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  • My boyfriend's best friend says he loves me?

    Before i started dating my current boyfriend i had a crush on his best friend but he never noticed me so i decided to move on. I started dating my boyfriend but i didn't know he was best friends with this other guy until my boyfriend introduced us formally. This guy now likes me all of a sudden and im kind of confused

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  • How can I turn on my scorpio man?

    I've been dating this amazing scorpio guy for about 5 months now and he is quite a passionate lover. I love this about him & i am looking for passionate & sexy ways to turn him #wink wink# please give me a lot of detail...thanks

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  • Don't feel like hanging out with my boyfriend?

    He lives in a different country and he came back a few days ago for the Christmas holidays. We hadn't seen each for about 2 and a half months and now he's been calling me wanting to hang out but i just can't be bothered. I love him and i missed him when he was away but now that he's back i just don't feel like spending time with him. What's wrong with me?

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  • Feeling tempted to!?

    I've been dating this guy for a while now and he's awesome he's different from all the guys ive dated in the past the only problem is he moved to a different country about a month ago and he's coming to visit during the christmas holidays. I miss him so much because we used to spend so much time together when he was around and now we're in a long distance relationship and it bugs me. I miss the feel of a passionate kiss, long hugs, looking in his eyes and general physical connection. I've been talking to this guy who can give me what im yearning for but i really don't want to cheat on my boyfriend....what to do about this

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  • I want him to notice me because i like him so much!?

    There's this guy i met at church. We worked in the same group and i thought he was a nice guy. He is very outgoing and charismatic. I think I'm starting to like him but we don't know each other very well. I want him to notice me so that we become atleast friends and get to know each other better...PS im 16 & hes 18

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  • How can i lose 13lbs in about 5 weeks?

    I recently made it to the finals of a modelling competition and i really want to tone up and look great for the grande finale being held in about 6 weeks. I have only 5 weeks to reach my goal of losing 13lbs... :D

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  • Does he like me again?

    My ex and i broke up about a year ago and we started talking again 5 months after the breakup but recently our conversations have become a bit lovey dovey though in a discreet way. Yesterday he asked my bestfriend if i still liked him...i dont know if he likes or if he's just trying to see if i still have feelings for him

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  • Is it worth it staying in this relationship?

    I've been dating this guy for 3 months and i like him a lot but he's also dating another girl. He gives me more attention than he does this other girl and his friends always say he likes me more. What i dont understand is why he needs this other girl if he claims he likes me more?? Is it worth it to stay in this seriously??

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  • Am I waisting my time?!!?

    Iv been dating this guy for close to a month and we have a great relationship and we talk a lot on the phone but lately i feel like he's been avoiding me. Iv seen him talking to his ex a few times and we haven't talked for a full 9 days. We are now in a long distance relationship and he's already stopped communicating. Is this a sign that he's over the relationship or i'm judging him too soon?? I do want to be with him but i feel like i'm waisting my time by getting into a long distance relationship

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  • Dating 2 guys at the same time...Help!?

    I love the 2nd guy more than the 1st guy but the 2nd guy is also dating another girl besides me. I have known the 2nd guy longer and i care about him so much.

    My problems are as follows:

    1. I don't want the 1st guy to find out that i am dating another guy too

    2. I don't know how long this secret relationship with the 2nd guy is going to last

    3. I don't know how committed the 2nd guy is

    4. Would he ever dump this other girl for me

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  • Is there any hope for me??!!?

    I like this guy a lot and he told me he likes me too but he hates the fact that too many guys like me aswell. We talk everyday and he always says im his type of girl. Things are bad because i always see him flirting with other girls, cuddling and holding hands with them. Im not so sure if i have a chance with him at all. He's confusing me and i hate it! I dont know what he wants now :(

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  • I think im falling in love again after a year of being single HELP!?

    I've known this guy for about 3 months now and we are quite close. I really like this guy and he finally told me that he likes me but he's not sure if he wants to be with me because too many guys like me aswell. He also said it will make him like he's competing for my attention. I really like this guy and i really couldn't care less about all these other guys. I want him to understand my feelings for him...What Do I Do??!!??

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  • Is there a chance that he likes me?

    Iv known this guy for about a year and a half and we are good friends. He's the sweetest guy ever and because we have been texting each other every day for the past week i think im starting to have a crush on him. 2 days ago i asked him to describe me and he said: really sweet,caring and extremely beautiful! Great personality and fun to be around. This made me smile but i don't know if these are hints that he likes me as a friend or a little more than that:p i am pretty sure i like this guy and i wouldn't mind dating him PS im 16 and hes 18

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  • What do guys think about belly piercings?

    Im 15 and i have always wanted a belly piercing. I have 2 older sisters and they both have belly piercings. I really want one but my cousin (a guy) is always saying their bad. Im just wondering what guys think of a girl who has a belly ring :p

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  • Why do people look at you funny when you say you're single?

    Ok i dated a few guys in the past and they were fairly good relationships. I had my last boyfriend 11months ago and right now im focused on my career. Im a model by the way:p and all my friends make fun of me cause im single. Im fine being single and im not lonely i go out with friends and have a good time. I just don't get why people always say "you need a man" im perfectly fine on my own :)

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  • I don't get how this "friendship" is gonna work?

    Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 10 months ago and for the first 3 months we didn't talk at all and when we started talking we agreed to be friends. Now we've been talking for about 5 months and the other day we were texting each other and he said im an 11 out of 10 for him and if i was a tear in his eye he would never cry and that he misses me but is not willing to be in a relationship for the next 6 or so months and that im his best friend and hes so glad we're now talking just confused at what exactly he wants from me a friendship or another chance

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  • How do i lose 11lbs in a week?!!?

    I entered a modelling contest and i really need to lose some weight so i look my best on the day! :)

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  • How do i ask the guy i like to come with me to a concert?

    I really like this guy and my favorite band is performing this weekend and i wanted to go with him but im very shy and scared to ask him to come along with me

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  • How do i show him i want to kiss him without looking weird?

    Me nd my boyfriend hve been dating 4 3months nd we hvnt kissed yet. Everything is goin great so far but i want add a lil spice by finally getting a chance 2 kiss him. The only problem is im a bit shy nd i dnt knw wat signs 2 give hm so he kisses me

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  • This is getting out of hand because they always say no at the last minute. I cant take it anymore because its ?

    My parents are just annoying the **** out of me! On 12 different occasions i have asked them to go hang out with friends and their answer is always yes until last when they find an excuse for you to stay @ home. Its now annoying because its messing up my friendships.

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