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  • My RES turtle is very lethargic, not eating, and not acting like himself.?

    I have had my RES for at least 15 years and almost everything I know is from online. As of recently he's been very lethargic and his limbs have been jittery off and on. I've taken him to the vet about 5 times so far (the last visit was to a new vet) and the 1st vet told me he had calcium deficiency and gave me medicine to give him orally (which he no longer is willing to take). The last vet I took him to did some blood work and she will give me an update once they run some tests. He is almost always on his basking area and he just stretches out his neck and lays there sometimes with his eyes open. He also hasn't been eating either, I've put food in the water and he will make like he is going toward it sort of snap at it, but he won't really eat it. I am looking for some suggestions on what the issue could be. He's like my little child lol and so far he does not seem to be improving so any suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Should I create parts for my dreadlocks?

    I am going to start dreadlocks myself with two strand twists. My roommate s brother has them and they look awesome. When I mentioned I wanted them, it was suggested I don t create any partings because it would make my hair more fragile and cause the locs to be more susceptible to falling out. Is this true? And besides making the hair more neat, why would partings be important? Thanks!

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  • What's the best way to find an occupation in writing?

    I have a Bachelors Degree in English Writing. I graduated in 2012, and I am having a difficult time finding a job in my field. I manage my own review blog, and have written a few newsletters for family and friends--but it seems as if this is not enough experience. I feel like I am trapped in a never ending circle where you need experience to gain experience etc... I am wondering if anyone has any tips that have worked for them and helped them get into the writing business.Any tidbit of information would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Red Eared Slider behaving weird.Help?

    I have had my red eared slider for at least 12 years now. I moved to a new place about two weeks ago, and then once I was all moved in I bought my turtle a larger tank because he is getting bigger. I have the set up same as usual, except I put a few more flat rocks in his basking area. He's begun to swim into the glass really hard and I've seen him yawn more than usual. I know swimming into the glass is something they do when they see movement or want food, but he's swimming so aggressively that water splashes out. Also, normally he goes to his basking area and goes to sleep when I do at nigh, but now he's been staying in the water and thrashing all night. Could he be stressed for all of the moving he did recently, or something else?

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  • Red Eared Slider will only eat grapes?

    There have been two different things I've done for him recently: Change his location in my room and put in a bit of sludge destroyer into his water. I bought a really big can of Reptomin sticks. He's eaten it before in the past with no problem, but I normally buy the Wardley brand . When I drop grapes in he eats those right away, but he wont eat his pellets. I've also tried thing sliced/chopped carrots and grasshopper bits and he wont eat those. Help?

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  • Foundation/BB Cream for Sensitive Skin and Yellow Undertones?

    Hi, I'm looking for a nice BB cream or foundation that won't break me out and has decent coverage. I am African American with yellow undertones and my skin is very sensitive. I tried Physicians Formula BB cream which had the best coverage and didn't break me out--but it didn't match my skin tone. I found a shade called Classic Bronze from the Covergirl Queen collection that matches me perfectly, but it breaks me out. I would love to find a good drugstore brand, but I'm open to the more expensive ones as well. Thanks for the help! :D

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  • How to become a librarian?

    I've already graduated with a BA in English. I thought I wanted to be a journalist, but now I'm leaning more toward being a librarian. What steps must I take to do so? Thanks in advance :D

  • No cramps and some bleeding, then sore boobs?

    I've always had an irregular period and it always showed up eventually. But recently, I had light bleeding for maybe a week or two, and I thought it was my period, but I didn't have any cramps or sore boobs which is what normally happens to me. Now I have sore boobs, but I still don't have any cramps or anything. It's like my period's in reverse. Any ideas? I know I should talk to my doc, just trying to get a few possibilities of what it could be?

    1 AnswerWomen's Health8 years ago
  • Exfoliate/Clay Mask/Astringent. How Often should I use them?

    I have sensitive skin, and I was wondering how often I should use the products listed above? Also, what face wash would you recommend for sensitive skin? Thanx ahead of time for your help! : )

    2 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • tried to dye dark hair without bleach?

    I wanted to dye some of my hair purple, but I didn't want to use bleach, because many told me it would be damaging to my hair. I used Splat Lusty Lavender. My hair is black so, of course, my hair still looks black. Is it okay for me to bleach my hair on the same day and try again or should I wait? This is my 1st time ever dyeing my hair.

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  • Can I put a platic egg in my Turtle tank?

    I have a red eared slider and I saw that you can put ping pong balls in their tanks for them to play with. Will my turtle play with a plastic egg( like a plastice easter egg) the same way, and is it safe?

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  • outfit ideas for school?

    I want to know what a good site is for finding cute casual outfits for school. Every time I look some up,I always see heels and skirts/dresses & those are not what I would wear to school. I guess what I want is more casual than dressy ideas. Thanx XD

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  • each time you take the permit test, do the answers change?

    Took my test today and failed, lol. I'm gonna take it again tomorrow, will the answers change???

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Question about wearing clothes @ an all girl College?

    I go 2 an all girl college. Every once n a while there r guys that come to classes here. Is it still important 2 look nice? I heard that it shoes respect 2 the professors if u do. Idk, this has just been on my mind 4 a while.....

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  • is there a website that has fall outfits that are put together?

    i want to see some fall outfits that i would actually wear. Im not into skinny jeans or scarves.Is there a website?

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  • I want to see Kohl's juniors outfits?

    Kohl's is my favorite store and i like how they dress the models in the the store and the girls in their sunday paper. Is there a way that i can see clothes from kohl's already put together besides on their website? Or is there another site that has clothes like Kohl's with outfits already put together maybe???

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  • A website on how to make outfits with items that are already in your closet?

    i want to know different combinations for outfits with items that i already own.I know that has some ideas and pictures and i would like another site that might have the same thing( i really wanna see some pics) if there is one. Thanx, :)

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