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Helladank, huh.

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Hey hey heyyy, I'm Elaina...Yup, and uhm, I love music...Like Screamo, techno, emo and all that. And I love to write, Its like a passion of mine<3 I love poetry... I have an odd obsession with quotes and lyrics, etc. Haha Homophobia is gay. Life is overrated and taken way too seriously. Lets start an epidemic; smile like your not dying inside. I hate the term 'emo' when used to describe a human being. 'emo' means emotional, and is a type of music, so shut the fuck up if your one of the people who likes to lable human beings as emo. Everyone is emotional, get over it. I love meeting new people, so talk hoes[: Oh yeah, and Iloveyouwithafireypassion<3 OHHHH and add my myspace,