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  • The conservative Democratic opposition to the New Deal in the late 1930s?

    A. succeeded in removing three of Roosevelt’s cabinet members.

    B. supported plans to replace Roosevelt with Henry Wallace as the Democratic presidential candidate in 1936.

    C. supported plans to replace Roosevelt with Huey Long as the Democratic presidential candidate in 1936.

    D. was strongly opposed to Roosevelt’s agricultural policies.

    E. was strongest in the South.

    21. Which of the following is true of the Revenue Act of 1935?

    A. It provided for a regressive tax that raised rates at the lower income bracket and lowered rates at the top bracket.

    B. It was so successful that federal revenues increased significantly and thus helped finance the New Deal.

    C. It garnered Roosevelt the support of wealthy Americans.

    D. It raised taxes on annual incomes above $50,000.

    E. It raised taxes on stock purchases and sales in order to prevent a return to rampant speculation.

    22. The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti attracted national attention because it highlighted:

    A. the issue of violence in labor-management relations.

    B. postwar hostility to foreigners (nativism).

    C. violence within urban immigrant communities.

    D. the Ku Klux Klan’s "100 percent Americanism" campaign.

    E. corrupt urban political machines.

    23. Which of the following is true of the writers and artists of the Harlem Renaissance?

    A. Many described in literature and art the culture of what they called the "New *****."

    B. Many supported the views earlier expressed by Booker T. Washington.

    C. Many disdained African folk traditions.

    D. Many produced literature and art modeled on those created by White writers and artists of the time.

    E. Many worked directly with Democratic leaders to increase African American political participation.

    24. When the stock market crashed in 1929, President Hoover did which of the following?

    A. He ordered Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon to close the stock market until "rationality" returned.

    B. He used federal moneys to purchase stock in an effort to support prices in the stock market.

    C. He ordered an investigation into possible criminal activity by stockbrokers.

    D. He urged people not to panic and argued that the economy was fundamentally sound.

    E. He announced a national "bank holiday" so that people could not withdraw their deposits.

    25. The biggest difference between the New Deal and the Second New Deal was that:

    A. Roosevelt tried to pass sweeping changes in the New Deal, but was much less ambitious in the Second New Deal.

    B. the New Deal helped the economy to recover, and the Second New Deal focused on social justice.

    C. the New Deal focused on immediate relief, while the Second New Deal made long-term changes in the relationship between the federal government and the economy.

    D. Roosevelt had a hard time implementing the New Deal, but Congress easily passed the Second New Deal.

    E. the Second New Deal was overshadowed by crises abroad.

    26. The main goal of the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 was to raise farm income through which of the following?

    A. Advances in intensive farming

    B. Diversification of farms into specialty crops

    C. Encouraging cutbacks in crop production

    D. Federal aid in the form of subsidies to farmers

    E. Raising tariffs on imported farm products

    27. Modernist authors, artists, and musicians were often preoccupied with:

    A. the plight of racial and ethnic minorities worldwide.

    B. growing unemployment.

    C. the legacy of Victorian culture, especially social realism.

    D. the rise of citizen activist movements such as pacifism.

    E. the effect of technological change on individual perception.

    28. All of the following were part of the first "Hundred Days" of the New Deal except:

    A. the Tennessee Valley Authority Act.

    B. the National Industrial Recovery Act.

    C. the Social Security Act.

    D. the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    E. the Civilian Conservation Corps.

    29. Herbert Hoover tried to end the Depression by which of the following measures?

    A. He asked businessmen to maintain wages and avoid layoffs.

    B. He instructed the Federal Reserve to have a stricter credit policy, so that the flow of "easy money" would no longer be available for speculation.

    C. He asked the government to increase aid to farmers so that they could produce more.

    D. He ordered cutbacks in government moneys for internal improvements so that the public treasury would be shored up.

    E. He asked banks to cut interest rates so that loans for mortgages would not be called in.

    30. What was the major cause for the economic slump in 1937?

    A. A sharp decrease in government spending

    B. A sharp rise in private spending

    C. The huge government deficit

    D. European unrest, which led to cutbacks on imports from America

    E. Repeal of the Revenue Act of 1935

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  • Which of the following groups represented the most significant conservative opposition to the New Deal?

    A. Supporters of Huey Long

    B. Supporters of Charles Lindbergh

    C. Members of the American Communist Party

    D. Southern Democrats in Congress

    E. Displaced Western farmers

    12. All of the following were part of modernist culture except:

    A. cubist painting.

    B. T.S. Eliot’s poetry.

    C. essays by Ida Tarbell about American business.

    D. Einstein’s publications on physics.

    E. novels by William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway.

    13. Which of the following statements about the Social Security Act is true?

    A. It was a temporary relief measure to help people hurt by the Depression.

    B. It provided old-age pensions and unemployment insurance.

    C. It was based on a regressive tax that took a smaller percentage of higher incomes.

    D. It provided childcare to working mothers.

    E. If offered universal medical insurance.

    14. President Herbert Hoover's progressivism included:

    A. working to end corrupt patronage in the federal government.

    B. supporting anticommunist witch hunts.

    C. supporting tax reductions for the wealthy.

    D. providing federal subsidies to farmers who reduced production of commodities.

    E. supporting a bill to provide federal financial assistance to families impoverished by the stock market crash.

    15. Which of the following best describes President Harding's approach to regulation of big business?

    A. He named conservative advocates of big business to head the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

    B. He showed his support for regulation by pressuring Congress to pass stricter laws.

    C. He and his administration brought a record number of suits against corporations.

    D. He named Robert La Follette to head a government commission to investigate unfair business practices.

    E. He ordered the government to investigate illegal activities on the stock market.

    16. The 19th Amendment, ratified on August 26, 1920, included which of the following provisions?

    A. After one year from the ratification of this article, the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.

    B. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

    C. The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived. . . .

    D. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

    E. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    17. Which of the following correctly identifies the main purpose of the National Labor Relations Act (often called the Wagner Act)?

    A. It assigned the president the responsibility for mediating conflicts between business and labor.

    B. It gave workers the right to bargain through unions of their own choice.

    C. It established a national minimum wage for workers.

    D. It identified the American Federation of Labor as the one legal union organization.

    E. It gave Congress the right to declare strikes that threatened national security illegal.

    18. The United ***** Improvement Association, founded by Marcus Garvey, would have most strongly supported which of the following positions?

    A. African Americans should work hard to increase the numbers of African Americans in Congress.

    B. The federal government should support integration of African Americans and Whites.

    C. African Americans should create their own society, separate from corrupt White culture.

    D. African Americans should concentrate on demanding a better educational system so that the next generation could advance socially and economically.

    E. African Americans should resort to violence when necessary to gain equal rights.

    19. Which of the following correctly characterizes the 1924 presidential election?

    A. Robert M. La Follette barely won the nomination of a faction-ridden Republican party.

    B. The Democratic candidate almost upset the Republican candidate.

    C. Calvin Coolidge swept both the popular and electoral votes by decisive majorities.

    D. Calvin Coolidge won the electoral vote but lost the popular vote.

    E. A. Mitchell Palmer was the Democratic candidate.

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  • Which of the following statements best describes the fate of progressive reform after Wilson's presidency?

    A. Government ceased to be interested in business activity and focused instead on labor unions.

    B. The federal government under the Republican Presidents increased its antitrust activity.

    C. Those offices of government which had been responsible for regulating business were closed down.

    D. Progressive social and political reform was generally successful at the local and state levels.

    E. Republican administrations concentrated on policies that favored the small farmers.

    2. Which of the following best characterizes federal immigration policy of the 1920s?

    A. It was aimed at increasing the number of immigrants from southern and eastern Europe.

    B. It was aimed at increasing the proportion of immigrants from northern and western Europe.

    C. In the face of strong opposition to immigration from labor unions, restrictions brought immigration to a standstill.

    D. The "Gentlemen’s Agreement" was canceled, increasing immigration from Japan.

    E. It was aimed at decreasing the number of immigrants from Mexico.

    3. Which of the following turned out to be a significant problem with the economy of the 1920s?

    A. Corporations did not have sufficient capital to expand their productive capacities.

    B. Few people had the cash to invest in the stock market.

    C. Americans began to buy cheaper imported goods rather than American-made goods.

    D. American manufacturing techniques lagged behind those of the rest of the world.

    E. Working class wages had not kept up with corporate profits and the production of consumer goods.

    4. The Indian Reorganization Act, which was sponsored by John Collier the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs:

    A. created a federal fund to provide loans to Indians living on reservations so they could buy farms.

    B. was very popular with assimilated Indians and Western congressmen.

    C. broke up tribal lands and allocated them to individual Indians.

    D. reaffirmed the main principles of the Dawes Act.

    E. attempted to restore autonomy to Indian peoples and revive traditional cultures.

    5. Which of the following statements about the 1925 trial in which John Scopes was charged with teaching evolution is most accurate?

    A. Teachers in Tennessee were no longer prevented from teaching the theory of evolution.

    B. William Jennings Bryan’s support of academic freedom helped further that concept throughout the country.

    C. Scopes was found guilty and was fined $100, though the Tennessee Supreme Court overruled the fine on a technicality.

    D. The Supreme Court overturned Scopes’ conviction upon appeal.

    E. Clarence Darrow’s support of religious fundamentalism surprised those who knew him well.

    6. In the 1920s the Ku Klux Klan focused its attention on which of the following issues?

    A. African Americans in Congress

    B. Immigration and religion

    C. Labor unionization and collective bargaining

    D. The creation of a Jewish "national home" in Palestine

    E. The actions of Northern banks in the South

    7. Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasized all of the following issues except:

    A. racial justice and equality.

    B. commodity prices.

    C. unemployment.

    D. banking reform.

    E. labor relations.

    8. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) attempted to alleviate unemployment by providing all of the following except:

    A. employment for writers to collect materials on folklore and regional culture.

    B. part-time employment and technical training for jobless youth.

    C. employment for people to build bridges, dams, and public buildings.

    D. employment for veterans to help train new draftees in the Army.

    E. employment for artists to create murals and other works of art for federal buildings.

    9. Which of the following does not accurately describe the 1920s?

    A. New consumer products changed many Americans’ standard of living.

    B. The constitutional ban on alcohol was spectacularly unsuccessful.

    C. Conservative backlash dominated immigration politics.

    D. The Democrats held onto the White House, while the Republicans dominated Congress.

    E. Young women with a lot of free time and money became major cultural symbols.

    10. Which of the following best describes the subject of Richard Wright's writing?

    A. Poor farmers in the Midwest

    B. African Americans during the Depression

    C. Bankers in New York

    D. Rich families living on Long Island

    E. Unemployed workers in the South

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  • US history question! Need asap please?

    1. Wilson's Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer is best known for which of the following?

    I. Assigning J. Edgar Hoover the job of gathering information on radicals.

    II. His efforts to persuade Wilson to resign after his stroke.

    III. His violation of American citizens civil rights after the war.

    IV. Taking corporations to court for profiteering during the war.

    V. His efforts on behalf of women’s suffrage.

    A. I and IV only

    B. I and III only

    C. IV and V only

    D. III, IV, and V only

    E. I, III, and IV only

    2. Which of the following was not an effect of the war on American labor?

    A. Migration of many African-Americans from the South to the North as jobs opened up.

    B. Removal of German-Americans from labor unions.

    C. A temporary increase in women’s industrial employment.

    D. Racial violence in Northern cities.

    E. Membership in the AFL increased more than 30%.

    3. Which of the following was the most important obstacle to ratification of the Treaty of Versailles?

    A. Liberal senators’ unhappiness with the war reparations parts of the Treaty.

    B. The off-term elections to the House and Senate, which returned large anti-Wilsonian majorities.

    C. Wilson’s personal conflicts with Henry Cabot Lodge.

    D. Reservationist senators who wanted to limit America’s participation in the League of Nations.

    E. Race and labor riots and home that distracted the government from international affairs.

    Thank you! :)

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  • I need help with my Biomedical class, heart homework. PLEASE help! due tomorrow?

    The assignment says: Using the 16 vocab words below, starting with the vena cava, chronologically tell what happens as the blood flows through each structure on the list.

    But, if you could just put them in the order which blood flows through them, i can figure out what happens. I just cant figure out what order they go in.

    Pulmonary Arteries (trunk)

    coronary artery

    right auricle (atrium)

    Brachocephalic artery

    superior vena cava

    inferior vena cava


    aortic semilunar valve

    pulmonary vein

    left auricle (atrium)

    mitral (bicuspid) valve

    left ventricle

    right ventricle


    tricuspid valve

    pulmonary semilunar valve

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  • What could this saying mean?

    red as the rising sun? i have to come up with a meaning for it for school and all i have is red is the color of anger and the sun rises in the morning so it means that mornings cause me to be mad. idk. PLEASE HELP?

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  • Do you like my story?

    this is just a rough draft and i would love any comments or suggestions! thanks everybody!

    I used to have friends. But that all changed when she told me I wasn’t who I thought I was. I at the time had no idea what she was talking about. But as I got older I realized there was a possibility. My name is Grace Hoffman and (she) is my sister, the real Grace Hoffman.

    I was 12 years old when is started seeing her. I didn’t realize she was dead until I was 14. I’m now 15 and have been with the real Grace for 3 whole years. I never liked having her around until recently. I was scared at first, then confused, mad, and now I’m fine with it. This might have been why I lost all my friends. Yelling at invisible people. It’s just a possibility though.

    See, my parents died in a car crash when I was just 2 years old. So they couldn’t have told me about Grace. But I would have thought that my aunt who I now live with would’ve. She had the chance for 13 years. But boy was I wrong.

    Grace was their first child. But she died when she was 1 week old when she got pneumonia. Then they wanted another child, but to be just like the daughter they thought they would’ve had. So that’s how I got called Grace. While my birth certificate says Lilly Hoffman.

    The very first time I saw her was when I was sitting on my bed looking at old pictures of mom, dad, and me. I found one picture of her in it though. I had always thought it was just one of my friends or a cousin I didn’t know of. I now know that it was grace. But that was not the first time of actually seeing her. As in her standing there next to me.

    The first time I saw her ghost or spirit or whatever you want to call it was when I was at school. I was swinging with my friends when the empty swing next to me started to swing with no wind or anything. Everyone else started screaming that it was a ghost. But I saw her there and tried to explain to them that she was there. No one else could see her there and that is why I lost my friends because everyone thought I was crazy.

    I live in Chicago, Illinois and my real name I suppose is Lilly. My nickname though is psycho. That’s why I’m going to be going to a new school this year, Orangedale high school. A private school, ick! But I don’t really care cause school is not what I’m going to be studying. I’m going to find out everything about Grace my sister. This should be interesting.

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  • Digital cameras!?!?!?!?

    I am planning on buying a digital camera but i know nothing about them. So i have no idea what i should be looking for in a camera and what cameras are good and everything. if you have any suggestions of good digital cameras or and info about them like what mega pixels are and stuff please answer!! i also have a budget of highest price $200 dollars. THANKS!!

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  • 7th and 8th graders at east 91st street christian Church?

    I'm going into 7th grade this year and am thinking about going to East 91st street christian church to sign up for a small group on august 12th but i don't know ANYONE there and i'm kinda shy. does anyone already go there and can either tell me what type things you do and talk about? and is everyone really friendly or is it like a first day of school where there are some really friendly people and others not so much? i don't want to be all alone the whole time and stuff. so any info about the junior high small groups and service would be great! thanks everybody!

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    HI, I'm 12 and I'm on my older sister's account because i need to find a site that is free to teach me how to type the right way. please help! my mom is going to take the computer away from me if i don't learn to type the right way. please any site that will teach me FAST! thanks so much!!!!

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  • i want to do something new for the new year but don't know what.?

    i'm only 12 though (on my sisters account) anyway i can't have a party or spend a lot of money or something but what can i do to make it a new year me being all different? i want to be a new person in a way. thanks for the help.

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  • Cell phones help please?

    I'm trying to convince my mom to buy my little sister who's 12 to get a cell phone so if you could give her some ideas that'd be great also tell her if you have a cell phone yourself and if you would put your age too. I'd prefer if you did but you don't have to. thanks!

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  • what colors should i get for my braces?I just don't know?Please help!!!?

    i'm about to get my braces tightened and i don't know what colors to choose for my braces. i was thinking maybe pink and green. but i just don't know. by the way i can only choose two colors. what do you think? thanks for all the ideas.

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