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  • Who else thinks that Randy Moss will end up with the Jets?

    I mean he will have a coach that has the same attitude as him (all tough and ranty). I feel that he would be a good choice to have him be a reciever for the young Mark Sanchez.

    Extra Question: Who will have a better Record at the end of the year: Buccaneers, 49ers, or Raiders

    EQ 2: If he doesn't go to the Jets, what team do you think he would be better suited for? WHY?

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  • mets offseason (wright might get traded?)?

    I read this article on ESPN that Wilpon would be willing to trade David Wright away only if the situation is that they get good prospects.

    Who else agrees this is a bad move, should it happen. Wright is the Wilpon's last financial life line, without Wright, Citi Field won't have anyone in attendence.

    BQ: Who are you rooting for in the Playoffs? (me AL: rays, NL: Braves I would say yankees but thats only if they play the phils in the WS, and braves bc the I just don't want to see the Phillies win anything but a one way ticket to hell)

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  • What would you do if you were MLB commissioner? (my ideas too)?

    Its a question all of us have inside, what would each of us do if we were given the chance to control Major League Baseball. BTW what would you do?

    Here's what I would do:

    1. Make Inter league Play meaningful by having home-field advantage be based on which league wins the most games, instead of the all-star game deciding it.

    2. Add two teams; One in the American League and One in the National League, and moving one of the existing NL teams move to the AL. In my mind, I would add teams in Montreal (NL) and in San Antonio (or another city) for the AL, while moving the Padres to the AL West.

    3. Split up the 16 teams into FOUR different divisions, much like in the NFL and by the same names (East, West, North, South). Such as:

    AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays

    AL North: White Sox, Twins, Indians, Tigers

    AL South: Royals, Rays, Rangers, and (in my case San Antonio)

    AL West: Mariners, Angels, A's, Padres

    NL East: Mets, Phillies, Expos, Nationals

    NL North: Cubs, Cardinals, Brewers, Reds

    NL South: Marlins, Astros, Braves, Pirates

    NL West: Rockies, Giants, Dodgers, D-Backs

    4. New Postseason format: LDS would be a three game series 2-1 format, LCS would be made a five game series 2-2-1 format, and the World Series would remain 2-3-2 best of seven format with home field advantage given to league with best Interleague record.

    5. Draft Picks can be traded to other teams.

    6. Place a limit on alcohol drinks at 4 per attendee

    7. Place a minimum on the seating capacity for stadiums to 38,000 and a limit on fence height at 12 feet.

    8. Any suspended player or coach can attend the game, but must be in a luxury box and must be watched by a representative from MLB in order to not give or take signs from the game.

    9. Any player suspended or accused of using HGH will not be allowed into the Hall of Fame and statistics of the player would be reduced by 30% from their career and would lose any awards given to the player and awarded to the runner-up (ex. Barry Bonds would then have 533 home runs under the new rule and would lose his MVP awards, and Roger Clemens would have 3,270 strikeouts as a result) Player would also be banned from attending any MLB game. (The rule would be named the Bonds rule)

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  • Do I have to repost this? (Baseball Question Inside)?

    No One answer to "Miss X" questions, or for that matter any one named "x" in the section.

    They just want attention.

    By the way, which of these non-playoff teams from 2009 has a higher chance to make the playoffs this season:

    SF Giants

    Chicago White Sox

    New York Mets

    Seattle Mariners.

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    Dont do it at all! Dont feed the troll.

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  • Why are there so many trolls in the football section?

    Seriously, whats up with them, do they think they're being funny by saying some stupid question and having people rip at them just because they have no life? I personally am sick of them. Another thing, why do people even answer their question, I know you get two points, but come on! People who answer them are just allowing them to continue what they're doing, and eventually people become bitches about it. Just stop answering their questions and then you won't have to be a ***** about how they are acting stupid! (unless you have a funny answer, but you're still egging them on).

    Extra: Which one of these teams has the best chance to make it to the playoffs next year and why?

    A) 49ers

    B) Bears

    C) Giants

    D) Jacksonville

    E) Texans

    F) Broncos

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  • seriously need help with iTunes and iPod on Vista?

    my itunes is constantly opened as a "Previous iTunes Library" and it won't add ANY songs to my iPod, and i've already tried reseting my iPod and reinstalling iTunes, any nothing has happened. my iPod when connected to the computer won't show up what can i do!?!?!

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  • Who else thinks Wright and the Mets will go back to being themself next year?

    I'm extremely optimistic that Wrights gonna unload next year and Johan will do well next year, this year there was too much pressure placed on them. Who else thinks Reyes will do better and who thinks Maine and Niese will help the mets get back on track to get the Amazins their third ring? (well thats my opinion)

    Or what do you think will happen next year with the Mets? (In your opinion)

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  • Whats Wron with You?

    Why do people evertime when Alou comes to Bat, hey boo him. Yes I under stand that his name souns like Boo, but why!

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  • Dontrelle or Posada in the Orange n Blue?

    Should the Mets pursue Dotrelle Willis or Jorge Posada

    and for who would should Mets give up for the D-Train.

    Willis Positives: Great Carrer at Shea (5-0)

    Posada Positives: Leadership in Clubhouse and might improve in NL play

    Negs: Willis is rusting badly

    Posada is 37!

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  • Air Travel Question?

    I am taking a flight and I am wondering if I can take my laptop, my PS2, and also a televison that is going to my grandfather in my luggage, can I bring all that?

    Also is an Ipod considered a personal item, and also the PS2 and laptop personal too, and its stuff. Are cables allowed too?

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  • Who else hates Tony "the a--hole" LaRussa?

    Who else didn't like the fact that larussa didnt bring in albert Pujols and kept Aaron ROwand of all people to the plate, of all people.

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  • Who else thinks John Maine dersreved to go to the All Star Game?

    Seriously, John Maine is a show in for the All Star Game, no matter what, even though Jake Peavy and Chris Young are great, John Maine should've been on the Roster, and he proves it.

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  • I like this girl?

    like I want to ask her out badly, but another side tells me something else. should I ask her out, cuz i am in love with her badly.

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  • I am Planning to ask a girl out at my school.?

    Should I take here to a Baseball Game (planned: Mets v. Cardnals 6/25) Good idea or bad

    cuz tix r expensive for that game.

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  • Who is the better Third Base Man?


    David Wright


    Alex Rodriguez

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