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  • what kind of business would you start if you have money. I need an idea?

    I am single person i have extra money. I want to start a business but i do not know what kind of business i should start. thank you

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  • My conditional Green Card Expire?

    MY wife and i went overseas , She is a 2 years green card holder. She lost her Passport and other documents. She did not make it to appear on interview date so I came back and leave her in her native country. Is there anyway she can come back to USA? What should i do ?

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  • How to ship an ATV/bike from New York to Pakistan ?

    I bought a ATV/bike in New York but I dont know how can i ship it to Pakistan. Do you know any shipping company who can ship it for less. I dont care by sea or air but must be cheap. I also want to know what kind of box should i make ? thank you very much?

    Finally I got my Kingquad 750axi ATV in Pakistan. you can see me at youtube: shaazad kunda swabi atv bike. thank you every one for your help

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  • how to ship an ATV/bike from New York to Pakistan ?

    I bought a ATV/bike in New York but I dont know how can i ship it to Pakistan. Do you know any shipping company who can ship it for less. I dont care by sea or air but must be cheap. I also want to know what kind of box should i make ? thank you very much

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  • how much does it cost to ship an ATV/bike from New York to Pakistan ?

    I just bought Suzuki ATV in New York and I want to ship it to Pakistan by air or sea but I dont know what is good shipping company to send it for me. If you guys know any company that will ship for me. let me know. thank you so much

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  • I want ship an ATV/bike from New York to Pakistan?

    what is the cheapest way to send it. Do you know any company to ship it for me ? how much it will cost me. please replay soon. thank you

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  • can i carry a motorcycle battery on airplane?

    I am exporting an ATV to a different country by airplane. We they take my ATV with a battery? or do I need to take it with me on other plane in my baggage ? please let me know if you know any thing? thank you in advance.

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  • English class essay please rate it edit it?

    My Progress in English 92

    My name is Aamir and English is my second language. Through out this semester I was challenged to learn new vocabulary words and amend my reading and writing ability. Before the beginning of class I was confused about my course, what we were going to study in class and how the professor would be. When I set my foot into class, I pretty much thought it would be smooth but my thought has changed as the semester progressed, class work and home work increased slightly.

    On the first day of my class, I was really nervous because I had no idea how much work my teacher was going to give me. I thought it would improve my English by reading many books of fiction’s stories, comic books such as Superman and Me, scary stories and many more but never thought of reading a play. The teacher asked me to bring Pygmalion by Gorge Bernard Shaw. It’s a play written in British English which I was not familiar with. It was so difficult to understand some of its vocabulary. Coincidentally, it is one of my drafts that I am submitting in my portfolio I hope I am doing well. I bought a paper Dictionary, American Heritage. This Dictionary helped me a lot to gain the meaning of new words not only from that book but from other books such as 50 essays and computer lab’s books.

    I had learned new words by submitting all of my context journals and home works. The context journals were that required me to first guess a new word then look it up in dictionary, and explain the meaning of certain words. I attended and participated in the entire class learning group activities that also contributed to accomplish my goals to enrich my English. I have noticed that this class has changed my habits on reading; I usually felt board when I read a book but now I enjoy reading books and news paper daily. I had also learned some basic features of Microsoft Office Word 2003 and 2007, for example how to edit header and margin the pages to desired lay out. During this course, I had learned how to type fast by practicing in my computer lab. I had visited tutors at 4:00 pm after my 4 hours class ended at 12:30 just to improve my ability in reading and writing. In this class I had not only learned how read and write but I also learned importance of time because it is essential for my college career and general life.

    As a reader, I also felt more confident not only because I enriched my vocabulary, but also because I enjoyed reading as a source of information. I found it pleasant to sit calmly and enjoy reading a book. It is not as much as assignment as it is a curiosity of reading to find out what is next. I feel I learned to identify the main idea, phrase a thesis and understand the literary symbols in context.

    I see myself as an active learner. I complete homework assignments as soon as I can and sometimes professor give us in class to get started on my homework. I ask answers of questions in class, and I take good notes that help me study later at home. I even used my electronic device to record lectures in my class and review it at home. When I was in high school, I often put off homework until the day before it was due and barely finished it. When I accepted to college, I decided to terminate that bad habit. I changed a lot after I got into college and now, completing the assignments is my priority.

    Writing essays in this class was arduous or difficult than I expected. I thought the way I wrote was pretty decent based on the fact that my previous English teachers never critiqued me like Professor Ms. Jennifer. I should have known I was going to be more strictly critiqued. In this class have realized that how some of my sentences did not come together properly to express my complete thoughts as I have read the story of Superman and Me by Sherman Alexie, he is a native American, who compared his reservation as a small paragraph within the United States. His school and family member were like small paragraphs that connect to each other when he was child and living in reservation. I will like to say that I have learned how to write more efficiently while being in this class. I have also had the opportunity to receive help from my fellow peers, professor, and tutors which was very beneficial.

    As a KCC student, I feel proud of my self that I was able to keep up with all my school work. At the end of this class I’ve learned quite a few things from my teacher and also my other classmates. I’ve learned how to effectively conclude my essays better than I had before. Now that I pay more attention to all of the mechanics in my essays, I've noticed an improvement in my reading and writing skills. With the skills I have attained from this course I am sure that my reading and writing will gradually improve over my college career. I hope to better succeed in my writing when I enter next level. My plan is to be able to write an essay that, when reviewed, has little to no errors. Once I've reached this goal, I can honest

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  • I am USA citizen, how to get UK citizen ship?

    I am USA citizen but I like to have UK citizen ship as well , what are the requirements? please guide me, any website , any things you know

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  • how to make slide show , not using widow movie maker?

    i know how use slide show on movie maker but is there any good one ?for free. thanks

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  • If you have a lot of money as USA-MA Been London has what would you do ?

    think if you have too much money as USA-MA been London has what would you do ? Would you sit on dusted floor and eat ordinary food with ordinary people or would you spend money on luxury, having private island? If you choose that you will eat on floor. why ? and if you choose spend on luxury. why ?

    than answer this why USA-MA been London spending his money ? Is he stupid or not smarter than you ?

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  • who won Vietnam war ? can you tell me?

    who won Vietnam war ? and why ? did they learn any lesson? if not than who who will theach them and who ?

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  • Ethic class help (write as much as you can )thanks?

    Explain Deontology and Kant's contribution to Ethics.

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  • Ethics class help ( right as much as you can) thanks?

    what is ethical relativism? explain subjective ethical relativism and conventional ethical relativism. What are some of the criticism of conventional ethical relativism?

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  • Holocaust Denial and pseudo-Scholarship?

    I just need little more information, if you guy can ? I need a good coclusion too. so please add it thanks.


    Class: History

    Due Date: June,_27_,2010

    Holocaust Denial and pseudo-Scholarship

    I am going to write about the Holocaust denial and pseudo of scholarship. Many scholars around the world such as American, England, Austria, France and Middle East claimed that the Holocaust did not occur at all. They also say that millions of Jews were not killed in extermination camps, or gas chambers and labor camps. They simply believed that Holocaust was hoax.

    In the book of Deborah Lipstadt's “Denying The Holocaust” she mentioned the world's most intelligent people such as politicians, journalists and even presidents and how They claim the Holocaust was a hoax. They also provided many evidence and wrote many books and publish news paper articles stressing their side of the story. Some of them even got fined and served time in prison in many countries around the world. Some of the scholars, I would say the deniers claimed that Jews were incarcerated or put in a jail like Auschwitz concentration camp. These camps were well maintained, they were well equipped with recreational facilities like swimming pools and dance halls. The deniers also wrote down some of Jewish people did die in Auschwitz camp by natural consequence of war activities. These deniers also made them victimizes instead of victims. The deniers of the Holocaust claims that Jewish people “ stole” billions in the form of post-World War II German reparations, destroyed Germany's good name by spreading the fictitious story of the Holocaust in order to win international sympathy. Even the neo-Nazi who once argued that the holocaust, however horrible, was justified now contend that it was a hoax. The Holocaust deniers has brain washed most of the high school and college students because their teachers have complained to the United States Holocaust memorial council that when they teach the Holocaust in their classrooms. They find students who have heard about Holocaust denial and assume it must have some legitimacy. The teachers in colleges have found that their students' questions are decreasingly informed by Holocaust denial. Sometime these students ask question such as “ How do we know that there were gas chambers”? “ What proof do we have that the survivors are telling the truths”? “Are we going to hear the German side”? This unconscious incorporation of the deniers' argument into troublesome. It is an indication of the deniers' success in shaping the way the coming generations will approach study of the Holocaust. I think the deniers target the new generations such as students in high schools, colleges and Universities because these student has not seen and or experienced the Holocaust. They have not experienced the Holocaust by themselves therefor they can be targeted easily. They easily believe what is told to them because so many textbooks and internet resources claim that the the holocaust did happen.

    These Holocaust deniers can be found around the globe, they come from different places such as The United Sates, Europe and Middle East. Throughout history many people have fought to gain information and a sense of idea that the holocaust did not exist. One of the Holocaust deniers is David Duke and his Political achievements are evidence of it of his denial. He was a neon-Nazi, a former, imperial wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and a Holocaust denier. He was elected to the Louisiana State Legislature. He won the governor race in 1991 because he managed to attract a significant number of followers. Duke, celebrated Adolf Hitlers birthday for many years. Duke has been quite a candid about his view on the Holocaust. Duke created an Organization called” National Association of White People (NAAWP). In his publication Crusader he described the Holocaust as a “ historical hoax” and also wrote that the “greatest” Holocaust was “perpetrated on Christians by Jews” to get tremendous Financial for Israel. He also declared that the gas chambers were erected to murder Jews but rather were intended to kill the small animals such as rats,flies, lice, bedbugs, cockroaches, and mice that were infesting them.

    Patrick Buchanan is another example of a holocaust denier . Patrick was one of the foremost ring-wing conservatives columnists in the country. He used his column to express his views from what he had heard from past holocaust deniers. One idea that Buchanan stressed was the idea of the gas chambers Treblinka. He argued that it was impossible for the gas chambers to have been used to kill people because the diesel engines that powered the chambers could not produce enough carbon monoxide for it to become dangerous enough to kill anyone. Buchanan's proof of his idea was an incident that occurred in 1988 where a train carrying ninety-seven passenger in Washington, dc were stu

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  • Is Microsoft Office for Mac work with windows vista ultimate ?

    My friend bought a mac computer with a microsoft office for mac and i have a Lenovo x200t laptop with Window vista Ultimate. I just want to know if I borrow his soft ware. Is it going to work with my Window?

    One more question / I have Microsoft code key . if i download microsft office word from Am I be able to use that key ? i hope you understand my quesiton. thanks please answer it. i will check back soon

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  • Microsoft office word 2003 free download?

    I need to download any type of software where i can write my essay

    I just need something such as microsoft office word 2003 or letter.

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  • Iran nuclear (long live or never live ?)?

    i just want to know Iran nuclear is safe or not compare to USA. USA a is the only country in WORLD that used nuclear. I have not hear any other country use it. I don't know why people don't like Iran to make nuclear bomb.

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  • when will WWIII begain? or December 21,2012?

    do you like or dislike WWIII ? I pray to my God to start WWIII soon as possible because the weather is geting hoter. I dont have air condition in my home. my land lord charging me too much rant and apartmen condition is no good. I just want WWIII to finish the story.

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