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Born in Flushing, raised in New Jersey, been a NY Mets fan since I was a kid. What I believe in when it comes to baseball: I believe in the New York Mets (of course!) I believe in the value of sabremetrics, OPS+, VORP, and ERA+. I believe that the Yankees Suck. I believe that the DH is an unnecessary and silly rule that artificially adds offense and lengthens careers, and removes strategy from the game. I believe that the Wild Card adds excitement to playoff races more often than not. I believe that National League style baseball is the only style worth watching. I believe that Hank Steinbrenner is insane. I believe that I will live to be able to see a Mets Championship and a Mets no hitter in the same season. And I believe that no matter what happens, Baseball will always be the greatest sport ever invented.

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