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  • What is my future with herpes?

    I've just been diagnosed with herpes. I want to hear from people that also genital herpes and carry on healthy relationships with a partner that doesn't have it. How can I get pregnant without infecting my partner? What medication do you take? Saw a lot of medication saying they either get rid of disease completely or the outbreaks I don't believe it however. How do you work around your outbreaks?

    5 AnswersSTDs7 years ago
  • What hair color (not natural,blonde,etc.) would look good on a light skin African American?

    People tell me I'm yellow I know with my skin tone some colors just won't look well. I'm making a wig soon and want to try unnatural colors similar to the ones I named above. If you have a great color for me and brand of weave hair that would greatly be appreciated. I'm not a hair stylist so would like to avoid having to dye the hair to what color I want but rather purchase ready to wear. Thanks.

    1 AnswerHair9 years ago
  • New sexy songs for V-day cd?

    Making a valentine cd with sexy songs such as ne-yo say it,Raheem DeVaughn single, etc. No old songs like R. kelly seems like you ready lol. any help me appriciated.

    4 AnswersR&B & Soul10 years ago
  • Live in Norfolk, Va looking for a great salon or stylist to braid hair?

    I live in Norfolk, Virginia and I'm looking to have my hair braided soon. There are many hair salons but I don't want to just walk-in without some research of pricing, and quality. Asking for your references, thoughts, or even close friends that you know is a great stylist at local shops or have in home services for. (micros, kinky twists, and senegalese braids) Thanks!!!!

    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago
  • Do you know any child friendly hip hop dance songs? Ex. chicken noodle soup& aunt jackie?

    Need fun,child friendly music to dance to. Started a list not all hip hop but would prefer them to be. (They will be the clean versions just to let yall know) Thanks for your suggestions and help!

    Ex.peanut butter jelly time,dora the explorer,macarena,ymca,hockey pockey,electric slide,whip my hair,teach me how to dougie,your a jerk

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop1 decade ago
  • Why are people interested in working in child care field?

    What are some reasons why people are interested in the child care industry? Know it takes alot of patience, nurturing spirit, and a loving heart. But don't know more than that. Any reasons would help.Thanks.

    1 AnswerPsychology1 decade ago
  • Is everything written on Wikipedia true and written by real journalists?

    Everyone thinks since they read something on Wikipedia that's true. Believe their was a scandal in the recent two years about the credibilty of anything written on Wikipedia. Any news clips or professional journalists articles that say you anything about the their credibility would be great. Thanks!

    7 AnswersWikipedia1 decade ago
  • Need help writting something in mother's day card!?

    I'm 16 and want to write something sweet and heartfelt in mother's day card. Need a little help this is what I came up with....

    Ma, your the best mom anybody could ask for. Now at times I drive you crazy and stress you out. But you stand by me and my crazy decisions and give me great advice.

    1 AnswerValentine's Day1 decade ago
  • What should I write on boyfriend's christmas card?

    Have been with him for a year and a couple of months. We say I love you to each other, care for him deeply. Want to express that but not in a cheesy,corny,to mushy type of way. Any suggestions would help... still have plenty of time till x-mas!!!

    2 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago