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  • Should Independents and non champions be considered or should ONLY conference champions be in the CFP?

    "The criteria to be provided to the selection committee must be aligned with the ideals of the commissioners, Presidents, athletic directors and coaches to honor regular season success while at the same time providing enough flexibility and discretion to select a non-champion or independent under circumstances where that particular non-champion or independent is unequivocally one of the four best teams in the country.

    When circumstances at the margins indicate that teams are comparable, then the following criteria must be considered:

     Championships won

     Strength of schedule

     Head-to-head competition (if it occurred)

     Comparative outcomes of common opponents (without incenting margin of victory)."

    -- Official College Football Playoff Protocol

    A lot of people are angry over this year's playoff selection. But many don't know that because of the existence of schools independent of conferences, they must treat all schools the same way in ranking them by their complete season accomplishments including non conference competition.

    So this introduces a question: Should independents be allowed to participate or should only conferences participate in the CFP?

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  • NFL has Gamepass. What is there to watch any of the FIFA leagues?

    I've been looking for, preferrably an online service, in which I can pay to see FIFA game such as Premier League or perhaps some other leagues. Is there anything out there with an offer like that?

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  • I owe over $1000 because of an error on my 1040?

    On my 1040, I only claimed myself and nothing else (I have nobody or anything else to claim on my taxes). I proved that by visiting the office and on their file and it said I claimed "1." However, I made around $22,000 and only had $273 taken for taxes the whole year. Found this out when I got my w2. Turns out, their system put me for 5 exemptions. Yet on my 1040 I clearly put just 1.

    Now I owe over $1000 to the IRS. Is there anything that I can do since I did everything the way I was supposed to, and their system made the error?

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  • She cheated someone with no job, homeless, shorter and younger than me, and really nasty teeth... Why?

    I'll admit, I don't have the highest pay wage ($13.50 hr) and I'm not the strongest person either. But I pay all my bills and have no problem doing so. I guess I'd understand this better if she ran off with someone rich, or tall, or muscular... but wtf?

    We were only together for 6 mo, but I figured it was going well. Neither of us smoke or drink, and stay away from drugs. We were actually just starting to talk about getting more serious together. But over the course of the past couple weeks she started getting really distant to the point where she stopped replying to me at all for days. Then I found out she cheated on me. It was over and everything after that but then I found out who it was...

    Some 19 yr old, scawny, a good 4" shorter than me, really yellow and rotting teeth, and to boot no job and always looking for a place to stay the night because he doesn't even have a home.

    I mean, I've been cheated on in most of my past relationships and I usually know by now how to cope with it, butI cannot wrap my head around this one. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Reasons women cheat?

    I was wondering, why don't women just tell him its over and then go looking for other guys? It doesn't seem that hard. In fact, its actually harder to hide cheating than it is to just say to someone "We need to talk" etc

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  • When/Why did we start eating sugary things with sugar on top for breakfast?

    All the things we put maple syrup on, the sugary (frosted) cereal, poptarts/toaster strudel, brown/cinnamon sugar toast, and so on. Isn't that a bad way to start the day??

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  • Attachment image

    Can somebody translate this for me? Arabic to English...?

    Picture included.

    I can translate many different languages using the internet, including Japanese and Russian. But languages like Hebrew and Arabic are very difficult to read and to type for some reason. I don't quite know how that language system works.

    But if you feel like you can read it, could you translate into English please?

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  • Does love exist?

    I know in the media and in school, etc, people like to promote the ideal of love and such. But in my adult years, I've learnt that humans are nothing more than the 3rd type of chimpanzee and everything we do is based on baser, animalistic instinct for survival and self-protection.

    Which one is it? Is love a real thing, or are we just apes like chimps? Because I'm not so sure it can be both since chimps don't have the capacity for empathy

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  • Is it just America, or do all women just want money?

    I live in America. And women only seem to want a man who flaunts excessive currency with materials because he has the excess money available to him; whether he worked for it or not (like inheriting from mommy & daddy, etc). I have, however, heard it is different in other continents especially Asia. But I'm not entirely sure how accurate those sources are as I've never been to any of those places much less been there for very long.

    Also, is it different in Canada than it is in America?

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  • How much $$$ do you have to make so a girl will get with you and not cheat?

    Since money seems like the only thing that matters in romantic relationships, I was thinking since women cheat with richer men how much is enough to satisfy a female until death do you part?

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  • GS: Why are men defined only by what car they have?

    You know, instead of what kind of person you are

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  • Why are men defined only by what car he owns, or if he has one?

    You know, instead of by what kind of person you are

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  • What proof is there to accuse the Patriots of tampering?

    You know, assuming there is any. Because the NFL haven't been able to find anything. Cheating is self-evident, so why have the NFL had so much trouble finding anything when they've been searching extra hard for something for their chance to get money out of the Patriots?

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  • What are some possible causes to the rise in male births this past quarter century?

    In younger age groups there are on average a surplus of 400,000 or more males than females.

    4-8: +430,000 males

    9-13: +430,000 males

    14-18: +480,000 males

    19-23: +560,000 males

    24-28: +440,000 males

    Comparison between age-geneder:

    Between males, 19-23, and females, 14-18: +1,200,000 males

    Between males, 24-28, and females, 19-23: +275,000 males

    Between males, 24-28, and females, 14-18: +910,000 males

    Between males, 29-33, and females, 19-23: +100,000 females

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  • Why are the lyrics in "screamo" and other popular emo genres so self-centered and full of pity?

    For about 10 years now, I've heard emo music played by many different people and I noticed first of all they always sound like they're sung by teenagers, and many times are, and they're usually pity-party songs and they sing about only themselves and they way they see things.

    Why is this the trend now? When I was a teenager things were so different. Could someone explain this, please?

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  • How many men today like older women?

    Its probably more now than, say 10 or 20 years ago. Since in younger age groups there are on average a surplus of 400,000 or more males than females.

    4-8: +430,000 males

    9-13: +430,000 males

    14-18: +480,000 males

    19-23: +560,000 males

    24-28: +440,000 males

    Between males, 19-23, and females, 14-18: +1,200,000 males

    Between males, 24-28, and females, 19-23: +275,000 males

    Between males, 24-28, and females, 14-18: +910,000 males

    Between males, 29-33, and females, 19-23: +100,000 females

    All the figures were rounded down

    BQ: What are some possible causes to the sudden rise in male births?

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