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  • Why does it say the following question?

    It says: "You have chosen to activate yahoo messenger service which enable you to view and transmit video images!".... What should I do about it? I have a NP300 Samsung Laptop with Windows 7 and incorporated webcam. The Yahoo! Messenger vrs. is 11. Pls help!!! Thx....

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  • This is really confusing...pls help me out!!!T___T?

    Are there two Korean artists named Tablo? Cause one Tablo is in YG Ent. and the other one in Epik High who is in Woollim Ent. It can't be the same Tablo from YG Ent. whom I know, right? It'll be too absurd......pls clear it up for me @_@ cause I had a real shock from this dilemma

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  • What are some Kdramas similar to SungKyunKwan Scandal??^o^?

    Ergh...I love dramas, especially K-dramas..I've recently watched SungKyunKwan Scandal and fell in love with it...Would you be nice and make me a list with dramas similar to it with a "girl-disguised-as-a-boy"plot?

    I've seen: You'e beautiful, Painter of the wind, Kpop Extreme Survival, Coffee Prince....

    Thx for your time!

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  • any dramas recommendations?

    well...I love Korean dramas......and I'm out of dramas to watch( ones which would suit my taste of course) ....and now I want a drama in which a girl disguises herself as a boy for a specific reason

    I've seen: You're beautiful, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Painter of the wind, K-pop Survival........


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  • another name request if you don't mind ^^?

    ok this time..I know its's called Soutanshi and it's a soundtrack of Inuyasha anime..I loved this anime but I can't find the name of the female singer or whatever is her job who sings this's such a calming and charming voice..I really need to find the artist..she collaborated with Kaoru Wada and his orchestra...please HELP! thank you ^^ ( other soundtracks where she sang: fate and love, kagome and inuyasha, painful feelings, Luna). bye

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  • I have a song name request...if it's possible, please?

    yeah I think I'm asking for the impossible..but....I really need to find this song's name....I heard it on my radio...but they didn't say the name....because another song's sang by a hip-hop singer for sure...and is kinda fast...a little bit remixed....and in the chorus all I remember is bla bla your love love love love....I knew this song from somewhere but as you see I have forgotten it.....pls help me....thanks ya guys....*sighs* ( P.S. : don't tell me hope ft jason mraz cause it's sang only by a male singer...)

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  • Why the Korean drama My name is Kim Sam Soon isn't for free any longer? And if it still is where to see it?

    Yeah a pretty common question.Well I've tried countless sites and non of them would work for me...if they work they'd stop at the half of the episode. I really tried my best finding a suitable one. Is this because of my PC? Or should I give up? Cause I surely won't pay to see. I barely saw 3 episodes. I surely seem to act now like a maniac but I'm not. I really really wanna watch this one. Please a lil' help ya guys... T___T

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  • Some help please.. I really need your knowledge!?

    hey ya ...firstly.I'm gonna say Happy New Year! and now my wish. Can someone please translate something for me? From English into Korean. Please!! Thanks a lot. ^^ it's important to me cause even if I use some online dictionaries they don't translate correctly. I'll be extremely grateful. Kamsamnida ^^

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  • Would you give me some help, please?^^?

    OK, I have some really well done anime fan arts( or at least me and my friends think this). And I want to expose them somewhere where artists or Japanese people would be able to see and where they can't just click and save them as they please. I just want to answer myself if my work is good of something or not. Thanks a lot you guys.

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  • The real name of the Japanese singer Myco,please?^^?

    Hy....I was curious about the Japanese singer Myco-san who now is in the rock-band Quintillion Quiz. Does somebody know what is her real name?...I can't find anywhere. Thanks.

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  • May you help me?^^ Sankyuu...?

    Hy....I really need your help....I want to know who is singing Inuyasha's lullaby,the so called "Sotanshi"..(or something like that)....I think it's Hikaru Utada..but not sure of it....I so love that calming voice...and it helps me a lot...thank you for trying though......Ja!^^

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  • May you help me regarding manga?

    Hey there! As expected, I need some help regarding the drawing thing....Now, I am willing to make a manga, but before that....I really have to learn how to draw mangas well....I practice nearly every day..or just when I have the time..but alone I can't do many if anyone could teach me or give some know,I wanna draw hard order to not have problems while making the manga.....and I do not find some helpful tutorials on the internet....I'll be very grateful and be giving the best answer with the maximum points.....thank you..

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  • where do i find a english to japanese text translator in european letters?

    Hy, I really really need your help...I want to translate a text in English into Japanese,but the problem is that...I don't find any dictionary which translates the entire text in european letters...not in Kanji or other japanese alphabets...I have found one but it's not very ..I've just started learning the verbs in this that's why I really need a proper dictionary....I'll be extremely grateful.....Thanx..I'm looking forward to your answers....Ja nee :-h

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