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  • why are there so many kurds living in south America and Greece?

    im interested in this lol. was there something to do with colonization,ottoman empire is what i heard of but im not entirley sure so why are there Kurdish people in south america greece Germany etc? ThanksInAdvance

    1 AnswerGreece8 years ago
  • My boss is hitting on me?! im a Happily married wormen heelp?

    right so i work at this company that pays very well and im very happy at this place however my boss ALWAYS makes comments directed to me some are sexual and some are about how i should leave my husband for him??! i have made it quite clear that i love my husband (we have been married for one year now) and that im not interested in ANY sort of relationship'affair'.

    sometimes he wil touch me on the shoulder, tighs and play with my hair,

    i am not denying that he is VERY handsome and we do get along very well (work FRIEND wise) nothing more! how can i make him stop or should i tell my husband first then confront him? plz help thanks in advance!!!!

    17 AnswersMarriage & Divorce8 years ago