with Black hair?

    So umm...i'm going to the anime con here were i live in November and i want to cosplay as a character, but i don't know who. can you please help? any animes you know i could cosplay from? I have Long dark brown hair that sometimes look black. I have Dark Brown eyes. and i have tan skin.I'm not to fat and not to skinny. Also i'm 13. and i don't care if i cosplay as a boy or a girl just to let you know.

    Animes I Know:

    Ouran High School

    Black Butler


    Vampire Knight


    Soul Eater

    Final Fantasy

    Devil May Cry

    Death Note

    Vocaloids *i know..not anime but who cares*

    Kingdom Hearts



    Ergo Proxy


    Deadman Wonderland


    and way more.

    Just name some animes or video games and the character you think i could cosplay as. I would be please if you do.

    5 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • Can I use a snowboarding helmet to skateboard?

    So my dad got me a skateboard from a yard sale, Its pretty beat up but it still is good to ride i think? I don't know so much about skateboarding so yeah. But My sister game me her snowboarding helmet for skateboarding, and i was wondering is it okay to use a snowboarding helmet to skateboard? I know its a stupid question but i'm still new to it.

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  • Do You Have To Buy A Pullip Doll To Customize it?

    I'm saving to get my own pullip doll and i was woundering, if you were to want to make your own pullip doll would you have to buy a pullip doll and just get the things you want to make them how you like them?Because i'm think about getting me a vocaloid kaito pullip doll but then i want to customize him and give him a new wig and stuff but then i don't want to mess him up. Please help.

    2 AnswersToys9 years ago
  • best site to buy pullip dolls?

    I'm getting my first pullip doll and i want to get vocaloid kaito but i don't know whats a good site to buy him from, Are these a good site to buy from?

    I don't want to buy one off of ebay because there some times rip offs. If anyone knows were to get a good kaito pullip doll please tell.

    3 AnswersToys9 years ago
  • easy cosplay ideas for long hair?

    I made a final fantasy vincent valenitne outfit for this years anime con here in flag but i'm afraid to cosplay as him becuase alot of girls like him O_O so i need some easy to make cosplay ideas from animes or video games. I have long dark dark brown hair. Dark brown eyes. And My skin is a little tan. And i'm not to skiny and i'm not to fat. PLEASE HELP

    These are anime and video games i know:


    Final Fantasy.

    Kingdom Hearts

    Vampire Knight

    Ouran High School Host Club

    Black Cat



    Vocaloid (I no there not a anime or game but who cares)


    hakuouki shinsengumi kitan


    Devil May Cry

    Silent Hill

    Blaze Blue



    Angel Beats

    Dot hack


    soul eater

    and fallen vampire.

    And if you on any animes i could cosplay from please tell!

    11 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • how to cosplay as tifa lockhart from final fantasy?

    i don't want to buy the outfit online there to much munny! D:

    and how would i make her outfit? and whats her personality? I mite cosaply as her this year here in flag az.

    1 AnswerOther - Games & Recreation9 years ago
  • how can i be not shy?

    I'm a really shy person, when i try to make new friends or try to talk to a boy i like i get really scared to talk to them, how can i not be to shy?

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Were can i buy a xemnas wig?

    My brother is wanting to cosplay as xemnas from kingdom hearts at the anime con here in flagstaff but we don't no were to buy a good xemnas wig dose anyone no were he can get one?

    3 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • matryoshka zebra and hashiyan outfit?

    I love zebra and hashiyan song of matryoshka and i was woundering were i could get zebra and hashiyan outfits from. me and my friend wants to do a cosplay of them but we can't find outfits anywere please help.

    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment9 years ago
  • Whats a good name for a manga book thats about a dark world?

    I'm making a manga thats about this 16 year old boy that has a bad life and he trys to do a suicidel thing buy jumping off a roof of a tower and gets sucked in to a dark cloud wich takes him to this creepy dark evil world and he meets these crowd of teenagers that need his help to help get rid of the evil dolls and ( think of all the creepy things you think is evil) and a lot of bad like some of the people that he gets to really like and they get killed buy the person that is couseing all the evil in the world and it starts to go to the real would and starts BIG chaos thinks and on the way to a tower that is coverd in darkness (wich is were the boy tryed to kill himself) he haves to fight a evil clone of him and get to a little circle that is light and then his angel appers with god and he ask for him to help him stop the chaos in the world and they grand it and every thing gose back to normle...I tryed to make this as short as possible and as much as under standing

    4 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • How can Tobi breathe in his mask?

    I am making a cosplay costume of tobi and my mom wont let me were my mask i made out of clay unless it has breathe holes that i can breathe through. how would i do that??? I can breathe fine with out them with the mask on. whats your idea on how i sould make the mask? Please tell.

    4 AnswersComics & Animation9 years ago
  • What is kerli style of fashion?

    I love her style of clothing and stuff, but is it bubble goth? Or what kinda of style is it?

    Plz tell.

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Could I dance like the guys industrial dance?

    I like how the girls dance to but would it be ok if i did the guys industrial dance? And also, what are some good tutorials and music for it?

    Please Tell.

    5 AnswersDancing9 years ago