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  • What are some good (Canadian) gifts to bring to a Korean host family, or just a host family in general?

    I am going to study at Seoul Women's University for the month of July, through a Korean language and culture program called the Bahrom International Program.

    The organizers highly recommend bringing little trinkets of your home country (I'm from Vancouver Island, BC, Canada) to give as gifts to some of the new friends you will make during the program. Part of the program includes a weekend spent with a Korean host family, for which we are supposed to bring gifts.

    I have already bought a small Cowichan Sweater (looks a bit like this: which is very representative of Canada, and especially the region I'm from, for the female Korean student who will be matched up with me for the duration of the program. (We will be staying with our Korean "buddies'" families for the host family weekend).

    I'm told that in the past, host families have enjoyed receiving maple syrup. What about traditional artwork/photo books of the region you're from?

    Also, what would Korean young people (18-25 years; likely female) like to receive? Personally, I like trying new sweets/cookies from foreign places but I'm not sure if that would apply to other people (ie: would they like to receive maple-flavoured candies? What about "typically North American" junk food like peanut butter or Smarties candy?).



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  • Do white prom dresses look too much like wedding dresses?

    I'm considering a couple different prom dresses for my grad on the internet, one of them being a wedding dress. It's not too over-the-top; it's pretty contemporary and chic. Here's the picture:

    I want to go for the classically beautiful look without looking too frumpy. Basically, I want to stay away from anything that looks dated/tacky/uuber common.

    HOWEVER, will I look too bridal-y? What do you think?

    Here are my other options:

    #1: GORGEOUS vintage repro beaded gown:

    #2: Another white one... :):

    #3: ANOTHER white one (the one SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN wore on Gossip Girl's Season 2 Premiere :D)

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