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  • Sex for the first time?

    I had sex for the first time a couple of days ago. It kind of hurt to pee but it doesn't feel like a UTI. It doesn't burn and I don't have to go all the time either. Well I decided to look down there and it looks like a red scratch on my urethral opening. Is it possible I injured it during sex? Or do I need to worry about a STI? We did use a condom, but I know that's not a guarantee protection from STIs.

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  • Flights to Haiti Question?

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking for a flight to Haiti for a medical missions trip. I will be going March14/15- 22 (I need to be in Haiti Sat the 15 and leave the 22) But we can leave here the 14th if we have to fly overnight.

    When I looked I saw flights that would take us 18-26 hrs to get to Haiti.

    I will be leaving from Indianapolis (IND) and land in Haiti (PAP)

    Can anybody give me details how to find a cheap flight and how to book flights. If at all possible one that doesn't take 26 hours before I'm in Haiti.

    I have been to Haiti before but I didn't have to book anything.

    Thanks Everyone

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  • Medical Missions Organizations?

    Can people tell me what organizations use RNs as volunteers?

    I know of Doctors without boarders and Mercy Ships.

    I know doctors without boarders will pay for you to work for them and Mercy Ships you need to raise your own money to go.

    Any information on other organizations is greatly appreciated.

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  • Books for a 21 year old?

    I love to read! :)

    I've read a lot of books... I will tell you some books I've read so you know what kind of books I like to read.

    Cate Tiernan (Immortal Beloved trilogy)

    Lauren Burd (Immortal, Forever)

    Rachel Cain (Morganville Vampires)

    PC Cast (house of night)

    Becca Fitzpatrick (hush hush, crescendo)

    Lauren Kate (Fallen Series)

    Alexandra Adornetto (Halo series)

    Kristi cook (Promise, purpose)

    Suzanne Collins (hunger Games)

    Kiersten White (paranormalcy series)

    Andrea Cremer (night shade series)

    Kristin Cashore (graceling, fire)

    Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz (crave)

    Pittacus Lore (I am number 4 series)

    Scott Westerfeld (uglies series)

    Stephine Meyer (Twilight series)

    Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy series)

    Neal Shusterman

    Aylson Noel

    Gena Showalter (intertwined, twisted)

    James Patterson (Maximum Ride series)

    As you can tell I like paranormal books.

    Thanks for all the help... Sry this was so long I just didn't want to be told the same books I've read, even though I've read many more books than this. :)

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  • nursing care plan help?

    I have to do this for nursing school. I have my nursing diagnosis and my short term goals but i need help with my long term goals and some interventions. Thanks so much for all the help in advance! :) the long term goals have to be written like this ( the pt will have ... aeb (as evidence by) ..... by discharge)

    DX 1:

    Acute pain r/t possible acute pancreatisis

    short term goal 1:

    pt will have decreased pain aeb (as evidence by) a pain level of < 5 30 mins after administration of dilaudid by end of clinical day.


    -assess pains characteristics, location, duration

    reposition the pt to one that doesn't cause pain

    administer 1 mg of dilaudid to lower pain level

    assess pt pain level 30 mins afteradministrationn of dilaudid and 2hrs after

    educate pt on the pain scale of 0-10

    assess pt knowledge of the pain scale

    Dx 2:

    Anxiety r/t change in health status, stress and change inenvironmentt

    Short term goal 2:

    The pt will have less anxiety aeb lower HR <120 and R <22 by end of clinical day.


    assess pt level of anxiety and physical reactions

    have the pt verbalize any symptoms ofanxietyy; exampleanxiouss

    explain to pt all procedures before doing them

    find possible sources of anxietyintervenen when possible to remove source of anxiety

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  • Where can I find erotica for free online?

    I've been to the site and i've read most of that stuff... but I would like to find more sites

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  • masturbation advice? please help?

    I'm a 20 yr old female and I have been masturbating for probably 2 yrs now and I wanted to know any advice for something different. I'm a virgin and i'm saving myself for marriage.... I don't have any sex toys so yeah... thanks for any advice.

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  • What book should I read?

    I really like the Twilight series... I DON"T want any more vampire suggestions. I also like the book stolen by lucy christopher, (i'm going to read the next book, flyaway)

    hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick( a lot!) (next book, crescendo)

    Numbers by Rachel Ward (next book, numbers 2: the chaos) great book also,

    Crank, Burned by ellen Hopkins (i'm going to finish reading thes books also)

    I would love more books like Numbers, Stolen and Hush, Hush if anybody has any please let me know.

    I have borrowed A story of a girl, The city of ember, nick and Norah's, the compound, fallen, eternal, halo... but if you have any other recommendations thanks!

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  • What are some good books if I like...?

    What are some good books to read if I already LOVE the Twilight series.

    I DON'T want Vampire books... I didn't read them because of the vampires in them. I read them for the romance, adventure, twists, the mystery behind the characters. I loved all the characters in the Twilight books.

    I also just read Stolen by Lucy Christopher

    and Crank by Ellan Hopkins...

    I liked both... didn't love Crank but I think I'm going to finish the series.

    I LOVE the Left Behind Series also... the books you recommend doesn't have to be Christian.

    I read fast. I got Crank and Stolen at the library 2 days ago and I've finished both. (not that you needed to know that lol).

    I like books about romance, mystery, twists, suspense, adventure, ect.

    I would kinda like to read more books like stolen (about a girl that gets kidnapped... i don't want it to be gory though... she was never raped and he actually loved her... kinda weird i know)

    I wouldn't mind reading some psycho-thrillers...

    Thanks everyone! :)

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  • What are some good books after twilight?

    I LOVED the twilight saga.... I didn't keep reading the books because of the vampires, shape shifters, ect. I like the story because of the love triangle and the way it was written. I loved the characters, I loved the cullens and how they stuck together as a family, the action, the romance.... I don't want to read another vampire story or anything like that I want a book that is a love story, action.... Can anybody help me?

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  • A riddle that I need an answer to?

    I am bright at night

    You look for mee but avoid me

    I have the color patterns of a candy cane

    What am I?

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  • Whats the first thing you think of when you hear the word Easter?

    i'm doing this as a research assignment... please be honest

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  • I need some good Math Jokes!?

    I am playing a joke on a math teacher that i work with and he teaches little kids... so i need some math jokes... (like shapes, numbers and stuff like that)

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