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  • Credit Help!?

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  • Rash when drinking(sometimes)?

    I'm 23 years old, I am female. Since I started drinking there are random times when my face, chest, back and arms with get very blotchy red like a rash. It does not itch or bother me what so ever justin there. It happens maybe 1 out of 7 times I drink. It happens when I drink anything. I usually go to the same place and have the same kind of beer and the same amount of beer although I will only get red like 20% of the time. I'm just curious if anyone knows or anyone has experienced this...

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  • Everyone says we need to be together. Should I just try it?

    Freshman year of high school I met this guy and we went to homecoming together and dated for about 2 weeks. Things didnt really work out. I am now 21 and we have been best friends ever since freshman year. We tell eachother everything. We go to eachothers family functions and we have even gone on vacation together. As of right now i have no feelings for him that way which im sure he feels the same. Both our familes and our friends say that we are gonna end up together. I have had one high school sweetheart and he had cheated, hit me, and much more. I really want to be happy with someone, Im not sure if i should just try it with my best friend or not. As of right now he has a girl friend and i would never come in between them. his girl friend and him are going to Cali with me and 2 of my other friends for spring break and im thinking of just watching how they react and if he is happy i will say nothing. If something happens where they break up should i say something?

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  • i deserve a good guy. Where are they..Boys help?

    I'm not the prettiest skinniest funniest or anything but I believe I am a good person. I'm 21 years old and i have had one high school sweetheart for 4 years who cheated on me and now i have a restraining order on him. I have amazing friends boys and girls since high school. They are all finding one and getting into relationships. Every guy i tlk to they just wanna hit it and quit it. Any advice or anything. please let me know thank you!

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  • Can you tattoo over scars?

    I am planning in getting a tattoo tomorrow and I have acne scars on my back. Could they tattoo it no problem? They are not too bad. Most are like dark spots but a few are actual scars. I'd love to cover them up with a piece of art. Please let me know your opinion. Thank you:)

    2 AnswersTattoos8 years ago
  • Do I stay or do I go?? Guys please help!?

    I have been seeing this guy for a little over a month. I met him in high school and we recently starting seeing eachother. He is a relationship kinda guy. He is real good. We have been on about 5 dates and they are great! We hold hands act just like a couple and even have spent the night together just cuddling not even kissing or anything. We recently had sex and everything is still the way it was. I made a joke about us being together since we had sex and he said "lets take it slow, no gf now but I'm not going to see any other girls." I totally understand the slow part cuz I dont like to jump into anything. I hope he's just not using me:/ I need opinions on what he thinks or what I should do.

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  • How can I get more volume for my hair?

    I have pretty long hair. almost to my belly button. My hair never has any volume! I hate it! Its always flat which makes it always look gross:/ What is a good way to get my hair very soft and get some volume? I have already tried many shampoos and conditioners.

    2 AnswersHair8 years ago
  • When is the right time?

    I was in a 4 year relationship, we broke up and i am dating. I don't wanna seem all easy but if I have sex with a guy after a few dates they just move on. But if I wait then the guy kinda gets tired of waiting and still moves on. Idk what I should do. Is every guy like this? Is there like a certain time I should give it up? Cuz I am actually looking for someone to be with in the future and not looking for hook ups.

    Words & Wordplay8 years ago
  • Why do I always get these guys?

    So I have had one serious relationship which was 4 years. He cheated soo many times i was done. But now all the guys that ask me on dates I'm like there second choice. I was dating one guy and we were so close to making it serious and he just dated some other girl. This other guy I dated had a gf and i didnt know. Another one was still in love with his ex and he told me straight up. And this other one says hes not in a relationship cuz shes in another state but now hes going to visit her and i know e still cares for her. Why cant I get my own guy to care about me? I mean I work go to school I dont sleep around I have great friends. In high school I was Homecoming queen and voted best all around. Why cant a guy just care for me for me??

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  • Biology Meiosis and Mitosis help!?

    I can't find any of this.... I have to match 1-9 with a-j

    1) The first cell of a new organism a) centromere

    2) 2 homologous chromosome pairs b) chromosome

    3) A cell with a single set of chromosomes c) gamete

    4) Chromosome segment exchange d) haploid cell

    within tetrads

    5) A sex cells produced in the gonads e) monad

    6) The point at which identical DNA f) Crossing over

    copies remain attached

    g) synthesis

    7) Stage of cell cycle during which h) tetrad

    DNA replicates itself.

    8) Sister chromatids i) trisomy

    9) Three copies (instead of two) of a j) zygote

    particular chromosome

    1 AnswerBiology9 years ago
  • Can you kiss your best friend without things being weird?

    Ok so about 5 or 6 years ago (my freshman year of high school) I met this guy. We met through mutual friends and decided to go to a high school dance together. We kissed then hung out and kissed again. Somehow we didn't end up working out we both kinda stopped talking to one another. A few months after, we started to hang out again. Only as friends. So throughout high school we remained friends. He has become my best friend! I tell him everything. He tells me everything even about boyfriends and girlfriends and stuff and we are always trying to hook each other up with other people. Now I am a junior in college. We go to different schools but still talk and see each other almost everyday. We have the same group of friends. This last weekend he went to visit our friends in Ohio. Halloween weekend so we both partied and didnt talk to each other like at all. So halloween night our whole group of friends got together. We missed each other so i was sitting on his lap (which is very normal lol) hugging alot. So I took him and 2 other friends back to his house. After the other 2 left me and him just stood outside for like an hour and talked (again very normal) It was like 2 in the morning so it was pretty cold. We hugged each other alot! He would pick me up and just hold me for minutes at a time. he put his hands in my jacket around my waist to keep his hands warm and i put my hands under his shoulders. For others this was like a sign of something but not really for us we do it all the time. So i noticed every time we stopped hugging he kinda kept our heads clothes. So he straight up said "Would you wanna make out right now if everything stayed the same. nothing changes. No awkward ness no attachments and we still tell each other about boys and girls and stuff" I laughed and said wow no one has ever just straight up asked me to make out haha. So we made out for like 30 minutes lol of course his hands wondered to my butt. Then it was late so we said goodbye and both went home. Usually after kissing someone I cant stop thinking about it or i have butterflies or something but i was just in crazy shock "wow i just kissed my best friend." SOO because we have the same friends I don't wanna make a big deal about it so i cant really ask anyone about it. I would just like some opinions lol...Thank you!

    2 AnswersFriends9 years ago
  • How to break up with a guy but still be friends?

    I"ve been dating a guy for 3 years and he has cheated on me 4 times. And he has changed alot and I know he will not hurt me again. But i think through him hurting me so mucu I kinda lost feelings for him. He is an amazing guy and the last year he has treated me amazing!! And I have a class with him at university and I still wanna be great friends with him. Just not more then that. And I know If i break up with him he will get pissed off and say Im only doing it to get with other guys. What should I do??

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • what do boys consider a relationship?

    I went to prom with this boy. He asked me to his and i asked him to mine. We had an amazing time! He kissed my head an cheek soo many times. and after we went to his house and watched movies and we kissed on the lips. this happened both proms lol. but he doesnt ask me out or anything. He calls me babe and love. but yet he hardly asks me to hang out or anything. and when i asked him what should i tell my friends if they ask what we are? and he said "tell them we are what we are, why should we be labled" idk what this stuff means lol. help me out

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What do boys want? What do they think?

    ok I REALLY like this guy and he asked me to his senior prom and i asked him to mine. We went to both had an amazing time! He seemed to like me he held my hand and kissed me and everything. but thats it he doesnt ask me out or anything? I need help on what to do. i know i should talk to him about it but i dont wanna be forward and make things awkward so please help lol

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Why do guys give so many different signs? Does he like me or not?

    Ok..So i really like this guy. We had something last year and he told me he was falling for me then i didnt hear from him for a couple months. and when i asked him about what was up he said that i was too good for him. that he didnt deserve me. and then he stopped talkin to me again. then he asked me to his senior prom and said i was the only girl he wanted to go with. we went to prom together and everything was amazing he held my hand kissed my cheek and forhead and was great to me! and now we're going to my senior together. Is he just looking for some girl to mess with or something? I mean asking me to prom means he cares for me right? but idk why he doesnt really seem to talk to me or anything that much ya know? this guy is giving me so many different signs. and i dont wanna be like every other girl and ask him about it cuz it will probably bug him that i ask whats up ya kno i dint wanna seem all needed. What do i do???

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • If my boyfriend cheated 3 times and said he is gonna change should i stay?

    I am 18 years old and a senior in high school. My ex is 19 and a freshmen in college. We got together my freshmen year. and he cheated on me twice. after the third time i broke up with him my junior year. While we were dating he threatend my friends (boys) that he was gonna beat them up if they touched me. I still am pretty much with him today. we hang out all the time and kiss and everythin. but im doing this behind my friends back because i know they would not approve, He says he is going to change. but i keep finding stuff out like he is talking to other girls saying he wasts pictures of them and stuff. I am the only girl he has ever taken home to his parents and i am the only one. I do really love him because he is my first love and we have been together for 4 years on and off. but i wanna stop lying to my friends. what should i do?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago