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  • Should I wear a hanbok for high school beauty pageant?

    I have no intention of winning, but it's my senior year and I want to be a part of activities that I, under normal circumstances, would not ever participate in.

    I've seen some of the other girls' dresses and they are wearing pretty (but typical) full length, glitzy dresses you'd see at prom or other flashy events.

    If I join up, I'd want to wear a traditional Korean Hanbok. I'm half Korean and the dress my mom has looks pretty interesting. :) What would you all think about a kid wearing a cultural dress instead of a "formal" standard dress?

    I'm almost positive I've made my mind up about the decision, but I'm just curious as to what you all think.


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  • Is it illegal to take pictures of people at school?

    I live in Georgia (the state, not the country) and was wondering if it was illegal to take a photo of another student, without their knowledge or consent, post it to a social media site such as twitter or Instagram and make degrading statements about the person in the photograph?

    Even without the degrading statements, is there a law that states that this is legal/not?

    I'm curious. I know that if ugly statements are made it is considered cyber bullying but .. o;

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  • Decent short story idea?

    I had a partial dream last night where I dreamt up two characters that are of my own imagination. One of them is a representation of a celebrity in real life, and I knew who "dream-character" was supposed to be, but did not actually look or sound like in my dream. Also, I have no intention to write this longer than 5-10 chapters.

    Okay so in the dream there is this male singer (no it isn't justin beiber) who is quite popular. He tours frequently (and loves it), enjoys his job but also enjoys his days off (which he generally spends at parties). This character frequently engages in sexual activity and (is in part, why he visits parties often). He is very upfront about his intentions with women and does not chase especially if he knows that they are in a relationship or do not wish to be chased. This character,who I will refer to as N, is a very happy soul. He likes sex, he likes drinking but he also likes to make others around him happy (usually by donating large sums of money to charities simply because he can).

    Anyway, N is starting up for his third tour which requires a new employee to deal with what will happen during his performances (Smoke, lights, ect.) as the previous employee quit on account of the stress associated with the hordes of girls/women after N. Anyway, the tour manager hires (who, I will refer to as H), a young woman who has worked on minor projects around NY, LND and Vegas for half of what the previous employee was paid to do. Part of the reason management hires her is because she is a lesbian who is in a committed relationship and will not have affiliations with N.

    N and H eventually become friends as tour proceeds, having to work closely to dictate what will happen at each performance. H eventually tells N about her girlfriend, O, who is in NY working on her writing career. H says that she and her partner are working up the nerve to tell their parents and that they both hope to move in together soon.

    Unfortunately halfway through the tour H is called up by O who says that she has been with another woman and that the separation has opened her eyes to other people. This affects H's performance as stage director and N eventually discovers H's problems. He decides to take her to a club to get her mind off of O. After a few drinks N succeeds in getting H to talk about what kinds of women she finds attractive- and after a short amount spots a woman who looks like the type of girl H would like, he excuses himself to the bathroom. Instead of the bathroom however, N manages to lure the mystery girl (who just so happens to be a fan of his) away and strikes a deal with her. If she will have sex with H then N will owe mystery girl what she wants. He explains that H is a lesbian and that he is hoping meaningless sex with distract her from her sadness. Mystery girl agrees.. with two conditions. That N watches surreptitiously, and that he and her get together afterwards. Deal is struck and MG gives N directions to her apartment which is a few buildings down from where they are at, giving him her keys before telling him to hide in her room closet.

    MG seduces the intoxicated H and the two manage to make it to MG's apartment where they do their business. After some internal debate, N decides to watch (he's a guy, cmon.) and ends up finding H very physically enticing, something he shouldn't as they are close friends. (He finds it gross in a way, because their relationship is very a brother/sister relationship) After the ordeal with MG concludes, N feels conflicted about H. He think he is beginning to have feelings for her but decides against telling her because she is without a doubt, a lesbian.

    Eventually H realises the deal N made and the pair enter a platonic relationship of sorts which is under constant scrutiny from both N's fans as well as management.


    Right now that is all that I have. D: Would you ever read something like this, why or why not? I'm willing to tweak things as this is only a rough, ROUGH draft.

    (further than this I have no idea what i could do, I'm just going off of what I had a 30 second dream)

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  • Discussion topics for Jane Eyre?

    Ap styled questions I could ask? I've read the book and I already know that I do not want to discuss the religious aspects of the novel. :P

    I already plan to discuss Bronte's (almost constant) references to fire and Jane's very nature. A week ago I read an article titled "Intimacy and Immolation" that discussed such topics.

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  • Discussion topics for Oedipus Rex, AP level?

    I have a socratic circle tomorrow and just wanted topics of discussion to bring up. My brain is total mush from ap bio homework right now and as a result I can't get creative.

    I HAVE read Oedipus Rex and I already know that I am going to discuss the source of Jocasta's shame (the reason she kills herself) ,Oedipus as the tragic hero (due to his own fault: hubris ect.) and how the symbols of blindness / sight are connected with the themes of ignorance / knowledge.

    What other things could I discuss? I'm not asking for anything too terribly specific, just pointers. We were told that the class as a whole would get points deduced from our grade if there were any long pauses and I'm not going to let that happen. Thank you. :)

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  • What is the adoption process like in the US?

    I was wondering what the process was like for a family adopting a child- what sorts of things have to happen before they can adopt, if they get to meet a child before adopting, and also what the adoption process is like for a kid trying to be adopted.

    Both of my parents were adopted as very young babies and do not remember. :P

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  • Homework help: Jane Eyre and The Metamorphosis?

    I'm having to write and essay comparing shared archetypes between the two works and I was wondering if I could discuss the transformation that the characters Jane Eyre and Gregor Samsa undergo?

    The essay must be 600-1000 words long and I'm not 100% positive if the topic I've chosen has enough evidence to span that length.

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  • Not sure about my sexuality?

    Whenever someone asks a out my sexual oientation I always reply that I am straight.

    Being honest, I find the female body to be more enticing than the male body. Maybe it's because I am a female and seeing similar shapes and parts is less intimidating, or maybe not. I mean, I find loads of males attractive. Men like Ewan McGregor, Kit Harington ect, I find their faces attractive as anything but not their bodies.

    I'm not sure if I qualify as a lesbian or what but I'm pretty confused. I mean, I can't picture myself with a woman but icant honestly picture myself with anyone.

  • How to lose weight and curb appetite?

    I have a serious control problem. If I see food I really enjoy I have to gorge myself. I can't not eat it or eat small portions and I am afraid that someday I'll get really fat if I can't get a grip.

    I'm 17 years old and weigh 114 Ibs. At 5'3 my weight isn't bad yet but I'm quite anxious about gaining more. Are there any tips to cut appetite that do no involve smoking?

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  • Actors/celebrities that fit this description?

    I'm writing a story and I know how I want this character to look like, but I like to have a muse.

    The specific "type" I need is a male with dark hair, pale eyes that looks young (Oldest being late 20s, earliest being late teens).

    The person isn't limited to simply actors. As long as I can google this person with relative ease it doesn't matter what their profession is.


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  • What can I cook with tomatoes, peppers, onions, corn and garlic?

    I definitely want to use these ingredients but I want an idea of what sort of dish I could make with them. My parents are having a cook out and I want to bring something yummy. :)

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  • Should I rehome my cockatiel?

    About 7 months ago a friend of mine's sister brought home two cockatiels from goodness knows where. They weren't hand tame but they were young (less than a year). The friend pressured me into taking one of the tiels off her hands and I after two weeks I gave in. I have never owned a bird before and didn't know what I was getting myself into.

    Loras (the tiel who is the household terror) HATES leaving her/his (prefer to call Loras a her) cage and HATES hands. I have to put on thick gardening gloves just to get her out. When I do manage to get her out of her cage I let her perch on my fingers in a separate, quiet room. She seems to calm down then but when I try to get her to perch on another finger she attacks the absolute mess out of my hand and hisses. I try to get her out at least an hour a day and stay in a different room but that only goes so far. Yesterday she sat on my shoulder for a good 30 minutes watching Youtube videos with me until out of no where she starts biting my neck. I've tried to put a little millet in her cage every time I walk by, to help her understand that when I come around good things happen. She will even take millet from my hands. (Literally, I'll hold it by the end and she'll pull it out and walk around and munch on it.) Despite this, she goes completely mad when it's time to come out of the cage. I read somewhere that this is cage bound??? But I'm not entirely sure what that is.

    Sometimes when I leave my room to grab some water ect she'll scream this really high pitched one note scream and if my baby brother is napping, he'll wake up and cry as well. I'm really frustrated because of Loras' hostility and my lack of bird knowledge.

    Anyway, I'm very frustrated and I'm sure the bird is as well. Should I continue to work with her or do you think I ought to look for a good home?

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  • Thoughts on a long distance relationship?

    What has been your experience with them?

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • Name of korean movie?

    I watched a movie about 6 years ago about a korean guy who ended up having to give up his dog. I think he left the dog at a trains station or in a different city and that despite this, the dog found the owner again. Any ideas?

    3 AnswersMovies7 years ago
  • Is a border collie suitable for my lifestyle?

    I recently asked a similar question but it's come to my attention that border collies MIGHT possibly be a good match for me... but as I'm asking, I'm not entirely sure.

    Every morning I run for about an hour and in the evening I go for a short 15-30 walk with my family. This is a daily thing. I live 15 minutes from a very large lake and my family and I usually visit every other weekend. Occasionally we go to our friend's rabbit/duck farm which is about 45 minutes away and help out.

    I do live in a neighborhood but have a medium sized fenced yard.

    Do you guys think a border collie could be happy in my household? There is a two year old and the dog we have in mind is a puppy. I really don't want to adopt and then have to give him away because of a poor decision on my end.

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  • What dog breed would suit my lifestyle?

    I know this is a general question but I'm just curious as to what you all will say based on your experiences and opinions. :)

    I run twice a day, for an hour in the mornings and a short 15m jog in the evening if the weather permits it. I like to bake,garden, watch movies and game occasionally. I've had a few but I'm not too keen on small dogs. I'm afraid to cuddle them as I think I might hurt them. :(

    I've had a Jindo before and she was a sweetheart, super smart and really fun to run with but when I moved out of Korea I couldn't take her with me. Broke my heart but my cousin adopted her and my cousin is a good guy who sends me pictures of Nuri every so often. :)

    Anyway, I suppose I'm pretty active and I'm looking for a medium sized dog breed that'll fit my lifestyle. Totally understand that dogs have their own personalities and you can't accurately answer this question, but I'm just asking a general question.

    It's also worth mentioning that yes, shelter dogs are sweet/great companions. But instead of simply saying, " SAV DA' SHALTR DAWGS PLOX" try and answer my question. ;p

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  • Does bubblegum expire?

    I was cleaning my closet and found a Trident pack of original gum in a tin box... It smells fine and there isn't discoloration but gum IS sugar and sugar expires.

    Really wondering if I should chance it and chew it.

    3 AnswersOther - Food & Drink7 years ago
  • Game of Thrones or walking dead?

    Which is your favourite based on the talent of the actors?

    Which has the better plot?

    Which scene from both shows was your favourite?

    And finally, which scene from both shows was the most heartbreaking for you?

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  • Why are dragon's eyes on the sides of their head?

    Something I don't understand about how some people have perceived dragons.. They always depict dragons with eyes on either side of the head instead of facing front. Aren't creatures with eyes on the sides typically "prey" animals?

    Just curious.

    1 AnswerBiology7 years ago
  • My parents won't let me get a dog?

    I'm not whining because, "I rly want a dog and it's not fair that my parents say no"....

    I'm complaining because I am nearly 18, financially and emotionally ready to move out and into an apartment and already have a stable job to support myself, my four year old Cockatiel and another companion with wiggle room to spare yet my parents refuse to let me adopt a dog.

    They're arguments aren't anything correlated to "spending time with the dog" .. they're argue that since they control my bank account right now.. I simply can't get a dog. They owe me about $400 right now and refuse to pay me back because they don't want me to adopt a dog.

    Any way I can work around this setback peacefully? I will be adopting from my locale shelter, whether they want me to or not. I'm moving out in a few months and I plan on taking ALL of my possessions with me, including pets. They are my babies after all.

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