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  • How to discipline a child that lies constantly!?

    My stepdaughter is 11 and has always been a little hard to handle. Now that she's entering preteen years I am getting really concerned. She lies about everything to both her dad and me. When she is confronted she just shrugs and says sorry but will turn around in the same breath and lie again! Last night I took away her favorite shoes, hair straightener, and a few other little things. I sort of feel bad now because I do have a tendency to over react and over punish, so I just wanted some feedback and ideas about how other parents handle lying and attitude.

    Oh, yes I am her stepmother but have been raising her for the last 6 years and her bio mom is not involved.

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  • Right arm pain in women?

    For a few months, I have experienced moderate pain in my right arm at the same time every evening. It is my upper arm and nothing I do relieves it. It only lasts about 10 minutes and then goes away until the next night. Anyone else experience this?

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  • How should kugel be stored after baking?

    I made kugel for passover and left it out. Is it safe to eat or should it have been refridgerated?

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  • Do they check your cholesterol when you're pregnant?

    My dad just had a heart attack due to high cholesterol, which is hereditary in our family. The only time I have had blood work done is when I was pregnant. Do doctors in the US check cholesterol for an OB screening?

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  • Can the state drain our private lake?

    We recently purchased a home that shares a private lake with 3 other home owners. When in rains heavily, the water will spill over and flood the road. The amount of water does not cause the road to be impassible, but i can see that its causing some erosion around the shoulder. The state sent us a letter stating that we have to hire an engineer to fix this problem or they will drain our lake. This will 1)lower our property value, 2) displace wildlife and 3) probably cost a crap load of money. What, if any, options do we have?

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  • Should I contact the man who could be my real father?

    My mother recently disclosed to me that it is possible that my "dad" is not my biological father. She gave me the name of the person that it could be and I have located him. Now, I'm not sure if I should contact him. I want to and I'm sure that it will not change my feelings towards my "dad" (we really don't have a close or good relationship anyway). If I do decide to contact him, what is the best way to go forward? Has anyone has experience with this and can offer some guidance? Thanks.

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  • Federal Prison for tax fraud?

    I was working at a small tax prep office that helps illegal immigrants obtain ITINs (taxpayer ID numbers). Most of these people were paid in cash and had no way of proving their income. They were eligible for child tax credit due to their dependents. Last week, the IRS and FBI busted into the owner's house and office as well as the homes of several employees. They came to my house and I consented to a search and answered their questions. They are investigating us for conspiracy to defraud the government. My question is, since my involvement was limited (I worked there for three months), I have no tax experience whatsoever they trained me on their software, and I don't speak spanish so it would have been impossible for me to communicate with the customers in any way that could lead to it likely that I will be indicted or face any charges? I know with a charge like conspiracy, just being involved can mean guilt by association, but what if I didn't know I was doing anything wrong?

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  • Why do people contact me on myspace...?

    People who I have not seen or heard from since middle school will contact me asking questions about my life, then when I message them back with answers and a few of the same questions, they never respond back. I'm like what was the point of searching for me and sending me a message just to never respond again??? I just hate that. anyone else?

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  • what to do with my drug addicted teen?

    i am the mother of a 17 year old daughter almost 18 in less than a month, since she has turned 17 she has left home several times ran away and in the state we are in there is nothing i can do because of her age, about three months ago she started breaking the law and was caught with a guy that is a known drug dealer she was begged to come home promised she would do better the night i got her out she left again i told her that if she got into trouble again i would not help her get out of jail i have begged her to go to rehab i have found a place that will take her out of state by force but is very expensive i am torn should i get her out and take the chance on my familes life savings or let her sit in jail this time for awhile?

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  • My friends argued in front of my daughter?

    I have this friend, my husband and I have known her and her husband for about 2 years. Our daughter went on a camping trip with their daughter and when she got home today she said that they argued the entire time. Not just a verbal argument, but her husband threw a drink at her and they screamed and yelled 3 out of 4 nights. We did not know this side of their relationship, and I'm very upset. I don't know what to say to her, obviously my daughter is not going back over there, but it just makes me cringe to hear her talking about the insanity that went on...So I am not sure if I should confront this couple or just let this be a lesson learned and keep my mouth shut?

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  • Trying to help my husband lose weight!!!?

    But he is basically fighting me every step of the way! I buy and prepare healthy food, with moderate portions. I don't eat junk food myself, because it wouldn't be fair. Yet during the day when I am not around he will go to a gas station and buy absolute crap. He probably consumes 500 calories in one snack and about 60-80 g of carbs. He even bought an entire box of doughnuts yesterday and wouldn't tell me how many he ate! He is overweight and has been diagnosed with high blood pressure in the past. I don't want to give up, but why should I care if he doesn't? It is also affecting our sex life because he used to be very fit and now it's difficult for me to be attracted to him (I still love him very much!). Help?

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  • Have you tried talking rain organic water?

    It is the best flavored water I have EVER had! Has anyone else tried it and if so what is your favorite flavor?

    Mine is blueberry pomegranate.

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  • I need some creative theories?

    My husbands ex wife has been a meth user for 10 yrs off and on. She got off meth long enough to pass a drug test and got visitation with their child. We saw her recently and we KNEW that she was using again. She lost 20 lbs in one month, her teeth were discolored, and she had that junkie shuffle (walk). Not to mention her friends were calling us and saying that she was smoking it again. We called DSS (no help). On the advice of her lawyer she took a drug test (a hair test) and passed it. I hope she's not on drugs, I really do, but I just cant shake the feeling that she somehow faked this test. How could someone be on meth and pass a hair test????

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  • Can my friend use my breastmilk for her baby?

    My friend is having a difficult time with FFing her baby. Constipation, gassiness, eczema, and severe reflux. She refuses to breastfeed. So I offered to let her use some of my supply that is in the freezer and about to expire (my baby won't take a bottle so I haven't used any of it). She liked the idea, but we both want to make sure it is safe. I am healthy (obviously) and don't do drugs or take any kind of medication. Without going through a milk bank, how could she safely use my milk?

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  • Should I end a friendship that no longer makes sense?

    My best friend and I met 12 years ago and we were inseparable until college. Then she moved 6 hours away with a guy and I got married. We used to be into the gothic scene and of course when you go out into the real world and have to get a job, it's difficult to continue that lifestyle. Well she has continued it, as well as getting into weirder things. I have a baby and own a business. We basically split in two completely different directions. We no longer have anything in common, and only see each other once a year because of the distance.

    She is getting married in August and initially asked me to be her maid of honor. She never assigned me anything to do, but I did spend a lot of time on the tasks I could do online (finding dresses, colors, centerpieces, menus, music, etc.) And now she has informed me that her new friend is going to be the maid of honor because it's not fair that she is doing all the hands on work. I said fine. But I think that after the wedding I should tell her that it's time we let this thing go. It's just not working anymore. Opinions?

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  • Should I voice my concerns?(Breastfeeding ?)?

    Yesterday I went to Wal Mart to get a new breastfeeding cover ( we were on vacation and I left mine at home). I searched this store up and down and could not find one, that made me angry so I went on a mission looking for any BFing items. There were no nursing bras, no pumps, NOTHING that supported breastfeeding....I dont know if I should call the store, send a letter to corporate, or just leave it alone. I wont be going back to the store but it's the principle.

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  • What can I do about a friend who is overtexting me!?

    When I wake up I have a text that says "you up?", then all throughout the day she thinks of asinine questions to bombard me with. I have turned my phone off, at that point she starts texting my husband saying that she needs to talk to me. Sometimes I don't respond to the text and she just keeps sending it. She has even come over to my house twice when I did not respond.

    I get angry everytime I hear that little txt alarm and I just dread picking up my phone.

    This girl is a good friend, but she is driving me nuts. Please help!?

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  • Mark Sanford-Is honesty the new black?

    What is with these politicians lately, admitting to infidelity? What happened to the Bill Clinton days?

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  • How do you interact with your baby?

    I feel guilty because I don't really know how to entertain my baby. She is 12 weeks, I stay home with her and BF. So we get some bonding time them, I often sit her on my lap and talk to her or talk to her while she's in her swing and car seat. I always pick her up when she cries or seems fussy, I just feel like the interaction is so bland and not very stimulating. So is there anything else I should be doing?

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  • Could I make breast milk ice cream and feed it to my baby?

    NO this is not a troll question. I'm not sure how you make home made ice cream, but if I could make some with my breast milk, I think my LO would like it. Anyone else tried or thought about this?

    9 AnswersNewborn & Baby1 decade ago