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Hey,I'm kk of California! I'm a thirteen year old girl. - I LOVE Miley Cyrus!!! She's my favorite singer! I'm a Smiler (Miley Cyrus fan) :) - my favorite book/book series is losing Christina by Caroline.B Cooney! - you can usually find me in the adolescent section but sometimes I will go to the polls and surveys and family section. <3!!!!!

  • if you were alone at night and this happened how would you react?

    If you were alone at night and an evil pretzal came into your room and forced you to watch the 11 o'clock news with him would you...

    A: watch it

    B: make pop corn

    C: play some lazer tag

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  • always hungry,thirsty,need to pee,ect. what's wrong with me?

    Ok so I got this a few days ago where I'm almost always thirsty. Constantly hungry,and need to always pee. I am sick right now but this was happening before I got sick. But I am almost constantly thirsty,so I'll drink water but then I'll get thirsty in an hour or so. I am constantly getting hungry. I had two bowls of soup a couple of hours ago and now I'm starving. And I constantly need to pee. I've gone to the bathroom 5 times in the last hour. I usually don't ask questions here but this is annoying me. Any clue what this is? Btw I'm 13,Thnks :)

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  • how to deal with being embarrassed,please help me?

    My dad embarrassed me in front of a bunch of people (including my friend) by saying some really embarrassing things about me. (it's really really hard to embarrass me) but today he embarrassed me pretty bad. I feel mortified,I just laughed it off but now that I'm alone I feel like dieing. How do I deal with this,he said it in front of this kid who will most likely tell everybody about it. I got mad so I embarrassed my dad by telling an embarrassing story about him (i know It's immature but I was panicking) so hopefully everyone will forget. But I still feel bad :( how do I cope with this embarrassment? Please no rude comments,I already feel bad.

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  • Any paintball tips for a beginner?

    Ok,me and my youth group are all going paintballing tomorrow. There are a lot of adults and teenagers,most of them have already been paintballing but me and my friend have never been :(. Me and my friend decides to pair up but we still need tips. Don't say stuff like Don't get hit,I know that. Like should we wait in the back for a while then go out and shoot people after they run out of paintballs? I will be wearing a short sleep hoody and a pair of old jeans with a big hole in the knee part. Is that ok to wear? Is it good that me and my friend are pairing up? No rude comments please,thanks!

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  • have you been tricked by Google Smell yet?

    I went to google something and it said "New! Google smell,try it!" So I tried it and it was like telling me to put my nose on the screen and smell stuff like the beach or mothballs and it wasn't working. I finally went to the help section and it was telling me what to do then at the very end it said it was April Fool's Day. Well I wasn't expecting that because It's still Easter in California lol. It's 11:30. So did you fall for it? Try it haha

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  • Survey: spring break?

    1. When is/was your spring break

    2. When does/did it end?

    3. What are you doing on spring break/ what did you do?

    4. How long is it?


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  • parents fighting,bankruptcy tearing my family apart, can't do this any longer! help me!?

    Ok,really long story short my parents had a constructions business with a business partner. Turns out business partner is a fraud and left company. Now my parents had to file bankruptcy. Now legal there are legal problems and stuff. In the futer the IRS might garnish our family's wages and we might lose the house and have to live with my grandparents! My mom keeps having emotional breakdowns and starts crying. She worries so much. She is afraid they might go to jail but we have tons of people telling us they won't go to jail. (they didn't do anything wrong but she thinks business partner will have fake proof they did do fraud) well my dad just yelled at my mom for worrying about the same thing. I can't take this anymore! I want to commit suicide but I won't because of reasons. And I'm also too scared to commit suicide. I can't talk to anyone! My friends barely talk to me (long distance friendship) and my best friend has here own problems. My school doesn't have a counselor (charter school) and I can't talk to my parents cause the last thing they need is me and my worries. Also I can't talk to my.grandma.cause she worries also. I can't run away because I have no where to go. I don't want to tell my teachers this cause I just started this new school. I need advice! It's tearing our life and family apart! Please help me! I will pick best answer!

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  • what are the symptoms of appendicitis?

    Long story short I'm a thirteen year old girl,I have extreme pain on my right side. It's not period cramps,I don't start for 3 weeks. PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!

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  • how can i do this? ¦'(?

    I'm a teen girl overweight (over 130 but I'm not telling the number) and I go dieting (I'm still eating just cutting out salt and sugar) but I always end up eating junk and gaining weight. It sucks cause all my friends are sticks. And on top of this mess people always give me a hard time about it. I need help on how I can keep eating healthy and not eat junk. I'm 13 btw

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  • I'm so sore!!! (stupid 20 character rule)?

    Ok,2 days ago I had to run a mile at school and do push ups and stuff blablabla. Well I forgot to stretch and 2 days later I'm still so sore! On my legs and upper arms! I took a hot bath and some aspirin but it still hurts so much! I need to get well because I'm baking cookies tomorrow for a bake sale and Sunday me and my youth group sell them. Any tips? Thanks!

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  • teens! what do i do (stupid 20 character rule)?

    Ok,let me explain this. My parents are bankrupting their company. They usually let me stay home alone but they are in court today dealing with this mess. So they can't get to the house in case of an emergency. So they dropped me off at our boat. (we own a fishing boat) it's got a few beds,a tv,bathroom,and food. I was suppose to do school here (i go to charter school,half homeschooled,other half I'm tutored) so I finished school on the boat. There are people watching me here. But since I finished school I'm sooo bored! The tv won't work >:« I'm using Y!A on my phone. What can I do to keep myself entertained? I can't take a walk. Thanks!

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  • when does The X Factor U.S.A start?

    It's my favorite show

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  • good come backs for when people call me fat?

    Ok,people all around me call me fat. Parents,siblings,brats at my old school,and strangers. Most do it behind my back although I catch it. I am on a diet and going to start exorcising soon (I'm a little soar so I can barely move) but I need good comebacks for in the meantime before I lose weight. Thanks!

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  • how do i pass? (stupid 20 characters)?

    Ok,today is the California fitness gram at my school. We have to run the mile and other stuff but I suck at running! I am OK at the other stuff but I suck at running! And its hard to breath! Any tips? Any tips on breathing? I'm a seventh grade girl. K,thanks

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  • how am i going to survive today?!?!?!?

    Ok,California does this fitness gram thing where we have to run the mile,lift weights,get weighed,and other stuff.(they weigh you privately) this school is a charter school so they are sensitive to people's feelings about their weight. But I suck at running! I can lift weights,push ups,and sit ups but I can NOT RUN!!!!!!!! How will I pass? Please give me tips

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  • i'm going to be mortified!!!!!!!?

    Ok,tomorrow California does this thing for 7-9 graders. Where we have to run and do physical stuff. I don't care about that it's just they weigh you. I am over weight and am going to be mortified! What do I do.

    ?!??!??!?! I'm in seventh grade

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  • essay ideas for a seventh grader?

    I have to write an essay,it has to be specific. It can't be something like whales,it has to be something like "the troubles whales face every day" oh,and I don't want to write about whales,thanks! I'm a seventh grade BTW

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  • directioners: how do you feel about taylor swift and what she did at the grammys?

    I'm not a directioner or a swiftly but I think what Taylor did at the Grammy's was just mean and immature. What are your thoughts on it?

    P.S I'm a Smiler ( Miley Cyrus fan)

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  • what did Taylor Swift do to Harry Styles at the Grammys?

    i keep hearing about Taylor Swift was mean to Harry Styles at the Grammy awards because of their bad breakup but what exactly did she do? Just curious,thanks

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  • do people with mental illnesses know that they have it?

    Ok,this might sound dumb but I have the worst fear of having a mental illness. I ask people and they say I do but I think I'm just being paranoid. Do people with mental illnesses know they have one? How would they know? Thanks

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