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I raise Chihuahuas and Shar Peis.Love my animals,always have been an animal nut.I love flower gardening also.

  • Chihuahua Eyes:a bit of white shows around the edges?

    Does anyone have a dog,in which around the outer edge of the eye(not the entire eye) shows a bit of white?Any breed dog but more specifically I am interested in Chihuahuas.A friend told me a Chihuahua she had for 13 years had this and he was hydrocephalus..otherwise known as water on the brain?There's a tiny Chi I am interested in,but has had a rough start to life.She had a hernia the size of her head and the breeder did nothing to save her.So,a lady I have known for years,(used to own the neighborhood pet shop) ,now buys dogs from breeders and resells them...(yes,I know not a good thing,but I trust in this woman because I have known her for so long..over twenty-five years,so please do NOT bother lecturing me..I'm plenty old enough to know what's what in this world).I just want to know if anyone has had any experience with the white part showing around the rims of their eyes..if it means anything bad?Or anything at all?

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  • Mast cells in dogs ,3 levels ?

    My vet found what he called "mast cells" in what HE thought to be a fatty tumor,on the underside of my Chihuahua.On the way to the vets the morn of surgery,I was holding her and I found a pencil eraser size lump up by a front leg.He removed both and sent in for a biopsy,which he said will tell us whether the cells are level 1,2,or 3?Three being the worse,and said he doesn't see that so often.Anyone have any experience ,so they can describe the 3 levels of mast cells to me,and the outcome?Tequila is an 8 year old Chihuahua,she's only halfway thru her life...I hope.

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  • Forgot my password for my laptop...UGH!!!!?

    I paid and had my laptop cleaned up because I found my adult son (who no longer lives with me!) was downloading some movies to it.I also requested the use of a pw to get into the computer,so he couldn't use it anymore without my knowledge.Well,I forget my pw,because I rarely use it.I found a thing online that says it can allow me to get in to my computer,for $19.95.I stopped by an office max,and they said no way....that would make it too easy for anyone to get into anyones computer.He said my best bet was to find the disk used to set up the computer and to reprogram my computer.What if I can't find that disk?Am I locked out of my own computer forever?The guy who cleaned it for $65. said he could unlock it for $65.00...that sounds awfully high to me!You'd think since I allowed him to clean both of my computers in recent months,he'd give me some type of cost break!Oh well.Any suggestions?

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  • My sugargliders had babies?

    and the male sold to me was suppose to be neutered.Obviously not! They are adorable,and OOP now(they spend 8-10 weeks in mamas pouch) I have discovered.They are only the size of a grain of rice when born and go immediately to the pouch,therefore I didn't realize til a couple weeks ago that we had babies in the pouch.Does anyone know if you have to coax them into eating,or does a mommy show them what to eat?

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  • SUGARGLIDERS.....anyone own any?

    I bought two the past summer and they are doing well.Did quite a bit of research on them before purchasing.But I know every owner will have something new to say.If you have ,now or ever owned a sugar glider,any tidbits of advice or fun stories to pass along?

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  • If a dog need medical care and does not receive it ,do you consider the owner to be neglecting the dog?

    I answered a question here yesterday,a writer asked what to do when her vet suggested x-rays for her dog who wakes up every morning seemingly paralyzed,but gets better after a short while.She refused the x-rays,and she was whimpering about spending over $500. towards shots and stuff already this year.I told her my opinion was that it was animal neglect,a form of animal abuse,when a dog needs medical care and the owner does not give it.If you can't afford medical care for the dog,you shouldn't own it! What is your opinion.Now she is writing me telling me I am not compassionate! I told her that she was wrong,I am VERY compassionate about animals,and that's why I am standing by my answer to her.What is your opinion on this topic?If a vet suggests x-rays,would you have them done?

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  • Anyone ever bred Shar Peis here?

    I currently breed chihuahuas and am thinking of changing to Shar Peis.The two I have ,have passed all current health tests and are of great temperaments.Just looking at the pros and cons of Shar Pei breeding.I know it can be more expensive because of the eyes,too,but not a problem.I would love to help "better" the breed.

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  • Can 2 people with the same blood type,give birth to a baby with a blood type different than their own?

    Such as 2 parents with A+ blood type,give birth to a child with O+ ??

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  • Where can I find Sugar Gliders around Ohio?

    I want to be able to drive to pick it(them) up.Refuse to have an animal shipped to me.And I will buy a pair of them,because I know of the lonliness issues.All the sites I have checked are not around Ohio....even the sugargliders rescue in Medina,Ohio...have nothing kicks me to a site in Texas!

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  • How do I keep a cast from sliding off a 7 week old puppies broken leg?He's going under anesthesia again today

    because the first one slid down and out of place in 2 days.It is a 10 lb mixed puppy,and I don't want to have to put him under again.It is a rear leg.I kept him caged,as asked,but how still can you keep a 7 week old?

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  • Dogs with tongue cancer????

    I have a 10 year old shar pei boxer mix,diagnosed with cancer on her tongue 2 weeks ago.I asked for info before and only got 2 responses.I was told this is an agressive cancer,and is known to spread to her lungs.Sooner or later,I will have to put her down when she either can't eat or has too much trouble breathing.The vet has given me no time frame,but no hope for a cure,as it is all the way to the rear of her mouth.I'm just looking for any tidbits of info,anything.

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  • Cancer on dogs tongue....?????

    A couple weeks ago,I had to hold my friends dog who had cancer(both,dog & owner) while we put him down.Now,I take my own dog to the vet and am told she has inoperable cancer on the back of her tongue.She has been leaving blood in the water bowl for the last 3 days,and as much as I checked her teeth ,I saw no bleeding.It took my vet all of 1 minute to spot the tumor.His "I'm sorry" said it all.I was at a loss for words.I thought ,at worst,it was going to be a teeth cleaning and maybe a broken tooth.Needless to say,I am stunned!No time frame given,because we don't know how long it's been there.He said it is a rather agressive cancer,and tends to spread to the lungs.So,if she can no longer swallow,or is having too much trouble breathing,it will be time to put her down.She is a 9 year old Shar Pei-Boxer mix,60 lb,lovable,huggable mutt.I have 13 other purebreds,and we have always said if cloning ever became real,we would clone her!!!Anyone with experience with this kind of cancer?

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  • Euthanasia of Pets..Believe or not believe in it?????

    I just took a friend who has cancer and his dog to the vet yesterday,to have his 11 year old dog with cancer put down.My friend is 51,and in the middle of chemo treatments himself.The dog,an 80 lb mix,had inoperable throat cancer,a large,softball size cancer tumor that just busted open yesterday morning.The dog hasn't eaten or had use of his hind legs sice Friday.I actually told him I thought it was time to say goodbye to Caesar.He agreed.I ended up being the one sitting on the floor of the vets,holding Caesars head to say goodbye,and crying my eyes out.I truly believe this was the correct thing to do for Caesar.Do you?

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  • Opinions on my vet plz?

    I have 14 dogs,all licensed,have all their shots,and are legal.I also breed chihuahuas.My reg vet has a shared "on call " status with another vet hospital. When I called today,the "other" hospital was on call,a half hour away.(compared to my vet 5 minutes away) When one of my chis go into labor,I always call the vet to forwarn of a possible emergency c section.This vet from the "other" place says "OH,we don't routinely do c sections here,you have to go to the emergency hospital"..which would cost me double!I was so pissed!!Sorry,but that's how I felt.Do you think it's time for me to find vet who does not share emrgency on call duty now?And by the way,had 5 babies..1st one was born dead.....4 males are doing great!

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  • How to stop a barking Shar Pei from a distance?

    Picture this.5 AM,alarm goes of.,So does 6 month old pup from her cage.When I finally come downstairs,she is hysterically barking.I never let her out first anymore,that way she doesn't think her barking won.She finally shuts up as I pack my husbands lunch.But,I've stood in front of her and yelled "NO BARK"..I've calmly and firmly told her the same.I have a squirt bottle that works,but I need her NOT to bark when I am upstairs.I have a shock collar,but it's still in the box..I'm trying to use that as a last resort.Seven weeks later of training classes(and she did pass),the morning bark continues.She does not continuosly bark all day or when outside..just at 5 AM.Any suggestions before I break and use the shock collar?

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