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  • naming her after her dad?

    I wanna name my daughter after her dad, but Joshua is obvioulsey a boys name.I was wondering if there were any girl names that sound close to it?

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  • writing a letter to my fiances judge?

    Basically I am trying to write a letter to my fiances judge asking for some type of lenancy, something other then prison. I have rewrote this 500 times and can't seem to figure out what to say about a paragraph in I have been all over Google trying to fond maybe some samples letters but did me no good. help? Maybe with writing a sample?

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  • How to start out my story? 1st sentence?

    Im writing a story about a girl who lives with her abusive mom an little sister in the slums then eventually a rich boy comes in an wants to be with her but she absolutley refuses & always knocking him down cause she feels like she not good enough and embarressed about her home life . but eventually after he wont quit trying she finally goes out with him. she lets the boy in on her home life and what she tells him is horrific. how do i start this out? i dont want to start it out explaining everything but thats the only way i can think of? give me examples please?

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  • Unable to eat or sleep after overdosing on drugs?

    I accdently overdosed just the other day. I was in the hospital bed barley alive barley able to grasp on to air. Since then I cant sleep or eat or stand to be alone . Im having nightmares about it all. Im having short flashbacks. is this normal? would you consider overdosing something tramatic? Please I need advice? serious anwsers im only 16 and this is the first time ive dealt with this kind of thing. Plz no lecture or judgement just advice

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  • How does this sound? Critiqueing greatly appreciated :)?

    It was hard for Sadie to keep from screaming at the unfairness of it all. Her past, her present, her future. Her life. Sadie was raised in the slums of Detroit Michigan with her half sister Myra Grace & her Abusive mother who sipped on cheap booze & wine. The only income was that of their mothers measley 900$ disability check, most of which was spent on cheap whisky & ‘smokes’ to feed their mothers addiction.

    Barley having enough money to keep the leaky dry-rotted roof of apartment C3 over their heads, Sadie & Myra spent countless nights laying awake in the small bed that they shared, cuddled close to one another trying to stay warm, trying to sheild off the intense cold weather that seeped in through the deeply cracked drywall to somehow soothe there aching hungry bellys.

    Sadie being the oldest, the one with the ‘attitude’ was the target of her mothers drunken’ abuse. Often becoming a punching bag for such minute things.

    Trying to bear the burdens of her broken home, Sadie often hid the pain behind a smile & the tears behind laughter, & hid the bruises under the tattered sleeves of her heavy winter jacket.

    “Its easy to hide the pain, but dealing with it is much more difficult.” Explained Sadie, to her close friend Makayla while rubbing the inner bend of her arm with alchahol getting ready to inject herself with methamphetamines.

    “Theres a party tonight at Eastons house tonight, wanna be my date?’’ Mentioned Makayla In a desperate attempt to change the subject. “Uhh hell yah I do!’’ after injecting the harsh drug into there young weak veins the girls hid the needles & elastic bands inside a hollowed out bible, usaully placed in between Makaylas matress & boxspring. They rummage through Makaylas closet in attempt to find something sexy to where.

    “OH MY GOD!” Screamed sadie while yanking a beautiful red zebra striped satan cupcake style dress off the hanger “Can I wear this please, please, please?!” “I don’t give a **** Sadie, you already know that.”

    After hours of Teasing & Crimping, Blow drying & Straightning, Primping & glossing, its time to roll.

    “Damn Easton, this shits poppin, Huh?” Babbled the tipsy Makayla. “Hell yah, yall ladies lookin good tonight, I say we all three take it to the bedroom?” The girls turned to each other & let out a sudden burst of laughter. “Haha naw, But Sadie I want you to come meet my buddy Ryan, Hes been eye balling you all night, follow me.” Makayla turned to Sadie with a devious grin & giggled “Hes rich.” Being from the slums of Detroit she felt as if she werent good enough for any of those ‘rich people.’ She had made up her mind right then that she would turn him down.

    Only to please Easton, The drunk Sadie stumbles close behind him. “Sadie, This is ryan, Ryan this is Sadie.” “Finally glad to meet you.” Ryan grinned. “You look beautiful tonight, Easton told me a lot about ypu, You’re his girlfriends best friend right?” “Thanks, & only good things I hope? & yup Me & Makayla have been bestfriends since like forever.” “Haha hell yah that’s whats up, so you wanna dance?” “No your not really my type, Im sorry.” Rejected Sadie while turning away. Ryans bubbly grinn was suddenly ripped off his face, only to be replaced by the look of disapointmeant.

    Early the next morning still hung over, Sadie walked through the old rusted metal doors at the front entrance of her complex “Welcome to hell.” She quietly mummbled to her self. Sadie slowley inched up the tacky thick rubber matted stairs dreading the moment that she would soon have to aproach the ugly blue door of apartment C3, the one encasing the devil.

    She quietly opened the door & peeked in, only to see her mother snap back her head & immediatley start yelling.

    “Where the **** were you all night, were you with that whore makayla?”

    Sadie quickly snapped back without thinking of the consequences “Shes not a ******* whore.”

    In total Disbelief, Her mother drew back a fist & punched Sadie dead in the face, instantley Knocking her down to her knees. Down on the floor her mother start violentley kicking her in the abdomen, waving her finger in sadies face

    “Don’t you ever ******* talking to me like that again, you ungrateful little *****.”

    Mothers statement was finalized with a brutal blow to the eye. Feeling Satisfied she walked over to the coffee table to finish off what was left of her whiskey.

    Used to her mothers beatings she quickly arose up on her feet,It took all she had to Fight back the tears, but she was determined to walk out of that room with her head held up high & she did just that. Sadie calmly walked to the small bedroom that her & her the sister shared, the door was hardley shut before she dropped to her knees balling her eyes out. Myra walked over holding sadie, wiping away the tears, reassuring her that everything was gonna be alright ,As Sadie did her when she was sad.

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  • Trouble Starting my story off?

    The storys about a teenage girl whos grew up in poverty, being raised by an alcaholic carless abusive mother. She partys and does drugs to deal with the pain. At the party she meets a rich guy whos interested in her but she shoots him down cause she know that he comes from money and she feels shes not good enough. They quincedently run into each other in a few popular places. Then they meet at another party. Shes super drunk & puking he comes to help her (even though she rejected him, he still wants her) he realizes she has alchaol poison and he takes her to the hospital. She wakes up the next morning basically still rejecting him . Eventually she start to kinda get close with him and tells him about a few homelife problems but not all shes staring to fallling love. He takes her to his parents huge ranch house and she once again is feeling hes to good for her so she avoids him for a few days. untill one late night she shows up at his house with her little sister histaricly crying cause she walked in on her mom letting her boyfriend rape her sister. He calms them down and calls the cops they were removed from the home and sent a out of state foster home & eventually years later they run into each other again.. And happy ever after.

    I started it explaining the girl like they way she lived and how she was raised and how he moms was a pos basically. It sounded to much like wikipedia , even though I tweeked it a thousand times it just dont sound right olease help?

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  • Casey Anthony walks free?

    How did she get off free when all evidence clearly pointed at her. Such as the heart shaped sticker found in her home was found on lil caylees mouth. Her car reeked of death. they found caylees decoposing skin cells & hair in the trunk of her car. She waited 31 days to call the police. she lied many times about where she worked, where the baby sitter lived who the babysitter was. there were pictures of her partying after little cayless disapearence. She was wrapped up with her favorite toys and blanket. there were computer searches about suffocation and what not. and she told investigators that she drowned in the family pool, ariel pictures of the family home showed no pool.and even if she did drown(strongly doubt it) shouldn't casey atleast be charged with neglect for barrying the child instead of calling for help?

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  • In the girls next door reality TV show, why does kendra hate Audra?

    I have "The girls next dooor" season one on dvd, I was watching the commentary of it and in like the 6th episode it showed all the girls trying on the bunny outfit, and audra had forced herself into the outfit, but in the commentary the girls, mainly Kenrda was trashing her, why?

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  • Drawers block? I dont know what to draw?

    I cant think of anything to draw, detailed ideas?

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